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Match day thread: Stoke



  • Well those demanding der management find a way to play without Bayo and utilise Fred perhaps the night has come. I'm pretty confident McCarthy will do a decent job if he's in the midfield myself. I hope Stoke are not a route one predictable team...

  • Phil said McCarthy in a midfield 3 on radio. Dont know if that's his guesswork had inside info.

  • It is so good to be back albeit very strange.
    Gareth Ainsworth has just walked round the stadium applauding the fans, there is a tear in my eye. I hope all fans can be back ASAP

  • What an occasion for Bayo to score his first Championship goal, if he does come on.

  • Goodness. I'm going for a 442 with the usual back 5, Wheeler and Horgan on the wings, Bloomfield and McCarthy central, Fred and Samuel up front. Or maybe Wheeler in the middle and McCarthy on the wings.

    Ah who knows?!

  • The floodlights are magnificent

    Absolutely dreamy

  • Spent so long gazing around i almost forgot to check the lineup.
    That's some worrying midfield omissions.
    Adeniran getting a knock the same time as the other two is pretty high on the sods law rating.

    Good to see McCarthy get a game. He's had a bit of a non starter of a season so far

  • I can’t imagine how good it was for the players to walk out to see supporters out there.

  • Totally mysterious decision there.

  • Famous last words, but I genuinely feel like there's no way we lose this with the noise those 1,000 are making.

  • It’s brilliant isn’t it?

  • Oh, it's a delight

  • That central defender who assaulted Samuel looks a lot like Aaron Amadi Holloway.

  • Probably not a penalty. Definitely not a booking.

  • It was.. he dived

  • He looked for it, but there was contact. The best refs are smart enough to let things go

  • Didnt seem like any contact on the replay

  • That foul called on Grimmer was awful. I could see from here he got the ball, how the ref couldn’t from 2 feet away is beyond me

  • I’m sure iFollow will show it very slowly another dozen times while play continues!

  • crossing so far has been horrendous

  • Those dugouts look enormous. Anyone in the back row of the beechdean behind em let me know if i need to complain about my view from my seat in the stand being ruined?

  • How are the stats saying we’ve had no shots when Wheeler hit the post earlier?

  • Macca’s doing really well isn’t he?

  • He is. Some of us knew he’s good in that role already.

  • @Wanderers82 said:
    crossing so far has been horrendous

    Welcome as always

  • Yep, have always been a bit frustrated at people saying hes only a right back, he's much more than that

  • I had McCarthy pinned as a 6 rather than an 8, but he's been seriously solid - if niggly.

  • I’ve finally worked out what the formation is. Seems to be 4-1-3-2.

  • First half shape

  • Need to swap Fred and Wheels round. Wheels clearly wants to be deeper and Fred clearly wants to be further forward.

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