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New Supporter Liaison Officer role

Interesting development, presumably the club see this as complementing the Fans Council, and taking pressure off the General Manager on match days.



  • I think this should be a shared role, to attend every home game is a challenge, for anyone that has a career and family to divide their time. Note a volunteer unpaid I would be interested to see the responsibilities.

  • Key responsibilities include:
    Developing a comprehensive understanding of all relevant matters affecting the Club and
    supporters (including, but not limited to, safety regulations, ticketing regulations, travel
    arrangements, etc)
    Gathering feedback (formally and informally) from supporters, identify key issues and opportunities and communicate these to the Club
    Communicating key information to supporters and other stakeholders (through a variety of media, but including face-to-face meetings)
    Supporting endeavours to continually improve relationships with key stakeholders
    Establishing and maintaining communications with SLOs at other clubs
    Actively seeking out β€˜best practices’, β€˜benchmark’ clubs and other opportunities to engage, to promote dialogue and to improve supporter understanding and sentiment

  • The UEFA Supporter Liaison Officer Handbook has a very comprehensive list of responsibilities, probably aimed more at a full-time position, although it does acknowledge that some clubs do not have the finances to support a full or part-time position. In a voluntary role, expenses would be paid.

    It is a very responsible position which requires regular contact with many organisations, such as Police, Local Authorities, Football bodies, other clubs etc. As you say @Fit2drop, attending every home game is quite a commitment, especially for an for an unpaid role.

    Note the following: "Monitoring the mood of fans on internet message boards and engaging in dialogue with them where appropriate is another important aspect of the SLO’s job."

  • I think they’ve created this role with @rmjlondon in mind.

    But seriously this does seem a demanding role for a volunteer. Good luck to whoever steps forward.

  • @Chris - Richie is too valuable running the Club Shop to take on this role as well.

  • Feel like the club should have perhaps offered something - e.g. home games or some sort of discount for them. I get we are strapped for cash but still

  • @fredk333 said:
    Feel like the club should have perhaps offered something - e.g. home games or some sort of discount for them. I get we are strapped for cash but still

    I'd imagine they don't have to pay to attend said games!

  • They probably need to have an "access all areas" pass, to respond to incidents and requests on match days.

    Duties defined in the handbook:

    On non-matchdays the SLO should attempt to:

    β€’ organise/attend meetings to inform fans about the latest developments at the club/deal
    with fan-related requests and concerns;
    β€’ initiate meetings between supporters and club representatives (players, coaches, board
    members, officials, stadium manager, etc.) and institutional representatives (police,
    stewards, public transport companies, the local authorities, etc.), for example, with the
    aim of improving dialogue between the various parties and their understanding of each
    other’s roles and points of view;
    β€’ organise events aimed at fans (football tournaments, parties, etc.);
    β€’ attend supporter club meetings;
    β€’ participate in discussions on supporter websites (message boards, etc.) and make use
    of social media offerings to promote a positive supporter culture;
    β€’ work with media representatives, paying special attention to ensuring that supporter
    liaison work and fans in general are accurately portrayed in the media;
    β€’ contact the SLO of the other club before a game to:

    • exchange information of relevance to fans,
    • counteract negative attitudes and prejudices and prevent conflict (the organisation of
      joint events such as fan football matches, fan zones, etc. may help in this respect).

    On matchdays (before, during and after matches) the SLO should:

    β€’ be present among the fans;
    β€’ encourage support for the team by positively influencing fans and seeking to defuse
    recognisable tendencies towards violence;
    β€’ after the match, summarise any complaints from fans who attended the match and try
    to establish the circumstances and underlying reasons for these complaints and any
    other issues that arose on matchday

  • In the event of a successful purchase of the club by Dollar Bill would this become a paid role I wonder

  • @[email protected] I think richie already positively interacts with the Gasroom on a voluntary basis for another club

  • @eric_plant rich people who can someone to do summat for free...don't usually want to pay for it. And's for the fans!

  • Personally, as someone who just likes to turn up, pay, eat crisps and watch football, I cannot imagine anything that would kill your love for the club, game and fellow fans...than being involved in a job like that!

  • I agree @Wendoverman This job will not suit anyone who actually wants to turn up and enjoy watching the match. Loads of stuff to be done outside of the couple of hours when the action is taking place on the pitch, plus enough to be done whilst the action is taking place to ensure that you will be able to watch very little of it without being distracted or having to attend to something else.

  • I have downloaded the guff, I feel the role could be quite onerous and piggy in the middle, where you cannot please both sides. I am going to ask if they would consider a 3 way share of the role, but what about Clifty if you are looking, did a great job when helping the Vital site (which I miss) and a switched on fella.

  • @Uncle_T and whatever you do and however hard you work people on social media or the terrace calling you a ****

  • It's taken me long enough just to read the list of match day responsibilities as posted by @Steve_Peart. Pretty sure whoever takes on the role will have little time to watch the foorball.
    I like the sound of a job share - I propose @micra, @DevC and @marlowchair.

  • @micra and @marlowchair fighting in the tunnel and @DevC phoning in lengthy observations from afar? Not sure that's a runner @Twizz

  • @Wendoverman said:
    @micra and @marlowchair fighting in the tunnel and @DevC phoning in lengthy observations from afar? Not sure that's a runner @Twizz

    @micra, @Trevor and that Carrot chap would be my dream team for the job with @DevC the brains behind the operation giving instructions via a video link.

  • Lady Micra is convinced that the whole thing is a massive wind-up and I must admit that I had to scroll back myself to remind myself of the source of the original announcement. Does anyone know of the existence of SLO’s at other clubs?

  • She also adds β€œwhat have you done to be considered a candidate, even if it is all a joke?”

  • @micra perhaps @Twizz can enlighten us as to why he thought you would be ideal for his proposed team? @marlowchair @NiceCarrots and @rmjlondon are far more qualified with their knowledge and the ability to pour oil on troubled waters.

  • @micra, I believe SLOs are not uncommon at clubs with bigger support, and I seem to remember the Doncaster SLO coming on here with useful info for our visit earlier this season.

    I wouldn't want the jocularity on this thread, or the rather daunting UEFA handbook, to put anyone off from applying. It is a very important and worthwhile role. As an unpaid, part-time job, I'm sure our job spec will be cut down somewhat, and that the successful applicant will get all the support they need from the Club, and indeed from the supporters.

  • @Steve_Peart I've got no doubt that it is an important and worthwhile role and I hope you find someone to do it....but I think it's a big ask for a volunteer myself.

  • @Wendoverman, I hope the club find someone! It is a big ask but is no doubt very rewarding.

    The club have a fine history of unpaid volunteers. It might interest someone wanting to get more involved with the club at this rather important time.

    Incidentally, although it was advertised over a week ago, the club retweeted it again yesterday. So anyone still thinking about it, get your application in!

  • The club does indeed have a fine history of unpaid volunteers, alongside its fine history of being fan-owned.

    I wonder if the dynamic changes somewhat if the club is in private ownership

  • @Wendoverman I had envisioned @micra as the statesman like elder figure overseeing the thoughtful insightful.commemts from afar by @DevC and the nitty gritty insider track from @Marlowchair.
    Clearly I'm going to have to watch my step if I've inadvertantly got on anyone bad books ...

  • Nah @Twizz that makes perfect sense tbey should put you on the interview panel!!

  • Well I have thrown my WW bobble hat in the ring, lets see what happens next.

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