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Match day thread: Coventry



  • And a happy 2019 to you @bluntphil and everyone else. Just had an appalling hot chocolate but at least the serving staff engaged in football chat! Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  • losing again...what an awful run we are on .

  • I'm beginning to hate the sight of Coventry.

  • Poor... nothing else to say

  • Pretty dire. We seem to manage to turn almost every set piece we have into an opportunity for Coventry to come right at us.

  • I think we're playing okay but without a cutting edge. Will Gareth be brave at half time?

  • And make some changes

  • I hope proved wrong but too late Gareth.Too late.

  • I hope proved wrong but too late Gareth.Too late.

  • Started well, tailed off badly.

    Has to be said, this lot put our β€˜game management’ to shame. Dawdling, falling over, constant shirt pulling.

    Ref’s buying it all.

  • Can’t stand playing Coventry. Deeply cynical football and some well organised defending that we never seem to be able to break down.

    Utterly shite display from the referee.

  • Coventry were well organised in defence and once they scored from the soft penalty it was very hard for us to create anything.
    Best chances came at the end with Bayo header, Kashkett shot and Fred running through but falling backwards all the way. Despite the bowls of protest behind the goal it wasn't a penalty.
    GA has 11 days to get the players ready for Doncaster. We really need to get back to winning ways.

  • Samuel should have come off earlier at 1-0 for bayo in my opinion and a change to 443. Freeman did not pull up any trees sadly and without JJ we don't have anyone for set pieces. Shame Morris did not get a run out before going back at least he could have taken corners and free kicks. Heads down for 50 points!

  • CMS on @ 85 minutes wot a waste of time. Beyond belief

  • Slightly concerning to hear Gareth coming out so bluntly with this post-match, even if it's hardly a surprise:

  • 4-4-3 would have given us a real advantage! :-)

  • To be honest, Coventry were the better team throughout. We were huff & puff without ever looking like scoring. Man for man they were stronger, sharper and more threatening when they did go forward. Rarely did they just hoof the ball & looked after the ball better. With only Fred as a loanee in the starting eleven, on that performance the omens are not good and we will have to rely heavily on Gareths magic hat again during the transfer window. Worrying thing being that rarely do new loanees get going from the off with us, by the time they do, we could be sucked down again into the relegation mix.

  • Cov are definitely a bogey team for us, similar to Wimbledon.

    Poor game, cold, 4 defeats in a row. Enough said.

    Roll on a 10 day break to count the numbers, and have a bit of a re-think.

  • Thought Coventry played well and we didn't. They were super sharp up front - a few really good players - and we weren't. The same game might quite easily have had a different scoreline but not an unfair reflection. A lack of cohesion, perhaps something often noted when one is on a losing run, was apparent to me.

  • @th100 said:
    Slightly concerning to hear Gareth coming out so bluntly with this post-match, even if it's hardly a surprise:

    That’s quite concerning. Fred has been excellent lately and his partnership with McCarthy was a key element to our good form before he recent slump.

    Although not a loanee, Thompson looked solid again today and would be a major loss were he not to sign a new deal. It would leave a big hole in central midfield.

  • The real sickener is how little fight we seemed to show at the end, which is unusual for a Gaz team.

    Strange how much difference 4 games can make to our confidence. We just looked so low on belief, unwilling to really try anything a bit creative, and then when we did do something out of the box, we're lacking that luck of the green for it to come off.

    Every bobbly ball, 50/50 challenge, and stray pass went their way today.

    Freeman and Tyson were particular let-downs, and the midfield struggled to make a single pass all game.

    Need any bodies in.

  • Why is it we can't only never beat Coventry, but can’t appear to put in a decent performance against them either? After an alright first ten minutes (though without ever really testing their keeper), we descended into awful hit and hope, letting a team that looked, with all respect, ok but nothing more, right into the game.

    Far too casual on the ball; DREADFUL set pieces, terrible passing, players getting in each others way and possession being lost time and time again, key examples being Freeman's freekick pass to their one man wall that was so bad I burst out laughing and the dangerous Coventry attack that ended up with Thompson taking a booking for the team, which all started from our appalling short corner routine up the other end.

    One thing we seriously need to address is our set piece delivery, which has been well below standard for some time now, regardless of which player is taking them. Never mind pinpoint deliveries right onto Bayo's forehead - let's work on just beating the first man and actually getting the ball in the danger area (a fairly basic skill to be fair).

    Very poor and whilst I would have taken 14th at the start of the season, I'm concerned we're going to get sucked back into the relegation scrap that people were predicting if we don't arrest this slump immediately and start beating the teams beneath us in the league.

    Worrying quotes from GA regarding the player situation. Whether the likes of Bean and Saunders can be offloaded remains to be seen, but expecting a player at the end of his career to rip up the last four months of his contract is a big ask. Unfortunately, even if Hause is sold to Villa, the Ibe sale showed that the big boys in the greed league aren't too fussed about paying the little clubs what they owe with any particular haste. Shame, as I'd love to see the three loanees back for longer spells. Also growing increasingly desperate about the lack of news on Thompson, whose contract must be all but up. Oh and then there's Gape with just 4 months left and we still don't have any crisps.

    Happy New Year everyone! (@th100 - I'm on Free Parking)

    (P.s - There was a hand on Fred for the penalty shout, but he went down far too easily.)

  • Totally agree @prufrock_91 .. I don't mind losing as long as we are trying... today I didn't think there was, very disappointing.

    I seriously hope that performances havnt dropped to coincide with upcoming votes, I'm sure they wouldn't.... but days like today won't help people suggest it.

  • We did comment on leaving today that Gaz looked a bit flat on the sidelines. Not surprising if that’s the news on the loan players.

    Still, ratchets up the new year sale pressure I guess!

  • Were bang in trouble now and trotting out the no money line !!!

  • First game this season that I've seen where we have stopped showing real fight and belief during the match. Worrying.

  • Big assumption @HolmerBlue that there will be a vote shortly. A few little warning signs suggesting that the deal may be in trouble.

  • No issue with the deal, members have been emailed dates for voting !!

  • Time will tell.

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