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Match day thread: Oxford



  • Come on Wycombe !!

  • Saw this earlier. The usual back handed compliments about always playing the same way, effort over ability, physical side etc

  • An attack with Fred,CMS and Williams should be good to watch,a strong bench as well.

  • Exciting front three, great options off the bench too.

  • Welcome back Bloomers! Love this XI.

  • Happy birthday @bluntphil! Nice shout out from Bill Turnbull there.

  • Stewart off injured. Didn't look good by all accounts

  • What a save by Allsop!

  • Dear me that’s a stinker of a first half performance. We’d be well adrift if they could finish. 2 out of 10 performances from JJ, Gape, Williams, Morris & Bloomfield. Utter passengers.

  • Nah, their intensity is really telling and we can’t quite contain them at the mo. Second half they should tire and we are defending well, Gape’s error not withstanding. We are in with a shot on the break, hope for Bayo on for CMS and a goal on the break!

  • They do seem extremely creative yet horribly bad at shooting so far. Bit harsh on our lot , CMS doing great stuff up too, unlucky to have nothing for it , few nice touches from Bryn, great work Allsopp.

    When do the new caterers start? I rather hopefully ordered, grim.

  • Well at least we turned it into a war 2nd half. Incredible to get a point.

  • Game was far too big for David Webb !!!!!

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  • @fame_46 said:
    Goal didn't look offside to me. Can anyone confirm

    i think Bayos tits were offside....just.

  • I don't think he was offside, based on iFollow. Watched it 4 or 5 times. I would have been happy with a point up till then!

  • Lucky not to lose 4/5 nil

  • Unlucky not to win 1-0. Resolute defending and could have nicked it there

  • I thought their 26 and 12 were absolutely superb. For about an hour Oxford were by far the better team and really should have been ahead. Some bad finishing and heroic defending kept us in the game.

    And once Bayo came on we could easily have nicked it. The fact that nobody deally thought to look for the linesman’s flag as it went in says a lot - didn’t even occur to me that he might have been offside.

  • I think you are spot on @Glenactico. The 26 was excellent and we could have nicked it. Allsops distribution was not good today but he is a very good shot stopper. At the end of the day a point where we could have so easily lost. Thank god we have got a strong bench and Harriman could come on and McCarthy slot into the middle when Stewart went off.

  • Even the commentary team took an age to realise Bayo effect had been ruled out (I don't have pictures unlike @Shev).
    A win would have been absolutely massive given the previous 89minutes, although maybe a draw was a fairer result.
    GA must be pleased how we hung in and nearly got all 3 points. Just shows how tough it's going to be to win games this season.

  • A very fortunate point. Comprehensively outplayed in the first half and whilst we were more competitive in the 2nd, Oxford still had the best of it. After recent games where we maybe haven't quite got what we deserved, today was definitely a case of nicking a point (nearly 3!). Must be galling for them not to have won that today.

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    Agree with the tenor of previous comments. We weren't really in the game for an hour. Poor on the ball while Oxford moved it confidently - a notably bad day for our midfield on both sides of the ball, I thought. Some top-notch last-ditch defending by Sido and McCarthy and tame shooting by Oxford kept us in it. Talked to an Oxford fan on the way to the ground who said their young 26 had been their best player this season and had the quality to run a game. He was right. He also spoke in the most disparaging terms about their manager who he said tended to spend whole matches berating the fourth official. When the game turned our way later on, he proved to be correct about that, too. Their 12, though of an annoyingly theatrical bent, was a constant threat.

    The game, though not our style, changed completely when Bayo came on. Suddenly, we were winning the ball in the final third and Oxford looked hesitant. I think this means we might need to re-examine the style we play with when Bayo is not on the pitch rather than automatically start Bayo but that was the sharpest I've seen him this season.

    Can't wait to see the highlights for that offside!

    As a sidenote, that was the first time in five years of watching regularly that I've seen genuine violence on the pitch. Some number of people might think themselves lucky tonight to have had a relatively benign referee.

  • First half tactics were either try to whack a through ball or pretend CMS was Bayo. Not helped by a very poor ref who gave him nothing.
    Better with Bayo. Last week better when he went off. Who knows what's for the best....
    Happy with the point, now let's shock Portsmouth.

  • I actually thought we deserved better than a point.GA looked to set us up to stay in it as long as possible and pinch it late which we very nearly did.proper league 1 performance in my opinion

  • I thought JJ was lucky not to see red. Was a high studs up challenge and he caught man not ball.

    That said the ref was awful second half for both sides.

  • I don’t think anyone in the ground thought that was offside except the Lino - but if highlights show it was then fair enough. Oxford had the intensity and probably deserved the win so a point not so bad. Bayo much better than I expected- maybe match fit again?

  • JJ probably should have gone for the worst tackle in the game. Saved by a truely awful set of officials. Thought Oxford had more about them on the ball and had a zip in the tackle that younger players give. Shows what a youth set up can offer. There will be a big offer for their 26 soon.

    Thought Fred had a great last 10 mins after being frustratingly lacklustre up to that point. CMS seemed to be concentrating on backing in the the centre backs and as a result never really had any balance to control the ball. We need to play our attacking players closer together though.

    Allsop made some great saves today but how frustrating is his slow and inaccurate distribution?

    Overall a hard earned point that feels like it could have been three.

  • The most incredible save I think I’ve seen at Adams Park from Allsop in the first half. Ricky Holmes ( their number 12 ) was superb against us yet again...remember him terrorising us when we played Northampton away some time ago. We were completely and utterly outplayed first half by a team in the bottom four. How difficult is it going to be this year.....

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