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Match day thread: PNE (FA cup 3rd round)



  • Kashket returns, according to official Twitter.

  • About as strong a line up as we could have I guess.

  • Great to see Kashket in the squad as i was starting to doubt we'd see him in a Wycombe shirt again,El-Abd back in defence is good news as well.

  • Despite all the panic its a good starting line up

  • The fact that they’re making so many changes could be a plus if they’re playing stiffs out of the habit of playing first team football. Time will tell I guess.

  • 2 mins and it told

  • I love Beano and I know he's out of position but possibly the worst half display I've seen from anyone ever

  • Can’t understand why we are giving the team (and Bean especially) so much stick. Bad 20 mins but we are playing a far better side than us and still carrying several injuries.

  • Total lack of atmosphere or encouragement from the crowd until the last 10 minutes of the half.

  • Possibly because we are not in with a shout of winning the 2nd ball, which is a must if a.lower league team is going to beat a higher ranked team?
    We are getting torn apart in & over run in the middle of the pitch. Got to be more agressive if we are going to rattle them into submission!

  • Wdh is well good....

  • At the end of the day the result, if not the score and our lack of any chance of causing an upset, were what we expected.
    To see Kashket back on the pitch and take that shot right at the end, which against a league 2 keeper might well have gone in, was a real positive.
    Hopefully we can now kick on for the rest of the season and win promotion.

  • I guess be content with getting to the third round. We go again Saturday.

  • Inept, no passion and with a few exceptions it just seemed that people were going through the motions thinking the game was already lost. Very disappointed in such a poor display. I don’t mind losing if we at least give it a go but probably the worst performance I’ve seen this whole season.

    Let’s hope we can get motivated for the Scum next week. Losing to them would be more than I could bare.

  • Kash is back I’m holding on to that

  • We really played so poorly today. Defence was pathetic (Keystone Cops). I didn’t expect anything out of the game but to just roll over was terrible. Did we have a shot on goal second half?
    The Bean throw in feasco was a real embarrassment.

  • Cracking day out, freezing cold, 1-0 down after a min, and a dreadful outclassing.

    It's what should happen when you play a team 2 divisions higher, just a shocker when it does happen with our pretty good cup record.

  • Stewart's return cannot come soon enough can it? The way their players ran at our retreating defenders was frightening

  • They were a very good side, slick, accurate passing and technically way ahead of us, but that was just horrible to watch - no coherence to our play whatsoever, and, penalty aside, the scoreline didn’t flatter PNE, sadly.

  • Embarrassing - totally clueless. Ainsworth obviously had no game plan whatsoever. OK we were against a team two leagues higher but this afternoon Cov beat Stoke and Exeter ran WBA close. 5-1 is a bloody hammering - 'nuff said!

  • We were outclassed by a team with much better players who played to their full potential. I didn't see it as us rolling over at all - they were just much better than us.

  • We didn’t cope well and the early goal clearly set us back but really they were just a lot better than us and didn’t let us play at all. On the rare occasions we managed to keep the ball we did ok, but they gave us a lesson in how to press and how to pass. Agree with others, Scottie’s reappearance was good to see, and the thing to take away. But I hope they come out determined next week.

  • We need defenders in this month

  • Flick back 12 months. The gulf in class was wider surely. A lot more passion in 10 minutes at The Lane than 90 today. Keystone Kops defending, topped off with the worst performance from Bean I have ever seen and I've seen plenty of bad ones from him in the other 99 appearances. Put it down to a bad day and let's hope we can hammer Col U next week.

  • Oh how I would love us to play like that. Why do we warmup passing to feet and then keep hoofing the ball up to our big fella during the match. What's the point of that !!

  • @EwanHoosaami , yes, and no.
    That was a Tottenham lineup with only Dier of their then regular starting eleven it has to be remembered.
    We also were able to tap into the big game feel, and we had a solid Pierre-Stewart axis.

    Today just didn't feel a big game, and we were simply outclassed, with a dreadful makeshift defence.

  • @pete β€œno passion.” Not from where I was standing with players flying into tackles and blocks.

    @DJWYC14 Stewart our third best defender in my book. It was right back where we cut open.

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