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David Stockdale

Rumour has it that he may be on his way to Sheffield Wednesday. Would clearly be a big loss to us but you can see the logic for him if it is nearer home, possible 2 year contract etc

Sheffield Wednesday close in on signing of former Fulham and Brighton goalkeeper David Stockdale - YorkshireLive (



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    Fair play. Realistically we'd have probably got one more year out of him? Means we can go and get hold of someone younger. Plus he was looking a bit ropey towards the end of the season.

  • Could go on for 1 year or 5 years. Really is hard to judge with some players.

    Hopefully he stays though, as that final goal that just went through him aside, he was still going really well for us as a whole.

    However, surely goalie is a position there are countless good options out there, as prem teams love to stockpile them, yet can only field 1!

  • He’s likely a better goalkeeper than anyone we would sign to replace him.

  • Be a real shame if he went. Goalies tend to go on and on don't they? We've seen a few decent opposition goalies this season, but no-one leaps out as a natural replacement. And they all look about 12...even the ones with beards.

  • I'd be having a look at Nathan Bishop if I were us - did very well on loan at Mansfield last season so should be a due a L1 loan, plus has worked with Lee Harrison

  • Jamal Blackman?

  • I think Blackman played one game for Huddersfield all last season so he might be tempted. Or, sticking with another ex, maybe Matty Ingram would like to return home.

  • Sure I read that Blackman had been released, so a free agent

  • Do all clubs' fans have such a fixation with signing ex-players? 😂 Not a criticism, I've done it a lot too!

  • Hope he stays as his 'bit ropey' is still well good enough for another promotion push.

    Interesting to see which rumours get the most traction

  • Goalkeeping ability aside, David Stockdale is one of the ‘real characters’ in the squad. We’ve already said ‘au revoir’ to one of the greatest characters (ever?) in Adebayo Akinfenwa. Would be sad to lose another one.

  • Good point here.

    Not just losing a good keeper, losing what by all accounts is a key voice behind the scenes.

    I'm hoping the lack of any contract updates is due to staff holidays / office cleaning / saving the news for some epic announcement etc.

    JJ you'd have thought would be a given, being 35, having been here 8 years, repeatedly says he loves it and wants to stay as long as possible etc.

  • The problem with this is that he seems to have played about 1/3 of his career games by 28 years old in that 1 season with us 5 years ago.

    He was one heck of a presence in goal though wasn't he!

  • Spot on Micra

    We've lost one enormous character within the dressing room and we can ill afford to lose another. But if he's making the move for family reasons then he's earned the right to leave with our thanks and best wishes.

    Really do hope this is just a rumour though and he stays for a good while yet. Love him as a bloke and he's one of the best goalkeepers we've ever had, and certainly one of the best you could ever wish to have at our level

  • Probably it does when it involves a player who was pure class here, is only 28 and is currently without a club. Would of course depend on whether his injuries have seriously affected his ability or not. His lack of games in the past few years needs to be tempered against the better quality clubs he has been at over this period.

  • I can't see Blackman dropping to L1, but never say never and all that

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    May be a controversial view but i'd take rocky back in a heartbeat (edit...if we need a keeper, but I do love Stockdale!)

  • Massive loss if this one happens. The best keeper in the league. A massive figure in the dressing room. A class act with the young pro's. A really decent human being (look what he did for the NHS workers and JGS alone). A media team dream. Etc etc

    But Wednesday can no doubt afford us. That Bentley is not cheap to fuel. He has a young family. Who could blame him.


    Surprising stat in the above article. Apparently Stockdale faced the most shots in the entire division last season. So we better get another top keeper if he does go!

  • As well as being a great traditional keeper and character, i think we would also miss his distribution. The speed at which he releases the ball out to Vokes and McLeary has given a different dimension to some of our attacking play

  • He was always in The Times 'most saves' list in The Game...

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    Our recruitment team is one of the best at this level, we'll be more than fine if it comes to it. No one is irreplaceable (I mean, that should be one of the primary goals of the modern recruitment approach...).

  • He still lives in Leeds and commutes to play for us. Not sure how many nights he stays down here etc, etc.

    I'd love him to stay but completely understand the need to perhaps be closer to home.

  • True, but that's a cold analytical way of looking at it isn't it?

    Stockdale is a very likeable person who we have become very fond of. On an emotional level it would still be a wrench to see him leave, regardless of who replaces him

  • Oh as a character he'd be a big miss undoubtedly

  • It’d be awful to lose a key player to another team in the same division.

  • It makes the horrible situation of Stockdale, JJ & Stewart could all potentially be leaving meaning that a large collection of our senior / dressing room leaders are missing for next season.

  • This is the sort of thing a lot of us totally overlook with players.

    I was shocked when hearing Scott Brown drove something like 120miles each way every day to training!

    I know Bloomfield comes in from Ipswich, but assume that's a stay over in the week job.

    But Leeds! Even driving that once or twice a week sounds a bit of a nightmare, with such a physical job.

  • I think JJ will stay. The other 2 will go. This coming season will be a transforming era for us for sure.

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