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Ainsworth/Reading job

Quoted as 16/1

let's hope they don't come knocking



  • we are doing well and there is potential for investment. I doubt GA would go before that is sorted one way of the other. Let's all just go on the Reading forum and say: 'You don;t know what it's like to have to watch this every week...' @HG1

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    @Wendoverman - Just ask Richie to give his frank assessment of Gareth's ability on their forum!

  • I suspect he's too busy voting for Nathan Jones for MOTM

  • Next job is a big decision for GA.

    don't know enough about Reading's finances and owners to know whether any new manager there would have a reasonable chance of success. You can bet that if GA was contacted, he would try to find out though.

    If there was opportunity there to succeed, I'd have thought a championship club without having to move home would be an attractive option (sadly). Plenty of other potential candidates though.

  • We'll add it to the list of jobs that you've suggested he'd be interested in

    It's turning into your very own version of the 92 club

  • as I said above, Eric, I have no idea whether he would be interested nor as importantly perhaps whether he is likely to be asked. Every chance they have someone lined up already.

  • He lives in Berkshire, and they were in the playoff final as recently as a couple of seasons ago, so it's not exactly a dreadful option.

    However, let's hope not eh

  • His kids go to school in Reading, a royals supporter I know who has contacts with their
    board says they've always admired him and he's now 10/1. eeeek!!!!

  • Another perennially under performing 'big' club that sheds managers regularly though. Jaap Stam longest serving since McDermott in 2013...just under two years. Five managers in five years...and two caretakers.

  • No matter how much we dislike it, Reading are a bigger club than us with much greater resources (even with any new investment) bigger potential i.e. to play in the premiership again. Ainsworth will rightly believe in his own ability to do a good job and will believe not only would he keep them in the Championship but with time make them compete at the top of the table. If we are approached for permission to talk to him, I am sure the club would grant this. Ask yourself this question even with this potential new investment (i doubt the playing budget is going to change dramatically) , would you carry on at a small club and feel job secure in the medium term or do you take a gamble and back your own ability at a bigger club and assuming you do a good job raise your profile even further? yes of course if it goes wrong he could get the sack but every manager faces that prospect sooner or later. I honestly feel if they come in for him then there is a real risk he will go. I hope I am wrong but look at the list of candidates on the betting odds most of whom are failed managers, I know who I would go for.

  • My money would be on Jokanovic on the basis that he has got two sides promoted to the promised land in a relatively short career.

  • @HG1 you've convinced me. He's definitely going.

  • If Ainsworth goes, I hope (and think) it would be after a season, to a club that has a history of a little more patience. If he keeps us up this year, as looks likely, he will likely have some tastier options.

  • No-one could moan if he got a chance to go to that level of club, after he's spent a huge amount of time by standard managerial spell standards with us.

    It'd just be great if he can finish the job here - which was to keep us up this year as a sustainable club at this level (that last part obviously can't just be down to him)

  • It will be Jokanovic's if he wants the job, just look at his record in the Championship!

  • With the disclaimer that I know nothing about anything, I sadly think we are in the last season or two of GA, simply because he looks set to take us close to our perceived ceiling, which would have the dual effect of opening up even more prospective jobs, and also giving him an easier conscience about leaving at a high water mark. I hope I am utterly wrong though, as is my wont.

  • Is Lawrie Sanchez still angling for the Reading job?

  • LX1LX1
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    @HG1 that link is highly embarrassing. Next manager markets are simply put up by tea ladies at betting firms (believe me I've seen it) to drive turnover and have nothing to do with real probabilities. Suggesting Garreth has any intention of leaving us is highly disruptive and unhelpful.

    I will lay you 50/1 if you want? No max bet

    Dreadful site! Looks like something made by people who play 'fantasy' football. Or dev

  • @LX1 I don't want him to go anymore than any other supporter, just pointing out how we should all look at it from his point of view SHOULD he be approached. You say you don't like the link to the website, well here is another one
    These after all are odds, it does not follow the directors at Reading share these views, time will tell.

  • Panic on the streets of BuckNamshire.

    Every time anyone is sacked or even looks like they might be.

    Maybe time for a permanent thread @drcongo , we could also have one for when we will inevitably go bust, return to the conference etc, and alongside the ex player updates one where we can routinely abuse club staff.

  • no panic, just pointing out there is a chance he could be in the frame. what will be will be.

  • @ReadingMarginalista , i chuckled.

    Apart from his annual wheel out of AFC Wimbledon draw someone, is he up to much now?
    Incredible stuff for us before his meltdown. Then a decent shift with Northern Ireland, and reasonable with Fulham (if i remember correctly?), but pretty much long done now?

  • @HG1
    Even Scott 'sicknote' Marshall is 16-1, can he make it to the dugout without getting injured ?

  • The Ecuadorian's best work was done winding up the corrupt Greek footballing authorities

  • Used to have to chat a "Bird" up


  • He's got a decent point I think

  • He wont get it - no idea why u think they would want him I really dont

  • What about your man Nathan for the job Richie?

  • Anyone else imagining Barry Fry in an off the shoulder number

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