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Player of the season?

Just interested to see who everybody would pick... I'm leaning towards sido, dom or thompson



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    Like you, I had Sido and Thompson in mind, as well as McCarthy, I think. Really happy for Sido that he's had such an excellent season.

  • Sido for me with Mccarthy a close 2nd

  • McCarthy, Sido, Gape for me.

  • Jason McCarthy for me.

  • I love Sido Jombati.

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    Was thinking about this myself earlier. I’d go;
    1. Thompson
    2. Sido
    3. Gape
    4. McCarthy

    Special mention for Fred too, I think we’ve all realised just how important he was to the team since he’s left.

  • Between McCarthy and Thompson for me, but have to give a shout out to Sido. Such an intelligent player and a joy to watch. He has also cut out a lot of his sloppy errors this season and at a higher level too

  • I can't call it between McCarthy and Thompson tbh. Sido is superb and remarkable as a player who has developed so well into this league. Gape is consistently (well, almost) excellent. We are lucky to have them all.

  • It's funny, I was thinking about this recently, and thinking how it would be impossible to go with anyone other than one of these four.

    It's a shame for anyone not to win from these, and it might be a coin flip between McCarthy and Thompson for me.

  • Mccarthy, particularly in view of his consistency during the season. Samuel runner up for his pure enthusiasm and effort.

  • Thompson or McCarthy for me.

  • 1) Thompson
    2) McCarthy
    3) Sido

  • At the start of the season I thought McCarthy and Gape were good enough to play in League 1 and that has been confirmed.

    So on that basis I would go for 2 of whom little was expected. I would give it to Thompson, who remember was only given a 6 month deal at the start of the season, so probably wasn’t expected to be a key player, or El-Abd who at the start of his Wycombe career was somewhat unconvincing that he could cut it in League 2 let alone one division higher. Sure he still retains the ability to throw in the odd nightmare performance but has generally been playing well.

    1. McCarthy.
    2. Thompson.
    3. Jombati.
      And a special mention for Blooms after hitting 500 appearances for the club.
  • McCarthy, Thompson or Jombati for me too.

    I said around Xmas that if we stayed up, I'd get Jombati on the back of my shirt.

    Absolute cult hero at this point.

  • Thompson and McCarthy signings of the season for me. As he's from me hometown I'll lean towards Curtis. Agree about sido...although we've done well since adam came back I'd have sido and Stewart as cb pairing in a perfect world. I think Paris has been hard done to this term myself.

  • Thompson, Sido, McCarthy for me.

    Thompson has been pretty much immaculate all season and is running Sido close for being my favourite player. Sido has had an amazing season considering he's playing in a position he dislikes and half the Gasroom had him down as a "don't renew" this time last year. McCarthy has also had a brilliant season, but I can recall a few games where I got pretty frustrated with his final ball. Would be happy with any of them winning it though.

    1. Thompson
    2. McCarthy
    3. Samuel
  • No-one can fault Samuel's endeavour, attitude and non-goalscoring contribution, but I don't think a striker who finishes the season on 4 league goals can win player of the season personally.

  • Interesting. I was definitely harsh on McCarthy not adding him in the list at the start. I'm thinking Sido number one now though. Simply on the basis that he only played CB as injury cover, but has made himself the first name on the teamsheet and really stepped up in terms of concentration and consistency. Also, he will still occasionally flick the ball over somebody's head or do his pointless defensive bicycle kicks. Full package.

  • Think it's got to be Thompson for me, but only just. It's a real toss up between him, McCarthy, and Sido. All have been brilliant but I think I speak for us all when we didn't expect much from Thompson initially, but he has become one of the first names on the team sheet, and filled the void left by O'Nien brilliantly.

    Little shout out to Fred too. If he had stayed beyond January I think he would have been in the conversation for sure, he was fantastic in that magical first half of the season.

  • Thompson shades it ahead of McCarthy I think. But only by a wafer thin margin. Gape 3rd.

  • Sido for me, consistent all season, so good to watch. Thompson second, McCarthy third.

  • McCarthy followed by Gape for me. I'm not voting for 'the journey' Thompson and Samuel have gone on. They have both been massive compared to my expectations but McCarthy and Gape have been our best players week in and week out.

  • Sido for me, he's been an absolute rock all season long.

    Even more so because of the context. He effectively started the season as our third choice right back behind McCarthy and Harriman, as well as occasional centre half when needed with El Abd, Stewart and Charles all seemingly in front of him in the pecking order.

    A season down the line he is now an established League One central defender and someone our team has come to depend on thanks to his aerial ability, positional sense and pace.

    He's a class act as he showed yesterday when he was sublime. He's also virtually cut out the occasional moment of Sido madness that seemed to erode trust in him from his manager.

    At 31 it was a good time to make the change in position and he's a good few years ahead of him yet.

    A fabulous season's work.

    1. Thompson
    2. Thompson
    3. Thompson
  • Thompson. No contest.

  • Brilliantly put @TheatreOfChairs. Sido has been magnificent all year, yesterday was a performance of real class and maturity.

    He's always had technical and physical ability but what he's done this year as you suggest is cut out the maverick moments and add real defensive steel. Numerous times yesterday his defensive work was no nonesense clearing lines and snuffing out danger in the box.

    Thompson has also been magnificent, its a tough job to play as a midfield three with how we set up tactically and with what Gaz expects in terms of work rate. I was concerned losing LON on the summer, but Thompson has more than filled the void.

    Dom Gape and Jason Mccarthy also deserve recognition for their endeavour. I think personally Thompson just shades it for player of the season from Sido.

    I'd love to see his stats but they must hold up against anyone is the league. What is also great is his total lack of arrogance on the pitch. 99% of the time he will win the ball and lay it off to a team mate in a better position.

    I honestly believe he's championship quality and an integral part of the teams development going forwards.

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