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Match day thread: Accrington Stanley



  • edited November 2018

    Starting XI: Stockdale, McCarthy, Harriman, Jombati, El-Abd, Freeman, Onyedinma, Gape, Thompson, Mackail-Smith, Samuel.

    Subs: Yates, Jacobson, Stewart, Kashket, Morris, Tyson, Williams.

    Harriman in for JJ to mix things up according to GA.

  • Nice to see Freeman get a second run out. I am hoping Samuel wide and CMS in the middle, unless we go 4-4-2.

  • What formation are we actually playing? Is it 4-4-2? I have been confused, players are switching about well.

  • Unlucky to be behind, started well and it was a sloppy goal to concede.

    Main worry is the midfield are pressing so high we’re leaving the defence a bit open.

    Samuel and CMS are exactly the same player and doing the same thing, leaving no striker actually running into the box.

    Fred has been a highlight, breaking well up the pitch

  • 433 again. Been a good half and an excellent advert for League 1 football, both sides playing some nice football but Accy look much more dangerous in the box. And that Finlay fella looks a bit useful.

  • With Fred covering back a good deal, I’d call it 4-4-2 but there is such fluidity and interchanging it’s not really appropriate to stick a label on it. Great approach work, quick and slick, but hard to see where a goal is going to come from. Bryn Morris and Nathan Tyson will be needed second half.

  • I’d definitely call it 4-4-2. Ainsworth often points to how the shape changes when we’re off the ball. The two changes in the line up are direct switches.

    We started well but by the end of the half we were lucky to be only one down. Stockdale made three excellent saves to keep us in it.

  • Tyson for CMS with Fred up front?

  • Now it feels like Accrington are beating us at our own pressing game. Can't get that inch of space we need. They are on top right now, maybe need a change.

  • Fred is looking like the biggest threat. He is holding the ball so calmly. So confident compared to when he arrived.

  • It’d be nice for McCarthy to find any Wycombe shirt with a cross. Think Thompson, although a great battler lacks the touch.

    Referee has blown both the red card, and the lack of advantage

  • Ref doesn’t know the advantage rule but when his ignorance leads to a goal who cares COYB.

  • Holy shit how did Samuel do that?!

  • What a result, what a team. Up to 10th. Feeling dizzy

  • Blow the fkn whistle ref!

  • Fantastic result. Tremendous for the 190 Wycombe fans who made the trip. Hats off to you all. I've had to suffer watching Man Utd....
    Wish I'd paid the £10 for ifollow now...

  • Incredible! Apart from running, Samuel did nothing all game - was crying how it was such a shame given Saturday, and then he smashes it in from the byline.

    Brilliant effort and belief from the players.

  • 190 to Accy on a Tuesday night in bloody awful weather is excellent. Great to see them getting to celebrate like that.

  • Genuinely flabbergasted. What a superb result.

  • What a win that was. Accy will feel gutted to have lost, they were excellent, but surely a mistake to take Conneely off. They lost a lot of their creativity and grit with that sub.

  • Magnificent effort. Now 11pts clear of the bottom 4.

  • Glad we are getting points on the board before Fred, Morris and Williams go back to their respective clubs.

  • Brilliant result. Up to tenth and @bluntphil winding up the locals! Fantastic!

    A bit smash and grab in some ways. We didn't create that much but two absolutely superb strikes did the business. Huge credit to Kashkett, who took his half chance superbly despite having had little game time lately. And equally brilliant from Samuel to score from an impossible angle.

    I though El Abd was excellent at the back. Seemed to clear a lot of crosses.

    Accy will probably feel a little unlucky. They really have some very tidy players on the ball. 11 and 7 really stood out to me as super players.

  • And only 6 off the play-offs!

    (But yes. The 11 points is the most important one at the moment)

  • I did the ifollow thingy for the first time tonight £10 very well spent! worth that for the samuel goal alone, also scotty looked really lively when he came on and our keeper was immense.

  • @OxfordBlue said:
    190 to Accy on a Tuesday night in bloody awful weather is excellent. Great to see them getting to celebrate like that.

    Think we have a decent number of exiles in the North-West Oxford, so would suggest that anything up to 25% of that number may live within 60 miles of the Accrington. Still big shout out to those that attended & so pleased that they have finally witnessed an end to the "Accy hoodoo".

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  • Well done the goalie, could easily have been out of it, what a range of strikers we have too, fred tyse samuel and kashket at the end , not bad at all.

  • @mooneyman said:
    Glad we are getting points on the board before Fred, Morris and Williams go back to their respective clubs.

    I imagine we'll probably keep Fred and Williams - also, 20 points in the last 10 games, two of which against Sunderland and Peterboro isn't a bad return at all.

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