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Team to Play Northampton 4 September



  • Above post addressed to @Malone.

  • @micra I am amazed your PC it's still operating at any level at 7 years old. I have never owned one beyond 5.

  • I did wonder @mooneyman whether that was what you might call โ€œa good ageโ€. I never really wanted one but, when the family went off to Spain for a year, they insisted that I should get one to be able to โ€œSkypeโ€. The battery packed up about 18 months ago so it has to be plugged in but I wouldnโ€™t have thought that would cause reception problems. I can do more or less everything I want to do on the iPhone, albeit at the expense of a certain loss of acuity in my eyesight.

  • @micra , a couple of times ifollow did freeze up, and i had to click out and go back in, but much much better than last time, that had the screen go black 15-20 times, for a second or two only, but still annoying.

    I think that must have been a temporary issue, as yesterday was much better.

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