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Match day thread: Ipswich



  • Could COYSH work then? "Yeah, I'm a S**tHouse!"!

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    I really didn't expect to, but I absolutely loved that! Thanks @ryan_w_kirkby for posting.

  • We should start singing the 'It's like watching Brazil' song at every game...then we can be 'Wycombe The Worst but Most Ironic Team You will Ever Lose To.'

  • There are lots of very young fans in the Frank Adams Stand nowadays.
    Some no doubt graduated with their parents/grandparents from the Family Stand when free entry to the upper tier for under 12s (or is it 12s and under?) was introduced a couple of years ago and no doubt, as they enter their ‘teens, a significant number will be attracted to the terrace behind the goal, assuming that it remains a terrace.

    There was some suggestion earlier this year that the Valley End stand might be expanded - upwards and therefore backwards, I assume - but, without removing the grass bank behind, I’m not sure space would permit.

    In my younger days, I always wanted to be behind the goal, switching ends at halftime of course. The excitement of seeing the likes of Bernie Bremer and John Hutchinson turning full-backs inside out and crossing to the likes of Keith Searle and Steve Perrin was wonderful.

  • Move at half-time? It's bad enough when we get asked to move for FA Cup games and large groups of Opposition fans!

  • With you all the way, @micra. I am very much hoping the Valley End gets enlarged at some stage, as well as the "main" stand - as we will certainly need the extra capacity for those big Champions League nights!

    Might have to get a ruling from @ChasHarps as to whether Bernie Bremer and Johnny Hutch played in the same team as Steve Perrin. Touch and go, I'd think.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Move at half-time? It's bad enough when we get asked to move for FA Cup games and large groups of Opposition fans!

    I still cling to a tad of Loakes Park tradition in the Beechdean , moving from near the tunnel towards the Valley end at half time, as long as we attack the home end then (not to make a quick getaway- never advisable if you don’t want to miss a goal).

  • I agree about the contemporaneosity (!?) of those three. Tried to cover myself by referring to “the likes of”! The fact that the early memories were of Lower Mead (cinema end) in my Wealdstone (fanatical) supporting days may have a bearing. I remember even going to an evening game with ‘flu (well, man ‘flu, anyway). [why does ‘flu not require an apostrophe after it, I wonder? On second thoughts, let’s not bother.]

    @Wendoverman: it was no problem in those Loakes Park days.

  • Not sure it was feasible to swap ends at Lower Mead.

  • Bernie Bremer and Johnny Hutch has both moved on from Loakes Park before Steve Perrin arrived for the 73/74 season.

  • @perfidious_albion said:

    @micra said:
    That video captures the atmosphere and excitement among younger fans which is good to see (and hear). Watching on a “device” or, for those with the smart version, TV is good but just nowhere near as good as actually being there.

    Some folk challenge the ‘passion’ of such lads finding in contrived. Truth is we need many more of this generation at Adams Park to keep generating atmosphere / sustainability.
    Just look at any footage of kids dancing to DJ’s in clubs these days, they go mental. A far cry from Tuesdays disco above the bus station back in the day.
    “Limbs / Scenes / S#!thouseary” as da youff may intone.

    Scenes involved to Limbs.
    But the third one is a totally different thing.

  • @micra Were you there when Bernie Bremer scored at Wembley?

  • I believe that Bernie Bremer goal can be seen here:

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