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An Evening with Peter Taylor

Some of you may be interested that ex Wycombe Manager Peter Taylor will be the subject of an "An evening with" at the Crooked Billet pub ,Sheepridge Lane ,Little Marlow on Monday 19th February .The usual format is a talk about their playing/management days with anecdotes ,food and then a memorabilia auction and finally a Q and A from the floor. Tickets are £16 including supper Contact Bill the landlord on 01628 521216 it's a lovely country pub but cosy so arrive early to get a seat .



  • If it's as exciting as his style of play I'll give it a miss.

  • Funny you should say that @MindlessDrugHoover ! My sentiments entirely.

  • A chance to ask him about it maybe .By the way the landlords a Slough supporter but a nice bloke nevertheless .

  • Low key venue for such a thing isn't it?!
    Being an ex England and Premier league manager and all.

  • “When did you realise that Mr Grant was being kept out of the side by something slightly more worrying than the common cold”?

  • @micra said:
    Funny you should say that MindlessDrugHoover ! My sentiments entirely.

    I know Peter and he is a top bloke. I hear what you say about style of football but he did get us promoted and that’s something even John Gorman couldn’t manage with a much more entertaining team. It’s an interesting debate: would fans prefer success gained with a pragmatic style or entertaining failure?

  • @glasshalffull, that Gorman reference doesn't do you any favours at all. For obvious reasons.

  • Entertaining failure for me

  • Bit of a poorly worded question, if you ask me

  • I don't know why but i struggled to warm to Peter Taylor. Nothing bad i could think of against the guy, just didn't gel. When we appointed him a stevenage supporting pal of mine said 'here's what he'll do, starting with the appointment of Junior Lewis'. And sure enough he did the same with us as he did at Stevenage. Some of his signings were as poor as i can remember.

  • You can ask him him Stewie Green's doing and to pass on our regards.

  • In answer to the query about the Low key venue. The landlord has connections with Tottenham I believe He puts on 2/3 of these nights a year ,mainly with ex Spurs players from the 60s 70s 80s.Fills the pub on an otherwise quiet Monday.

  • Considering he was only with us for about 1.5 seasons, the number of players he signed for us who ended up behind bars, all for seperate offences, was extraordinary.

  • @Malone said:
    glasshalffull, that Gorman reference doesn't do you any favours at > @Malone said:
    glasshalffull, that Gorman reference doesn't do you any favours at all. For obvious reasons.

    I assume that the obvious reasons you refer to were the personal tragedies he suffered but don’t forget that he had 2 seasons with us. I am not in any way criticising John because I enjoyed his style of football as much as anyone but there’s more than one way of achieving success.

  • The mere mention of that mans name makes me angry all over again.

  • @eric_plant said:
    Bit of a poorly worded question, if you ask me

    Then please let us see a better version.

  • it's just that by describing it as "entertaining" failure you've sort of already answered your own question

    there's a possibility I'm being a touch pedantic here, which is very unlike me

  • Not a problem Eric. I suppose what I meant was would the majority of people settle for entertaining football that failed to achieve promotion or would they prefer a style of play that was less pleasing on the eye but led to more success.

  • I liked Peter Taylor and I could take a scaped through promotion...the problem for me was the style he chose to play once we were in League One...I think McGleish and Harrold would have been an excellent front two and, I could be wrong here, but didn't he bring in Beavon and then rarely played him and Phillips was benched a lot? I thought he would have kept us up at the time but the bad run at the start of the season allied with dreary tactics sort of took the gloss off the promotion and sealed his fate.

  • I like what we now have - highly entertaining football and a sustained push for promotion. And if Gareth Ainsworth pops up at the Antelope in ten years time, I’ll get my career to wheel me down there.

  • Agreed, the right mixture of skill, commitment and controlled aggression. Gaz is doing a great job.
    See you in the next wheelchair!

  • Gonna get crowded in there !

  • I meant “cater” of course.

  • No I didn’t. I meat “carer”.

  • It's taken him a couple of seasons and patience (lack of pay off money??) from the club to assemble the present side, which is impressive considering how much he has been pilloried at certain points...even by discerning, supportive Gasroomers. I only came back into the ST fold for the near relegation season and it's certainly the most exciting side (when everyone is fit) that we've seen since then...even counting the play-off team. I would be disappointed if we were not pushing for promotion by hook or by crook this term.

  • @micra said:
    No I didn’t. I meat “carer”.

    Having an early sherbet Mr Micra?

  • Watching our promotion under Peter Taylor was, for me, akin to going to a lecture every Saturday.

    You could sit and learn the art of something (in his case setting up a good defensive team) which ultimately resulted in progression - but you can hardly call it entertainment.

  • The way we limped over the line at the end of the season with zero effort will live long in my memory. And not in a good way, like the Macclesfield game under Gorman.

  • Zero effort? Not sure what you mean by this. Personally,
    I’d rather limp over the line than finish short of it. That Macclesfield game was terrific entertainment but we did lose.

  • That promotion game was the weirdest experience i’ve ever suffered at a football game. Quite how you could make achieving promotion seem like a wake, but somehow it did.

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