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Match day thread: Blackpool



  • Anyone know if there's any truth of the murmurings of a pitch inspection at 3?

  • 'Pool Weather predicted to be wet and very cold with snow at 10pm.
    By 10pm we should have the points and be rushing onto the coach.

  • It's wet cold and rainy but no snow. Plenty elsewhere in Lancs but doesn't snow much in Blackpool to be honest.

  • Oh dear pitch inspection 16.30

  • Can’t believe they mean 11cms of rain as the web site says, can’t see the game being on if it is right.

  • It's hailing now ! But a lot brighter and no rain since 3pm

  • The embezeller in chief doesn't pay for much in the way of maintenance so I'd imagine the pitch isn't in great condition to start with.

  • Went up a couple of years ago and the weather was horrible but the game went on so might have a chance.

  • I understand attendance will be 8000 for tax purposes...4000 of whom staying in the family run hotel.

  • Further pitch inspection at 5.30pm.

  • Always wondered why this game had to be rearranged for this time of year. Fingers crossed for all those travelling

  • No doubt Blackpool will be 6 up when the game is abandoned and another team will blame us for the referee's decision about the weather...

  • Game on.

  • Going to watch on ifollow for the first time. What have been people's experiences of it? Anything I should know as a semi tech illiterate idiot?

  • I take it we'll be hoofing it up to the big lad tonight at least?

  • Makes sense - we played the Plymouth game even with the salty tears of Derek Adams waterlogging the pitch.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover very impressive so far. Just be aware it's on a minute or so delay so stay off social media/score apps. And don't panic if the comms don't come back straight after half-time, it sometimes takes a minute!

  • Worth logging in and getting the payment done in good time @MindlessDrugHoover. If I recall correctly it isn't always especially intuitive in terms of where on the site you actually need to go in order to buy a pass for the game and then where to actually watch it.

    Once youre in the quality is normally pretty good, although I often find the camera angle is too tight.

  • TEAM NEWS: one change as Alex Samuel replaces Matt Bloomfield.

    Chairboys: Allsop, McCarthy, Jacobson, El-Abd (c), Jombati, Gape, Thompson, Freeman, Cowan-Hall, Samuel, Akinfenwa.

  • As far as I can work out, it’s not possible to watch on iFollow tonight.

  • Just had same problem, went to chat button and got a link that worked

  • Oh, pass it on!

  • Oh actually, I just clicked “watch now” I’m the iOS app and I have a video stream without having paid.

    Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

  • Good to see bayo start, thought he went off injured Saturday....... no cms in the squad again is he injured?

  • CMS said to be carrying a hamstring strain.

  • Is it 4-4-2? Seems like it ?

  • I get "There is not a match pass available for this match" on a desktop browser. Now logged in on the Android app and I too appear to be on the live stream without paying.

  • I asked the chap on the chat how i might get the game, he sent me the link but by that time the watch live button apeared, looks to be straight in, they might be turning on the pay requirement later, pitch looks awful btw

  • I think this might be the lowest proportion of seats filled I’ve seen at a league game.

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