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Sunderland (h) - Attendance Prediction Thread Match 25 - Sat 8th Jan 2022 - 12:30 KO

edited January 3 in Football

Biggest home gate of the season? One of the biggest challenges to predict for certain.

My own view because of the time of year, covid, tv game and the early kick off we might actually have a bigger crowd for the Argyle game on Good Friday and the Sheffield Wednesday game on April 23rd provided we are close to the automatics and the other side is involved at least with the play offs.

That said it appears that Sunderland have sold their allocation of 1800 already despite a lot of nay saying about coming on their forum. Apparently they don't like our ground or the way we play.

I am going a bit under what we had last home league game against the stranded whales - [8395 / 2065 on 19/10/19] - I think it will be a cracking game and I make the bold prediction that the terrace will sell out.

Closing time for predictions will be 1 hour before KO as always - so 11:30 on Sat. Post early for Sunderland.

I go 7557 with 1800.



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