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Match day thread: Charlton



  • edited September 2018


    ⚽️ @CAFCofficial v @wwfcofficial
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    ⚽️ @CAFCofficial v @wwfcofficial
    📻 - @BBC3CR 630/1161 MW
    📺- iFollow #Chairboys

  • Excellent @bluntphil - commentary as ever - and the post above. Fits with our Gareth's 'We are not on our way quietly"

    Probably we are taking 1000 though, might feel like 5000 though

  • Looks like the Nick Freeman petition worked then.

    Not in the 18.

  • Not too inspired by the team today but hopefully they prove me wrong. Not much width and who will be doing the attacking midfielder role? I guess the old 4-3-3 will be deployed.

  • Would have liked to stick with CMS as the point of attack, but I also have a feeling Bayo is going to get off the mark today.

  • What a shot! Williams!

  • Great strike Randell! I wonder if Akinfenwa will be giving Taylor one of his 5 stage beat downs at half time!? Seem to recall from his book that they weren’t best of mates ...

  • What’s the catering like?

  • As the players walked across the pitch at the start of the match I noticed that Lisle Taylor was chatting to Bayo with his right arm across Bayo’s shoulders.

  • Does the audio always go wonky on ifollow?

  • Not always but it is today!

  • Men against boys second half, we got schooled . Overrun in midfield and defense couldn't cope. JJ lack of pace will hurt us this year, probably need to play a 5 to protect him.

    Taylor skinning him down the channel and Stewart having to cover to often. Should have gone 442 when CMS went off. Kashket should have been first sub.

    Anyway learning curve and sure we will bounce back.

  • I still think we deserved at least a point. It is frustrating to have dropped so many deserved points without picking up a single undeserved point! That's the vagaries of football, though...

  • I thought JJ had an OK game but was up against Charlton’s two best players.

  • Ridiculous to say we ‘were schooled’. It was a poor 10 mins of defending, and we were better for he most part.

    JJ had countless set pieces and put in 1 good delivery, a poor return. Stewart couldnt cope with Taylor, who had a great game. Thompson, for me, isnt good enough for this level - whereas Morris ran the midfield.

    Lets please not make Bayo the next scapegoat - it’s always a striker (Hayes, Harrold) perhaps because they can only do one thing, and if they dont , theyre blamed. The Beast was up against 2 huge CBs, and fouled throughout. He played well last week, and the last 2 seasons should give him some breathing space from the boo boys.

  • He had an OK game but first goal came from him not having the pace to go for the 50 l 50 challenge on their right. it's not the first time this season, just think away from home where the empathise is on the home team to attack we need to protect a bit more. If the CB continually comes across to support, you lose your shape and space opens up.

    That said, Lyle Taylor is one of the best strikers in the league this year.

  • I thought they had some excellent attacking players and deserved to win in the end. We were probably yoo open against a side like that away from home.

    And I felt that we managed the game poorly when changes were made around the hour. Needed to get the ball to feet more.

    Excellent header from PCH, although our crossing was a bit hit and miss again.

  • Bayo was poor today - he was beaten in the air throughout and not at his best on the deck. Thompson gets a bad deal on here. First half he was excellent. I think the subs were a bit premature today and Fred was mediocre. All in all though it was a decent performance with errors costing dear. Agree that Taylor is a class above at this level

  • Interesting that I watched exactly the same game as @prufrock_91 yet came to entirely the opposite view regards Thompson and Morris. Thompson was MOTM for me, admittedly not so good second half as first but then the whole team was better first half.

  • Anyway, the most important question is how was the catering?

  • @prufrock_91 were you at the game? From CMS sub till PCH header they dominated. Thompson was excellent first half, Morris was a second best to Aribo most of the game today.

  • Morris was the calm, level head in possesion we needed. Thompson was fine, but the weak link there, summed up by him wasting the ball at the end.

    Dominate is a strong word, we did a poor job of keeping possesion from about 70-80 mins, when they scored twice, but I’ve seen us be more overrun before.

  • With Maka in goals we wouldn’t have lost today.
    Such avererage goalkeeping - tap-ins - one from about an inch out !!
    We need a keeper that commands his area. We have got one but the manager can’t see it 🤔

  • Did you miss the save in the first half?!

  • I wonder which keeper excels at saving tap ins from an inch out? He’ll be worth a massive fee.

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  • I'm bored of this Maka hype. Although he is good in the odd cup game, I'd imagine he would be found out every week - probably why he's got some cushty deal where he can play occasionally for us, run a personal training business, and coach the youth team at Chelsea.

    Having said that, Sido's own goal could have been prevented with a more commanding keeper calling and claiming.

  • I'm entirely with @Twizz on this one - Thompson was my MOTM (and I never thought I'd write that) - he was tenacious and strong, trapped the ball neatly and was usually in the right place. Morris was fine first half but a bit too headless-chicken for my liking second half - and how he managed to scuff that shot from the edge of the box is beyond me. Sat behind the goal it looked destined to go in until he miskicked it.

    I'm afraid the fullbacks let us down today - JJ was slow, dragging both Stewart and Gape out of position to protect him (and he delivered one of his worst ever corners in injury time) but McCarthy played worse. He was at fault for the second two Charlton goals, a lot of his distribution from defence was poor and while his bombing up the wing was impressive the final delivery generally wasn't. McCarthy is an excellent player but had an off game today; JJ will always struggle against tricky, pacey widemen - which is why Taylor (bloody brilliant performance from him) so often found himself drifting wide and taking JJ on.

    Sadly we reverted to using CMS as a wide forward and once again he was ineffective. Such a waste, especially when Bayo - sadly - is showing signs of age. I quite liked Fred as a frontman when Bayo went off and PCH was deadly when he needed to be (though his occasional wasteful and petulant self when the ball wasn't delivered quite right). It's great we have so many options in attack nowadays - though I think Bayo is fast becoming a clear Plan B.

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