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Match day thread: Leatherhead



  • (I think) there are still a few copies of The Wanderer left. If there are, these will be available from the WWISC stand on Hillbottom Road, just before you reach the gates. 56 pages for just £1.50. Avoid an upset and pick up your copy today.

  • Already feeling a little tense and looking forward to this. COYB!


    Huge game at Adams Park today as Wycombe Wanderers take on Leatherhead for a place in the 3rd round of the #FACup.

    Updates and goal flashes on BBC3CR and live commentary on iFollow

  • Anyone know bus times from the train station?

  • @bluntphil Why has the BBC 3CR coverage this season gone backwards? When there is commentary it has been limited to MW which because of the hills is weak.Unfortunately cannot make today so now reliant on Final Score. COYB

  • Thanks again Alan!

  • Just dropped my son off at AP and there are hundreds of Leatherhead supporters there already, mostly in green horror wigs. Should be a great atmosphere.

  • Technical difficulties with iFollow commentary :(

  • Oh, FFS I follow technical difficulties again!

  • That bloody service, didn't even make kick off.

  • Working again now

  • Jombati !! Stupid tug of shirt

  • Thanks @M3G with I follow up to its usual antics it is good to be able to watch the match. After all the ads are finally bypassed anyway

  • Possibly the worst refereeing display I've ever seen

  • Stats say five yellow cards from eight fouls at HT!

  • edited December 2017

    Was it eight red cards in 22 games this season before today for the ref? Not hard to see why. Everything he could possibly book in the first half, he did. Fortunately, he eased off a little in the second half or it could have been nine against nine. Sorry for Leatherhead that they lost a player: wasn't really that sort of game.

    Good football by us in the second half. Freeman made a big difference. Don't want to badmouth him and continue to wish the best for him but Southwell just doesn't seem to fit into the team unit as well as others. Not saying he's selfish or thoughtless - far from it, he is obviously whole-hearted and team-minded - but our shape, when Freeman came on, was so much better in attack and defence. We were solid at the back and much more threatening going forward.

    As a side-note, no Gape on the bench again, I notice. Anyone know what's up?

  • edited December 2017

    Their sending off was their player manager. Right angry little whinger. Idiotically got himself the second by taking exception to the nicest guy in the world, JJ, and shoving him needlessly.

  • For angry little whingers, Sam takes some beating. When the fourth official called the ref over in the first half, I thought he'd seen Sam push their centre forward over. If he had, it could easily have been curtains for him. Think he needs to tone down the righteous indignation significantly.

    What Blooms was booked for after that conversation with the fourth official, goodness only knows. Mistaken identity, perhaps.

  • Highlights just finished. That sending off was a total joke. Pathetic refereeing.

  • I think that’s about the best cross i’ve seen Bloomfield put in for his entire time with us.

  • Good question HC Blue. I also wonder what the issue is with Gape. I know it was reported his grandmother had passed away a few weeks back though.

  • It is very bleak to see that as a sending off. He just turns round to throw JJ's arm off him, doesn't really lash out or shove him, it's a poor decision.

  • i thought it was pretty clear that he lashed out at him myself, and having seen it again havnt changed my mind .... he was an angry little man though, made it amusing in my eyes

  • Agree totally with @Homerblue. JJ is the nicest guy ever, had stroked him on the head as some sort of friendly gesture, the guy stormed over, shoved him, mouthed off, and just for the aggressive behaviour a well deserved second booking.

    Sam was on quite a mission today himself. Maybe I don't always see him mouthing, but I was high up in the FA stand today, and a much better view.

    Their front man looked fairly tidy, but then he's been league 2 before, so obviously had something about him.

  • Congratulations Wycombe wanderers and good luck in the next round. Your manager is a class act being very respectful towards leatherhead both in the build up and after the game and even came over to applaud us at the end . All the best

  • @Malone Have you seen the highlights? What actually happens is like nothing you've described. JJ gives him an arguably patronising head-ruffle, and the guy turns to brush it away. It is a slightly aggressive brush away, to be fair, but it's a competitive sport. A smart referee would've just eased the tension and played on without getting another yellow out.

  • edited December 2017

    I did go off first time sight in fairness.
    I'm comfortably with that guy getting a red, however harsh.
    You say it's nothing like I described though, then word it with a different take on it, but not a million miles apart!

    He spent 5mins forgetting about the game, whinging about O Nien accidentally ending up on top of him at one stage.

    Whereas another of their players didn't react at all when O Nien slid in about 20secs after a ball had gone, and that he was miles away from!

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