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Randell Williams joins Exeter City

I didnt see that happening



  • Permanent deal as well

  • That is surprising.

  • I can only assume we didnt go in for him? Or only offered a loan deal. He says on the video on Twitter that they (EC) came in for him last year 'but things didnt go as I liked then' - almost as if he never wanted to be here anyway. Strange - whilst not a finished article, had plenty of potential. Also, he doesnt sound overly happy talking about his time at Wycombe - no 'thanks for developing me' and that sort of thing. Whilst I tend to just put it down to speaking in cliches when you hear it, I am quite disappointed he didnt even mention anything (if that makes sense)

  • If he was available , then we should have signed him. It is becoming clear that we do not have the funds to add to the squad in this transfer window.
    We must all pull together and back the American offer , if we want to progress in League 1. Otherwise all that we have achieved with this team is going to be lost. Exeter would have used part of the Jayden Stockley transfer money to fund the move.

  • @lordmelchester said:
    We must all pull together and back the American offer

    How can you say that when you don't know the terms of the offer?

  • @lordmelchester there is nothing to suggest we even wanted to sign him

  • Why oh why do ppl have to say β€˜we haven’t seen the offer yet’. For goodness sake, it’s all assuming it’s a good deal, that’s why ppl say β€˜Accept the deal’ of coarse if it were crud they won’t. Stop being negativite and say nothing if nothing positive to say
    Wake up, smell the coffee

  • We have plenty enough wide players at the moment.

    Having Randall on loan when we probably only cover part of his salary at most, why not?

    But I understand not signing him permanently when we've already got options in his position and would need to pay the entire wage packet.

  • Cheers @TrueBlu, don't know where we'd be without your input. Don't be ridiculous @lordmelchester.

  • edited January 2019

    Obviously we don't know whether GA would like to have bought Williams or whether he would prefer to spend any money available elsewhere.

    We will not know the outcome of the investment vote until well after the transfer window has closed. While there is uncertainty, the Trust inevitably has to be careful in spending money it may not have, especially as we are struggling to fund commitments we already have.

    Getting it right for the long term is far more important than one player in one transfer window. The deal should be judged on its merits.

    Talking of the deal, it is a week now since Mr Stroud's welcome if somewhat tardy "open letter". At this worrying time it is always best to communicate even if there is nothing much to say rather than allow an information vacuum likely to be filled by rumour. I would hope another statement is made today even if it is just "I just wanted to give you a quick update. Conversations have progressed positively during the week. We expect to be in a position to publish details by Friday 25/1 to give legacy members time to understand the proposal and consider questions they wish to ask before the meeting on 28/1."

  • Good luck to him. He impressed me whenever I saw him play, he definitely improved the defensive side of his game while he was here. And his long throws gave us another option. That all being said, we can definitely cope without him. Given he's not around I'd like to see Fred back though.

  • The fans council was very heated, sending him back with a few questions and pointers. At present almost seems to no avail

  • Why was Randell Williams at the Fans Council?

    No wonder he signed for Exeter after treatment like that?

  • Not unlikely they could offer him a regular starting place and he knew from experience we couldn’t. Or that he always wanted to be at Exeter anyway.

  • Let's emphasise the positives - maybe we're saving our $$$s for Fred instead?

    I was never quite as impressed with Randell as I hoped to be. He never quite appeared to have the esprit de corps that Ainsworth favours in his players and didn't develop the defensive side of the game as much as he should have to suggest he would ever be properly 'Wycombised'.

    I do imagine the financial side of things came into play though - Ainsworth obviously liked him enough to ask him to come back in the summer. I think the return of Saunders to the squad really does shine a light into what's going on at the moment. All supposition, of course, but I can imagine the board having a quiet word with the gaffer about playing budget, pointing out that if he could afford to jettison one of our highest wage earners over some falling out or other despite having only just signed him up on a new contract, then perhaps he didn't really need to spend more money on broadening the squad?

  • I'd be surprised if Exeter was his preferred destination outside of playing time & wages. He's a London lad.

  • Some Exeter fans are saying he's signed a two and a half deal.

  • 'I wanted to stay at Wycombe after all they had done for me not come to this backwater...'
    'Errr...we'd better go again, Randell and try not to mention Wycombe if possible...'

  • Sounds like a good signing for us, we needed more pace on the wings having lost Ogbene back to Brentford on loan.

    I guess one thing we offer is we've been good at development in recent years and made over Β£6million in transfer fees in last 4/5 years so that may have been tempting for him. Apparently we have given Watford a substantial sell-on % in return for getting him on a free.

  • Once the Americans have taken over we will probably get first dibs on Barcelona/bayern munich/real madrid players power up the leagues, have great crisps and the beefiest beefy drinks and never look back. We will never face the shame of missing out on a Watford reject to a League Two club again. No-one will build any 3-4 bedroom executive homes on Adams Park. Please vote yes.

  • As usual @Wendoverman nails it.
    People really expect him to mention us in his soundbites when signing for another club?

    You'd have everyone on Exeter's gasroom equivalent moaning that he "doesn't sound like he even wants to be here" etc.

    It does seem a strange move, but again, no sign we were after renewing it.

  • "it is always best to communicate even if there is nothing much to say"

    This stuff writes itself

  • Another club has more money than us, well i am shocked.

  • Fans-owned club, not totally sure that's true

  • Surely it's is pretty logical to think we might not have wanted him as much as Exeter. It's not down to financial clout and it shouldn't be used as a reason why we need external investment.
    He only started half the league games and we are well stocked in his position. He wouldn't play here every week.

  • Also, we're skint aren't we?

    Of course we're not going to be out signing players in January. A loanee or two should see us nicely to the end of the season, and even without that we have more than enough already to keep us up

  • Good luck to him - he played a part, and leaves with my thanks (which I am sure he will cherish).

    Right now, I think we will be fine for wide players. I would prefer a creative midfielder (which we may not need with Sammy back) and defensive cover. Oh, and a win in Bristol, please.

  • As I may have mentioned before...I think that as Fred was keeping PCH out we've hopefully now got a motivated fresh player back and raring to go.

  • @TrueBlu said:
    The fans council was very heated, sending him back with a few questions and pointers. At present almost seems to no avail.

    One of those questions concerned Rule 102. If relayed promptly Mr. Stroud has had a week to respond to concerns. It's all gone very quiet.

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