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Match day thread: Milton Keynes (EFL Trophy)



  • Much stronger than the last game

  • Surprised JJ and Obita are in for this game. Just hope they don’t get any knocks as they are vital to our promotion push.

  • More surprised at the fact a lot of our younger players aren't in the squad. The formation looks like 4-3-3.

  • I can’t remember a shitter fixture in my time watching the Blues.

    Up against a non-team at a soulless ground in the worst competition we’ve entered.

  • As much as I want Wycombe to win every game....this competition really is awful.

    Suppose if we get to Wembley I won't be saying that but games like this are an ideal opportunity for youngsters to get competitive game time without the pressure. injuries.

  • I seriously about anyone who goes to this game!

  • It’s a shame that, for whatever reason, none of Ram, Forino-Joseph or Wakely are playing.

  • Clearly Ainsworth must think not many of the Development squad are close to 1st team selection or surely we would have seen more in this Mickey Mouse fixture.

  • No injuries please, would rather we kicked the ball into our own net for 90 mins to ensure there's no bad challenges on our key players than win the game and JJ or someone else important get a knock.

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    Well hopefully Tjay gets a runout after his month out.

  • The team selection would suggest Ainsworth is keen to progress in this tournament and or keep the momentum going.

  • I'm also surprised JJ and Obita are playing, epsc JJ... risking him in this cup ? No problem with the others they probably could all do with some game time. Can't believe there's not more youngsters on the bench

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    Bound to have to field a few senior players to comply with the rules, but I would have thought we'd chuck Blooms in.

  • What are the rules re senior players in this competition?

  • It's a good point, and I think it may be something as ridiculous as 7 who started the last game need to appear/start in this game?

  • Played lads...0-1

  • Minimum of four qualifying outfield players in their starting XI. A qualifying outfield player will be one who meets any of the following requirements:
    Any player who started the previous or following first-team fixture.
    Any player who is in the top 10 players at the club, who have made the most starting appearances in league and domestic cup competitions that season.
    Any player with 40 or more first-team appearances in their career.
    Any player on loan from a Premier League club or any EFL Category One Academy club.

  • Great equalizer!

  • Struggling to care, can we just walk off and withdraw to avoid any injuries? Development team can play B&B for competitive matches. I've not been to a single game in this tinpot trophy since u23 teams were introduced and still have zero motivation to do so even if I was paid to attend.

  • Great ball from Parsons there. 1 goal and 1 assist in 2 games from him.

  • Brilliant save from Przybek there. I definitely see him as the eventual replacement for Stockdale.

  • Boy does Parsons have the afterburners!

  • @thedieharder said:
    Great ball from Parsons there. 1 goal and 1 assist in 2 games from him.

    Got some pace too. Impressed with Hanlan as always

  • Mehmeti has to pass to Wheeler there. Still too selfish in the key moments

  • This co-commentator is very gloomy. Must take it’s toll following MK every week

  • If there is no regular match play available for fringe players these are the games to give them an opportunity to play. I can't see anything wrong with that and it strikes me that this trophy is designed with that in mind.

  • Why do people bother to pop in and say how little they care or how pointless it is :)

    I temporarily considered going, but thought a 2hour round trip for the sort of lineup we saw in the first game in this cup was a stretch.

    I follow job instead, surprised there's only one development player, well 2 if we remember Pendlebury technically is one too.
    Usual early frustration with buffering but flowing well now.

    We might as well win it and have more fixtures for the squaddies.

  • Slightly moot given we're about to get knocked out.

  • Tjay almost to the rescue again. For a small lad he's pretty good at getting onto the end of crosses.

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