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Tisdale leaves Exeter

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Hardly unexpected but I wonder if the fans who've wanted him gone for so long will quickly realise what they've lost. I think they overachieved significantly under him. I just hope he doesn't turn up at Franchise as I quite like the guy.



  • I agree - I think that they might struggle next season. I hope he doesnt end up their either - as he would be an ideal replacement for GA should he move on

  • Heckingbottom sacked at Leeds.... maybe he'll just go back to Barnsley and that would solve that one for us !

  • re Exeter - they are one of the clubs I used to have some baseless affection for. Not any more. The disgraceful behaviour of some of their fans towards Tisdale (both last season and at the end of this - despite him leading them to fourth place and second best ever points) and indeed after the Lincoln match and bizarre whining at us has long since cooled that respect.

    My impression is that clubs losing a long serving manager tend to struggle (anyone got any data?). I rather hope Exeter do likewise.

    As for tisdale, almost certain to end up at MK it seems.

    Reading the barnsley local paper, Heckingbottom would not be welcome back there due the manner of his departure for Leeds. GA has apparently been interested enough to sit down and talk to the Barnsley board. Whether he wants the job and whether they want him, we don't yet know.

    Close race I suspect between MK and Leeds as to who will be the first to announce their new manager (foreign "big name" in leeds case I suspect). You would have thought cant be too long before Barnsley make their decision too.

  • @Tom said:
    I agree - I think that they might struggle next season. I hope he doesnt end up their either - as he would be an ideal replacement for GA should he move on

    I had thought the same, but then I read some comments from him after the Playoff Final at the weekend that seemed quite critical of Exeter's fan ownership model. I'm sure there are differences, but I can't see that he'd rush to another fan-owned club.

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    Incidentally in what seems to be a rush of manager news today, Shrewsbury have appointed Macclesfield's manager as their next boss.

    and going back to Exeter (and I know early betting odds on managers are nonsense) but slightly amusing nonetheless that early favourite for Exeter job is John Sheridan. Good grief.

  • Don’t understand the general attitude of Exeter fans.

    Seem to think they should be punching in league one or higher with the bigger boys, but they’re a fan owned club with little cash, small gates, and in the middle of nowhere.

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    Their attitude is a bit like the odd poster on here!

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    I can't help but think they will rue the day that the hounding of Tisdale eventually reaped the desired target and he's gone. They may have some good players but, like us, they are a selling club. They will survive next season, however, it's the next that I believe will be a problem. Similarly, our own situation is always on the edge of a precipice, with GA. When he goes, which will surely be inside the next year, I fear for our long term future. Managers like GA are as rare as hens teeth & not found readily on tap.

  • @OxfordBlue I suspect the board and the manager were probably lying about the budget apparently that's the norm for small clubs with little cash in the middle of nowhere. On a lighter note I understand the owner of ColU is planning to increase gates by deciding to stop the shuttle bus service to the ground.

  • I agree with you ewan that when GA leaves, it will be a major challenge for the club.

    Time may well show that one of the biggest plus points from the recent promotion is that it gives us a bit of a safety net in the event of a bad season. Bad season and relegated from Lg1 - well Lg 2 is not the end of the world, bad season and relegated from Lg2 - possible complete meltdown.

  • Well done @DevC .
    A thread talking about your new hatred for Exeter, Gareth Ainsworth leaving and the club going bust. The perfect trio for you.

    For the record I've still got nothing new to add to what I posted on all of these three topics about 5 threads ago.

  • It’s bein’ so cheerful as keeps yer goin’ @DevC. But I agree.

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    From my point of view relegation from the National League, a fire at the ground and bankruptcy, not to mention alien invasion, would all have to lead to a major rethink on the fan ownership model.

  • It is possible that "complete meltdown" would have been more appropriate on the thread about Andrew Howard.

  • No mention on the club website that they had already terminated his agreement; they are trying hard to suggest that he's simply turned down their improved offer. Who else would stay on with an employer who terminated their contract and then changed their mind during the notice period? Idiots.

  • Tisdale's contract was going to end now whether he was served notice or not wasn't it?

  • It was due to end in November I believe.

  • Allegedly it was a rolling contract, so by definition was never going to end until one or other party terminated it. A fairly standard arrangement in the industry I understand.

  • Tisdale's ability to develop younger players has stood Exeter in a good state financially, he has a good record and will be snapped up to manager elsewhere and wait and see if Steve Perryman joins him ?? Wish him all the best.

  • My understanding is that the club’s supporters trust had told him that his contract would not be renewed when it was due to expire in November. I also believe that he’s a virtual certainty for the MK Dons job.

  • No that's not right, Mr Halffull.

    He had a rolling contract. The supporters trust (disgracefully in my view) held a vote at an AGM instructing the Trust to instruct the Board to exercise the notice provision in the contract.

    This was done and that notice period would have ended in November. Nothing to stop the board seeking to agree a new one, as according to their statement they did.

    It was clear the ST were trying to orchestrate the departure of Tisdale then. Two Wembley playoff finals later they have got their wish. Be careful what you wish for....

  • Gareth up to 2nd in the longest serving managers in the league then?
    If Bentley could disappear, we could perhaps set one of those once in a lifetime stats, as it'd be a push to see it happening again.

  • No Strongest, you still haven't got this right.

    Tisdale had a rolling contract which essentially meant that there were always two years remaining - good for the club re compensation if another club lured him away but expensive if they wished to sack him.

    The Supporters Trust instructed the Board via a popular vote to serve notice on this contract in November 2016 for the contract to end in November 2018. This was a one sided not a mutual decision, as at the time Exeter had lots of injuries and many of the supporters wanted Tisdale out.

    As it happened Tisdale then lead Exeter to two Wembley finals.

    Although there was nothing to stop both parties agreeing a new contract (and indeed the Board say they offered a higher salary), unsurprisingly Tisdale was hurt and seriously pissed off and showed no sign of signing it, helped no doubt by a presumably lucrative offer from MK.

    A salutary lesson perhaps in how populism and social media echo chambers can result in the illinformed damaging a club supporters wish to enhance.

  • Different way of saying it but essentially what I said, ie the supporters trust didn’t want him anymore and I wholeheartedly agree that popular opinion forced a good manager out.

  • You need to have followed the story for eighteen months not eighteen minutes,Strongest.

  • Everyone has a shelf life. Just look at Sanchez. GA needed this promotion midtable and I am sure peoples opinion would have changed.

  • Didn't take them long to replace him

  • M3GM3G
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    Yep and we all know who will take over at our Trust club the day GA parts company

  • Do we?
    Matt Bloomfield?
    Adam El-Abd?
    Keith Scott?
    Steve Guppy?
    Paul Hayes?
    Steve Hayes?

  • Matt Bloomfield. That last contract extension all but confirms it.

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