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Match day thread: Rochdale



  • Rochdale on a tuesday isn't the sort of glamour tie we got excited about following promotion, but it's essential to get something out of these games. Glad to have Rocky available too.

  • Probably much less glamorous for a Rochdale fan travelling to Wycombe on a Tuesday night though.

  • Morris in for Gape, Samuel for CMS.

    @Blue_since_1990 the only downside to being a Wycombe fan is that we’ll never experience the exquisite pleasure of Wycombe Wanderers (a) on a Tuesday night.

  • Just got into ground after busy day was rocky red card rescinded then?

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Just got into ground after busy day was rocky red card rescinded then?

    Yes, confirmed on club twitter.

  • Indeed though i was quite looking forward to seeing Yves. His mum must be disappointed.

  • Imagine how hacked off @Peter is right now...

  • Holy shit what a free kick.

  • Clearly Dale we’re told by their manager to come out and press us aggressively hoping for an early error. They very nearly scored in the first few mins for their efforts and looked dangerous.

    Then that screamer of a free kick, brilliant swerve by Morris leaving the keeper totally done.

    Since then we’ve been totally on top with some good chances and a high intensity.

  • Impressed with Samuel, but the whole team is playing well.
    Both teams playing nice football too, what a joy.

  • Decent first half performance, both Samuel and Thompson looking very good and in need of extensions!

    I'd shoot on sight with this keeper...

  • Great half. Best since our last one

  • Enjoying the 4-4-2 although Fred is frustrating me by losing the ball everytime he has it. Has he beaten anyone and then made a successful pass? I can't remember one.

  • That said it is good to have someone who sometimes takes a player on but needs to make better choices. I would much prefer Freeman.

  • I think Fred’s done well. The number of balls he’s chased and won with a Rochdale head start is enough contribution.

  • @colonel_splaffy said:
    Enjoying the 4-4-2 although Fred is frustrating me by losing the ball everytime he has it. Has he beaten anyone and then made a successful pass? I can't remember one.

    You were saying? LOL!

  • And a goal too.

  • I do feel a bit for Rochdale fans. Every 50/50 decision seems to have gone our way, and then some. They probably should have just had a penalty too.

    I reckon at this rate one of them will snap and get sent off, they seem rightfully frustrated at Huxtable.

    Saying that, we’ve been superb and despite periods of Rochdale dominance at the start of both halves it’s fully deserved.

  • That was excellent. Really nice to watch a formation where we don’t look like we’re playing with one or two players missing. As good as Rochdale’s passing and movement was, we totally stopped them creating spaces. Samuel deserved the MotM, ran his bollocks off and made things happen. Plays just like CMS.

  • Excellent!!! Coyb!!! We seem to be settling into this league now. All hail the 4-4-2! We look So much better playing in this formation. Another couple of wins and we will be pushing the playoff places! Hahaha!

  • Magnificent win. In july you’d have looked at 3 home games in a row against Burton, Scunthorpe and Rochdale and hoped for 9 points. And we’ve got them!

  • Up to 14th! I'm getting a nosebleed...

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  • Great win. Samuel, Thompson and Morris were superb. We looked comfortable and clinical. All three goals were excellent finishes. Ronaldo Morris with that lovely free kick. COYB.

  • It makes you wonder what went wrong for El-Abd at his last few L1 clubs to end up plying his trade with us last year in L2. He's more than capable at this level and proved he could play in the Championship with Brighton before then.

  • Rochdale are not a bad team and pass the ball well. To keep a clean sheet is great and 442 is working a treat for us offensively too.

    Samuel and Bayo looked some partnership, Samuel's work rate is excellent and he also has some decent strength and pace. He deserved his MOM and shame he didn't get a goal. I'd definitely keep him in at Walsall.

    Hard to drop anyone after tonight, but you'd fancy Gape to a lot back in. I just hope we persevere with 442 as we look really threatening and it's allowed us to start really making a noise in League 1!

    Decent crowd too for a midweek - a great week for us and hopefully we can take a good following to Walsall and keep it going.

  • @fame_46 said:
    Gaz not tactically astute for league 1 - check

    Before you get carried away just remember the stats - first 13 matches playing a 433 - 12 points. Last two matches playing a 442 - six points.

    Some of us were suggesting that a 433 would not work in League One all summer and that 442 would better fit our squad. It's fantastic that Gareth has changed his mind but let's not get too hagiographic.

  • I thought Thompson and Morris ran that midfield in a way we've not seen for a long time. Ref was very strange but let the game flow other days there would have been a raft of yellows. Fred and Paris were also frightening them and I hope Paris gets a goal soon he deserved one. Rochdale seemed to be very frightened by the busy Samuels knocking him about at every point but they had a lot of possession without really threatening once we were two up. Those who have slagged off Thompson and McCarthy on here need to take another look I think as both had really good games. Hopefully we are growing into league one. Morris free-kick was top top drawer as they say and bayo's was a delight. With Fred on fire we could really kick on. All hail the tactically naive and a moment of reflection as we remember how upsetting wins, goals and clean sheets are for some gasroomers.

  • Lovely evening and a very comfortable victory.

    Didn't think much of Rochdale at all. Thought they were poor

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