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Squad Togetherness

edited May 2018 in Football

According to Bayo’s Instagram a good few of the squad are all letting their hair down in Marbella currently - I can’t remember the last time a Wycombe squad seemed like such a tight unit and it’s great to see. Thought I would share for those of you who aren’t big fans of social media!

Apologies if the link doesn’t work I’m a bit of a novice at including links



  • Nice to see Curtis Thompson and Dan Scarr there too. Reckon at least one of those two will be back permanently.

  • Is that WDH or Dan Scarr over on the right? I think it's WDH but I'm not sure - either way it's nice that they are there.

  • has tatoo’s so not him

  • I thought that was Scarr.

    I don't know who the guy next to Bayo drinking from a cup is. Müller perhaps?

  • Maybe Nick Freeman?

  • Ah yes, think you're right.

  • Nick Freeman?

  • Ha! Better late than never.


  • I thought it was Bloomfield!

  • I thought it was Richie!

  • I thought It was Rowan Dodds!

  • Its Andy Graham

  • That's great to see.
    I recall Wood and a couple of others went on hol the other year, but that's a great sight to see so many out there.

    Although JJ could do with getting his deal signed first!

  • This tweet from Keith Scott also feels appropriate.

    25 years ago, double champions(still not beaten), 25 years on Still goods friends #COYB #NonLeague @bluntphil

    — Keith Scott (@ks9667) May 12, 2018
  • @Chris - Thanks. Great to see. Apart from the golf, of course. Crossley and Ryan look like they could play tomorrow if called upon.

  • I think we can see how Rhino really got his nickname.

  • Great to see the players having a good time in Marbella. If ever a team deserved it!!!

  • Maybe the thought of having to cancel this squad holiday if Wycombe slipped into the play-offs was all the motivation the players needed to get those final points that took us up automatically. If so, booking it was a masterstroke!

  • I doubt it was booked until we had secured promotion.

  • It's a great point Dicky.

  • Great that we secured promotion though, eh?

  • I do wonder if there is a knock-on effect to the following season from being involved in the play-offs. While Wycombe players are resting and relaxing in the sun, and recovering from a long hard season, players involved in the play-offs have their season extended by nearly a month. Any thoughts?

  • Certainly can't help can it!

    I worked with a (then) league 2 player's wife briefly.
    I remember her annoyance his team had to go through the play offs.
    Postponed their holiday :)

  • stats don't really say so, Blue.

    last three seasons (14/15 to 16/7, 27 teams failed to get promotion through the playoffs. 5 of them got auto promote the next season, 7 more reached playoffs again, 6 more were top half but just outside playoffs, 9 had slipped to bottom half, none were relegated.

  • Plus the added hassle for managers not knowing which division they'll be in and what their playing budget might be.

  • It was just a thought based on the picture of the Wycombe players by the pool in Marbella, compared to teams involved play off matches his week, and two going on to Wembley. I hadn't looked at the stats side.

    @Malone. I was thinking more of the recovery of physical and mental energy levels. I hadn't thought about the ear-ache from the misses element.

  • compare that with the teams finished one,two and three places outside playoffs

    2 were relegated next season, 12 bottom half, 6 top half, 6 reached play offs and just one was auto promoted.

    Anyone guess who the 1 was?

  • It could be argued that those players involved in the play offs, and thus having a shorter summer holiday, have less time to lose their fitness. Our lot relaxing in Marbella have more time to put on weight and/or lose conditioning and consequently may find it more difficult in pre season training.

  • It could be argued that it's a very long close season and there is already nothing much to say.

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