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Luton (A) 10/11 - FA Cup 1st Round 2018 / 19 - Sat 10/11/18 - Attendance predictions

Here is the link to the spreadsheet -

I think this will be a very hard one to get right. Neither club wanted to play each other although I think that the game will have a sort of dread fascination for both sets of fans. Both teams are on a run of reasonable form - we did much better than they did on Saturday.

Their ground is close, atmospheric in my opinion, and also uncomfortable.

I must remember to point out to 3CR that on our current form we are playoff contenders and if they do manage to get there as well as us then we could play them 5 times this season.

They think they are a very very big club - after all didn't they win League Two last season. Also they have divine guidance, which has been a big help to Diving Danny Hylton who unfortunately probably won't be on the pitch to hear us serenade him about his penalty taking ability. We are owned by the fans.

So without too much thought I predict 7985 with 575 from Wycombe and nil - 2 to us.

Happy predicting.



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