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Farewell Away Kit.

Today’s game against Swansea marks the final outing of our “mango” away kit and it made me wonder how other people feel about the kit?

For me personally it’s my favourite kit of ours from the last 10 years and I love wearing it.

I wonder what we have in store for next seasons away kit (personally I would like to see the red and white quarters become our away kit but I doubt that will happen).

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  • Do you mean the change kit?

  • I'd like to see all white with two chest bands (light and dark blue), or a light and dark blue diagonal sash. Failing that, plain all white.

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  • Not a fan of the “mango” kit at all.

    I quite liked the red kit we had ages ago, which was a smart simple design only marred by the hideous logo splodged over the front. There was also a plainish red Kappa one but I liked that one less.

    So, either plain red (although unlikely given our red and white third kit) or a less traditional colour.

    Say silver/grey, or maybe green. I suppose with the latter you risk either looking like a bunch of goalies, refs, or Plymouth Argyle though.

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  • Our red one this season is fantastic

  • Isn't the club looking to move on from O'Neill's because of the problems with supply? I think I read something along those lines before but not certain. If it is the case though then next season's change kit will only be for one season. Given there can't be any teams which we can't play in either blue quarters or red and white I'd be surprised if there was another kit released, unless they have to for contractual reasons.

  • Yellow change kits are dull dull dull. @NewburyWanderer should be put in charge of kit design.

  • @floyd :) :) and white shorts for home kit as first choice, dark blue shorts if needed away.

  • One of the many brilliant things about the playoffs is that we were able to wear quarters for all three games. No mango memories.

  • I love the mango. Some of our best performances have been in that kit and, so far, today is one of them.

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  • @NewburyWanderer said:
    I'd like to see all white with two chest bands (light and dark blue), or a light and dark blue diagonal sash. Failing that, plain all white.

    I'd vote for this as well, got to love a diagonal sash

  • Not keen on the mango kit, but at the risk of being slightly controversial... I prefer it to the red and white kit.

  • Same here @HolmerBlue.

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  • I really love the red and white quoted kit and hope that becomes our first choice change kit next season. Of course there will be times when neither the light and dark blue or red and white quarters will be in sufficient contrast. I can’t see the next change kit being white because we have that in the red-and-white quarters. Yellow is a very practical away kit I would personally like us to have a third quartered kit. Yellow and green quarters with either yellow or green shorts and socks

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  • I would love us to always wear quarters, whether the blues or yellow/green, white/red etc. per above. Not many clubs can always look like themselves even when wearing different colours, but we have the opportunity to do do.

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  • The blue and blue quarters signify something, the fact that early teams used players from both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Without that they are just a marketing gimmick.

    My preference would be an all white kit, based purely on that magnificent night in Dagenham when we beat Redbridge Forest

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  • And all white kit with maybe something like a light and dark blue diagonal would be a good idea if the white shorts and socks were then used to save us having to change the whole kit when we are playing teams like Brentford Swansea and Watford who wear dark shorts and socks.

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  • I wonder if we might start doing as many other clubs do and have a third kit which is completely unlike anything we’ve had in the past. That way it is a one-off rather than a repeat of the reds/yellow/white designs we’ve had in the past.

    I like the green and white stripes from our first FL game for this reason. Although I’d like to see them repeat it, which I suppose undermines the above argument.

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  • @Glenactico Sorry, hated that green and white kit. For just that reason. There was absolutely nothing Wycombe-like about it. I wanted us to have something more identifiable for our first FL game.

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  • I'm with Newbury there. I never saw any attraction in the white and green stripes. We have had some memorable plain kits - in particular the white one (and I liked the all black one too) but would prefer any sort of quarters as our 'brand'.

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  • Some of my favourites/classics...

    • green and white VERCO away kit
    • red and black striped VERCO
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  • I liked the black away kit.

    It could just be because it’s one of my old shirts that still fits. Ironically it was signed by JP Pieman.

  • Pieman? Oh, sorry. Bit slow there.

    Thanks for the advice (on Swansea thread?) re switching from portrait to landscape. Couldn’t find the quick menu or padlock but the problem seems to have resolved itself.

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  • My favourite 2nd kits has been the all white and all black ones in the past, dont like anything with red in (red is not my colour) but as has been mentioned above, a white kit with some kind of sash would be fantastic

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  • @micra said:
    Pieman? Oh, sorry. Bit slow there.

    Thanks for the advice (on Swansea thread?) re switching from portrait to landscape. Couldn’t find the quick menu or padlock but the problem seems to have resolved itself.

    If you start with your finger right at the bottom of your screen and slowly swipe up, a menu should appear with quick access to torch, camera and the like. Also buttons to switch wifi and Bluetooth on and off quickly which can be useful.

  • I never like that green and white striped kit It was very much an off-the-peg job as Barnet I think had exactly the same strip that season. Also any kit with dark shorts and socks i.e. the red and black kit and the all black kit that we’ve had in the past wouldn’t really be much use when there is a colour clash. As I said before and all white kit with a light and dark blue diagonal sash A bit like the change kit Crystal Palace sometimes wear would I think look good. Also As I said above we could then utilise the white socks and shorts to keep us playing in light and dark blue quilted shirts as much as possible. In the past when we have worn white shorts and or socks with the light and dark blue shirts it has looked in my opinion very smart kit

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  • For me the green and white kit is special _because_we wore it at Carlisle. I'd love to have a version of it back. But all white with a sash is still the best option.

  • Absolutely we should have the all white kit with light & dark blue sash. Maybe add the same combination of blues to the top of the white socks?

  • I think we’ve got a plan here

  • It would be nice if we did have a fan-voted kit at some point (does not have to be home). A fair few clubs seem to have done it (Scunthorpe comes to mind, recently).

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