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Team to Play Northampton 4 September



  • More scraps from this table than the League Cup - total of £12,500 for winning the 1st 2 rounds.

  • edited September 2018

    You can't knock £10k at our level.
    And like someone said earlier, this cup makes the league cup prizes look pathetic.
    Isn't it something like 100k for winning the whole thing!?

    Whereas other seasons this cup looked a little bit of a drain on a smallish squad, we can do with the extra games to keep everyone involved.

    The squad is about 25 now isn't it? And not much filler in there.

  • Time to dump the EFL Trophy, kick the Prem teams out the League Cup and consolidate the prize money into the latter.

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  • @OxfordBlue , kicking out the Premier league teams would totally take any interest out of the league cup, whatever the criticisms of the Premier league teams weakened teams.

    For all the talk of lack of interest, you only have to look at the last 10 or so winners to see that the big clubs DO take it seriously enough when it counts.

    The league cup certainly needs more money fuelled in though. We've received buttons for getting to what I think is our second furthest ever round in it?

  • @Malone We already have a cup without any Prem teams in it, the EFL Trophy, and it garners even less interest than the League Cup!

    At least if we got rid of that, and had a Football League trophy for Championship down to League Two, Championship teams would all have a very good shot at a trophy and even League One teams would fancy their chances.

  • To be fair my matchday is a blue ticket draw with 45 minutes (+ stoppages) of football either side of it.

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  • @OxfordBlue , i get it from an enhancing the shoddy basement divisions cup, but not from a watering down the league cup.

    I doubt anyone would be too worried if tonight's cup gently disappeared, although it is an earner, if you get far enough! At least "far enough" has changed from "win the final" to get to the next round though.
    Fairly tidy prize money for wins as it is, and even better past the groups

  • Clearly the League Cup is not attractive to sponsors, as the prize money is abysmal and its prestige is at an all time low.

    So it begs the question, what is the point?

    Premier League clubs complain about having to play too many games. Remove it and the top 6 teams will likely play at least 4-6 games less a season I'd estimate.

    Even clubs in the Championship and lower now field weak teams. If we're going to be doing that, why don't we just enter the Berks & Bucks cup and give something back to the community.

    The final thing it would do would be reinvigorate the FA cup for Premier League clubs. It would be the only trophy they compete in aside from the league (and Champions League for a select few).

  • I'm puzzled by the view that it's in our interest to deprive ourselves of matchday income and the possibility of prize money. The various cups are at least a way - even if a somewhat erratic way - of lower league clubs getting access to TV rights money which otherwise goes to EPL clubs. And leaving finance aside, would anyone really think it wasn't worth our while from a footballing perspective to be in the League Cup if we repeated our 2006-7 exploits, even if the bigger clubs don't take it as seriously as they once did?

  • I think the organisation of the Checkatrade is total cobblers...but I like the idea of the club taking £10 grand for beating West Ham Under 12s. As for the League Cup...unless we think we'll get promoted surely a few cup games for a bit of squad rotation/players getting game time cannot hurt too much. And if we get past Norwich and get a 'big team' that will be nice...

  • @OxfordBlue The reason why the EFL trophy gets less interest isn't because the Premier league teams don't compete though. It's because many fans continue to turn their backs on a competition that allows a backdoor route for them to field under 23 team.
    I'm with @Malone. There should be only one cup beside the FA Cup. Open to Championship, League 1 & 2 only with everyone obliged to play their 1st team players. Make this a strong brand and the fans will return and sponsors want part of the action too which will allow for decent prize monies.
    If you keep weakening the brand - e.g. EFL trophy with U23s and Carabao Cup with Premiership teams playing fringe players until semi-final/final - then you're right; no-one wants to watch.

  • @ForeverBlue Wow, that's a seriously biased article (it is the Mail I suppose) and I'm really not sure about the claim that 'The EFL clubs have seen the benefits of increased revenue, with crowds and gate receipts up owing to regionalisation of early rounds and a prize-pot of £3million since the radical changes introduced two years ago.' Crowds have been reported as significantly down in the most part haven't they?

    I'm sure some clubs (who do well enough in the competition) have seen increased revenue due to the enhanced prize money, but I very much doubt that most clubs have seen an increase in gate receipts, especially since most clubs have been forced to reduce admission prices in an attempt to encourage people to attend.

