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The Historic Chase



  • His Twitter is a joy at the moment. Never thought I'd say that.

  • So sad!!

  • The gift that keeps giving!

  • They played Swansea last night and last played them 22 games ago.
    In those 23 games (Half a season) they’ve picked up 10 points.
    I see Mr Swann has published his keep and go list for next season based on League One football.

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    Some more targets for Pish to aim for (goals conceded)

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    Peterborough are losing live on TV tomorrow, away to QPR at 12:30

  • @ReturnToSenda said:
    Peterborough are losing live on TV tomorrow, away to QPR at 12:30

    You have a gift!

  • @ReturnToSenda said:
    Peterborough are losing live on TV tomorrow, away to QPR at 12:30

    Posh are currently leading 3-1. The home fans will not be happy.

  • But thanks partly to Posh time wasting there are 8 minutes added time . QPR couldn’t, could they?

  • To be honest, from the little I’ve watched, Peterborough have been good value for their win.

  • @micra said:
    To be honest, from the little I’ve watched, Peterborough have been good value for their win.

    Only just realised it's hidden away on the Red Button!

  • Genuinely a little worried they might stay up now

  • @ReturnToSenda said:
    Genuinely a little worried they might stay up now

    Barnsley v Reading on Sat 2nd April is next big game for both sides.

  • I’m having a nightmare this afternoon.

    Switched on Sky and discovered Dundee were playing Rangers. One all. Match delayed after sprinklers sprang to life in the centre of the pitch. Went over to Loftus Road (via red button). Peterborough score two quick goals to lead 3-1. Fast forward to West Indies v England. Rain stops play.

    Time for a cuppa.

  • The win over the weekend avoids Peterborough being the very worst Championship side ever. Shame.

    Work with a QPR fan - apparently Peterborough had used all 3 of its subs when a player injured his leg. After hobbling around for 15-20 minutes, he was called over to the bench for a chat and then a minute later the injury miraculously moved into his head and was taken off as a concussion sub. Ultimate gamesmanship?!

  • I actually have a certain amount of time for Grant McCann as a manager so much as I hope they do go down I will give a begrudging cap doff to him if he can get them out of the mire

  • Peterborough might concede 100 goals this season. Something to aim for at least.

  • 34 points was the previous low by a Posh team. They’re going to have to go some to top that.

  • Peterborough currently sit on 31 points with 4 games to go. They can no longer beat our points total and are likely to be relegated tomorrow with three games still remaining.

    Derby look doomed tomorrow as well

  • I don't think they have it in them to stay up but I absolutely think Paul Ince has it in him to take Reading down

  • If Peterborough win three matches next Saturday they could equal Wycombe's points total from last season.

  • Isn't it great to do the double over Peterborough just one year after they performed so well in the Championship. Six points gained, six goals scored and above them in the League.

    Hopefully our form continues and we make the Playoffs with Peterborough falling short again, like they did in 2019/20.

  • Just noticed Rotherham only have 19 points this season.

  • I might have to re-do the historical standings at some point, as so many teams have done worse than our total in the seasons since!

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    Unless they make 30 points they will have 3 of the bottom 5 totals. Only Peterborough and Rotherham have 3 totals of sub 40 points, unless Rotherham win 7 games by the end of next month.

    @Shev Would be great to see an updated table.

  • Updated list after the past two seasons - unfortunately, Rotherham are the only likely new member of the 'Worse then the Swanny-predicted worst Champo team of all time' club.

    43: Wycombe 20-21

    43: Oldham 96-97

    42: Rotherham 20-21

    42: Reading 97-98

    42: Bristol City 98-99

    42: Crewe 05-06

    42: Preston 10-11

    42: Sheff Utd 10-11

    42: Scunthorpe 10-11

    42: Wigan 16-17

    42: Wigan 22-23

    41: Sheffield Weds 20-21

    41: Plymouth 09-10

    41: Bristol City 12-13

    41: Millwall 14-15

    41: Barnsley 17-18

    41: Burton 17-18

    41: Reading 21-22

    40: Notts County 94-95

    40: QPR 00-01

    40: Milwall 05-06

    40: Luton 06-07

    40: Coventry 11-12

    40: Portsmouth 11-12

    40: Charlton 15-16

    40: Rotherham 18/19

    39: Milton Keynes 15-16

    39: Southend 96-97

    39: Grimsby 02-03

    39: Charlton 08-09

    39: Wigan 14-15

    39: Barnsley 13-14

    38: Tranmere 00-01

    38: Brighton 05-06

    38: Colchester 07-08

    37: Peterborough 93-94

    37: Yeovil 13-14

    37: Sunderland 17-18

    37: Peterborough 21-22

    36: Port Vale 99-00

    36: Leeds 06-07

    36: Swindon 99-00

    36: Bradford 03-04

    36: Doncaster 11-12

    34: Peterborough 09-10

    34: Derby 21-22

    32: Bolton 18-19

    31: Ipswich 18-19

    30: Bolton: 15-16

    30: Barnsley 21-22

    29: Wimbledon 03-04

    29: Rotherham 04-05

    26: Stockport 01-02

    26: Blackpool 14-15

    23: Rotherham 16-17

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