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Match day thread: Shrewsbury

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  • Only one food stand open in the FA Stand!

  • Attacking looking line up. Freeman as one of the three in midfield, or 4-4-2?

  • Freeman looks sharp warning up and I expect he has been waiting for this match , big performance ahead from him.

    Yes, bar in vere suit was rammed again but montys not bad today

  • Not the greatest goal to concede, but what a goal by El-Abd!

  • Clearly you have to have left the other club under a cloud to score in this game...

  • We are really excellent to watch just now.
    McCarthy, Samuel and Freeman have been excellent but Thompson has been pick of a very good bunch.

    Stockdale poor for the goal but his handling and kicking looks great

  • Goal of the season material from the boy j there.
    Good comeback from another ridiculous early concedation

  • Sounds like im missing a belter

  • My heart can't take much more of that. But what a win!

  • 5 home league wins in a row at Fortress Adams Park.

  • What a result! Top half of league one!?!?!

  • When I said at the start of the season I was expecting a roller coaster ride I wasn’t really expecting it to be quite so nerve-wrenching. What a result

  • @Malone said:
    Goal of the season material from the boy j there.
    Good comeback from another ridiculous early concedation

    It looked great but it also looked like a cross to me!

    We looked great - apart from the lapse in communication for the second, and Stockdale too slow for the first which he should have saved. Also daft for him to get booked, 5/10, preferred Ingram.

    JJ, Sido, McCarthy, Thompson, Samuels and Fred in particular looked excellent. El-Abd solid but was expecting him to get sent off at some point.

  • El abd and JJ out of their depth in this league no wonder they were surplus to requirements at Shrewsbury. Samuel lots of running about but no end product. Back to the drawing board for Ainsworth again!!

  • What a signing Alex Samuel is turning out to be. The ball sticks so well to him and brings others around into play, could be a massive player for us in what could be our best season in over 15 years.

  • My 13th game of the season and the first win I have seen. A true 3 - 2 win in Wycombe style.

    I didn't think we would lose once we had equalised, and the coherence of the team seems to get better and better. Gape, Thompson, Samuel and Jombati all outstanding for me.
    We overlap Accrington if we beat them on Tuesday - play like that and we could well do - all we need is to arrange an anomaly in time covering the first 3 mins and the two mins after whenever we score.

    Up the Blues.

  • Some questions, since I wasn’t there:

    1) did Amadi-Holloway get the traditional non-factual “Wycombe reject” chant, and if so did he react to that in his celebration?
    2) similarly did el-Abd seem disproportionately cheered by his goal?
    3) were we more timewastey than usual to get a full 7 minutes of stoppage?

  • 1) No chanting towards Holloway that I heard on the terrace.

    2) Nope. But he got a good cheer - it was a fantastic goal.

    3) We were so timewastey that the seven minutes became eight and a half! A LOT of injured players in the second half. Otherwise, I thought we kept within the letter of the law rather well, and not as far from the spirit as one might think from the amount of extra time. There was one significant stoppage for two simultaneously (and legitimately, I thought) injured players that would have accounted for a fair portion.

  • An incredible hit by JJ, followed by an incredibly long lace tie from Tyson after. Probably the longest lace tie I've seen us do.

    Needed to do it after the 3rd goal though, as we conceded way too soon .

  • To answer your questions @PBo
    1) he was pretty much ignored by the Wycombe fans thankfully. His goal was in front of the Shrews fans. Looked useful, but was subbed in the 2nd half.
    2) El Abd did seem to get some stick from the Shrews fans and did seem to thoroughly enjoy his fine goal.
    3) The time wasting was rather embarrassing today and completely unnecessary, as we looked the fresher and brighter side throughout.

    Good performance, we were more comfortable than the scoreline suggests. Really entertaining 1st half, but the 2nd half more scrappy, we always looked the better team however. Alex Samuels pick of the bunch for me.

  • How does that drummer not feel the cold every week lol. Is just beyond me.incredible he is just such a legend

  • Thanks for the responses.

    Surprised that Amadi-Holloway didn’t get serenaded - there was a time when literally any ex-player (short of extreme favourites) would get the “reject” chant.

    He didn’t really seem to go out of his way to celebrate- his teammates pretty much jump on him straight away which is kind of fair enough.

    El-Abd’s goal was a surprisingly good finish for a defender - in fact all three were good goals.

    Also pleasantly surprised by the current purple patch - obviously still plenty of games left in the season, and ups and downs to come, but I wouldn’t have seen us doing this well at this stage.

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    Samuel needs to up his fitness levels doesn't he. Cramping up late on.
    In all seriousness what an immense effort by him today. Held the ball up so well, hassled every defender and took his goal well. Well done sir.

    Aaron Holloway looked a real handful in the first 15 mins then got a kick up in the air, got a bit fed up and disappeared. Very much as we saw from him.

    Really good performances from our midfield three. Got us full control and should have really won easier.

  • Another good home win and a hard working performance. Despite the early goal I thought we were really at it from the first whistle and had plenty of joy by constantly hustling Shrewsbury.

    Excellent work to press high all over the pitch. Good to see the likes of Fred, who might not naturally be inclined to do the dirty work, getting stuck in too.

    Liked the strategy of getting it forward to Samuel and Tyson quickly to make their defence turn and run backward. The big guy (Waterfall?) looked decent in the air but uncomfortable being chased down when we put balls in behind.

    Everyone played well today but special mentions for Thompson, who got my MOTM, and Freeman for doing well despite limited game time this season.

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  • JJ’s goal was definitely a shot.

  • Samuel put in an amazing shift today I was so pleased for him when he scored and jj’s goal was sublime

  • Samuel is a great signing, he just doesn't stop, so glad he scored. Must admit, I havnt always agreed with others re Thompson, havnt been that impressed... until today ... he was awesome as well, as was El Abd, Sido, McCarthy, JJ and Gape.

    Time wasting was really annoying... there's no need for it ! There was no way Stockdale was injured by that challenge and to be down for so long was just stupid.

  • Comfortable really, they had almost nothing going forward. JJ def a shot, had the pleasure of being right behind it in the Family Stand

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