    I wonder who encouraged the reporter to give the competition such a generous writeup and to brush over the various controversies, such as the boycott from many lower league fans.

    Although I agree that Wycombe Wanderers need all the cup competitions they can get, generally speaking I agree that the integrity of football in this country would be improved by scrapping the FL Trophy and making the FL Cup for, erm, FL clubs only (Championship - L2). The Premiership chose to break away from the FL to make more money for themselves and so should surely forfeit the right to enter FL competitions?

    Whilst you would lose the vast majority of PL fan interest in the LC with no top flight teams, it would presumably benefit from increased interest from FL club fans, especially with no competition from the FLT and I agree that it would force PL clubs to treat the FA Cup with more respect.

  • what kind of piffle is this? When is a 3 match ban really a 4 match ban.

  • Personally I have more time for the LDV than the League cup. League cup is just the same as the FA cup, LDV at least gives lower division teams a chance of winning something. Don't like the idea of a champ. lg1, lg2 cup at all.

  • Must be tough to rank competitions in preferred order when you never watch any of them, not to say a bit pointless

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  • Not really Eric. still keep on the single issue personal attacks which are so entertaining for all.

  • It's bonkers, isn't it. I wonder whether BBC will get a response to their request for comment.

  • @Jonny_King feels a bit like something written by Shaun Harvey or someone in the PL media team really.

  • I’ll publish the lineup on here soon after 7pm. I had hoped that a few more might have had a stab at predicting it so that one of us could possibly have a bit of a gloat. I’m looking forward to watching the game on my antiquated PC.

  • @MikeWillow14 said:
    If Bean plays Left Back he may need to take a throw in.......which I think it's fair to say is not one of his strengths!

    I see that Liverpool have today appointed a throw-in coach.

  • @micra, we'll compare notes on our less than state of the art systems!

    I just hope the last game was a one off, as it every so often the screen went completely black for 2 seconds then carried on.
    It was still worth it for the novelty of watching Wycombe live like that.

    Even though tonight is a lesser game, I'll still probably tune in.

  • Apologies for not having posted the lineup.
    BBC funds don’t run to providing that sort of detail for this competition. Full details on the BSE thread. (Think I got most of it.)
    Yes @Malone will be interesting to compare notes. I’m about to log on and go through the payment procedures. Took me so long for the Plymouth game that I missed their goal and my heart sank. But the rest of the game especially the second half was a joy to watch.

  • Looks a lot better this time, can only imagine my laptop was having issues (it turned off three times that evening! Maybe getting overheated)

    If @bluntphil , can stop saying we had Fred at 16 (we didn't, he was 18), it'll be much better :)
    At least he got Fred's age within a decade, unlike whoever this co-commentator is. Saying he was 31-32 at the start was just ridiculous.

  • Lovely comment from @bluntphil as keeper miscontrolled the ball outside the box “crikey that went further than I can kick it”.

  • Frustrating number of screen freezes this half.

  • @Malone I tip my hat to you. I've just checked and Fred was indeed 18 when he joined for his first loan spell on 27 Nov 2014 - three days after his birthday. Apologies.

    Young Fred looks to have a grown a bit since his first spell and I'm looking forward to seeing him force his way into the starting line up.

  • Haha, no real worries @bluntphil , you did (and do!) a cracking job on the commentaries.
    I still can't believe there's a facility to watch Wycombe live like this!

    While you haven't quite beaten Alan Hutchinson's all time classic of threatening to put his boot through some Man City (i think) fan's face live on commentary, the current set up is a million times better than it was.

    We live in incredible times.

  • @Malone said:

    While you haven't quite beaten Alan Hutchinson's all time classic of threatening to put his boot through some Man City (i think) fan's face live on commentary, the current set up is a million times better than it was.

    We live in incredible times.

    Possibly the greatest moment of radio ever broadcast.

  • Sounds like your PC has the edge over my 7 year old Samsung. Blue, as it happens which immediately reminds me of the Neil Diamond song. But last night I was the one like a weeping willow. After a sequence of screen freezes, I had to resort to the tiny screen of my iPhone. I think I may have referred to this on another thread. If anyone from iFollow is reading this please may I have a freebie for Fulham.

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