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2017 Trust AGM

Members were this morning emailed supporting documents and information ahead of the Trust AGM on Wednesday 29th November.

Over 200 members have opened the email however I have been contacted by a dozen or so who did not receive it. If you have had any issues or have not received it please contact me and I will forward a copy. There appears to be a 'hit and miss' on who has and hasn't managed to receive the email which I can't explain so apologies to anyone affected.




  • Text:

    Dear Member,

    The Annual General Meeting of Wycombe Wanderers Trust will be held on Wednesday 29th November, starting at 7.30pm in the Caledonian Suite at Adams Park. The venue will be open to members from 6.30pm, along with complimentary tea and coffee and the bar will be open.

    The following documents are available by clicking on the links below:

    Letter from the Chairman
    Director Nominations
    2017 Accounts
    2016 AGM Minutes
    Proxy Form 2017
    Calling Notice

    In accordance with the Trust's Rules, one third of the current Trust Board is required to retire. Dale Jenkins has decided to retire from the board. David Cook, Mark Burrell and John Derben are offering themselves for re-election. Lisa Bowker, Tony Hector and Peter Lerner are also offering themselves for election. As there are six nominees for four available positions, there will be a ballot this year.

    The six nominees will be in the Caledonian Suite from 1.00pm on Saturday 25th November, prior to the Yeovil Town match, should you wish to meet them..

    For those members unable to attend, proxy forms are included for completion and return.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Trust - [email protected], on matchdays in the Caledonian Suite or on twitter - @wwtrust.

    We hope to see you on Wednesday 29th November.

  • Do any of those standing post on here?

  • It went straight into my spam this week.

  • No sign of it in any mailbox I've got but contacted Dale and was sent copy within 30 mins.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Hello Mr / Ms Dooley. The answer to your question is yes, and I am also the Peter Lerner who sponsors Sido Jombati's home shirt. I look forward to talking to you in the Vere Suite before the Yeovil match. Peter

  • Hi @peterparrotface yes, I (Tony Hector) have been a Gasroom member for sometime. For reasons too long and boring to go into now, back in October I changed my username from Bluegasbag. I read all the posts (yes, even DevC's) and post myself very occasionally.

  • Email not received again this year (just like last year). I believe last year a problem with addresses was identified (and possibly not resolved?)

    Have read the c.v.s from the website and 6 decent candidates on the face of it (although Mark Bowring's was a little too much "I" and not enough "we" for my taste.). to be honest I still don't really understand the role on a day to day (or week to week basis). Instinct perhaps stick with what we have unless the new candidates can point to something that will change as a direct result of them being elected.

    Peter, ForeverB (ignoring the little jibe), if I were to vote for you, what difference would I see as a direct result?

  • You can ask them on Saturday Dev

  • Mark Bowring isn't standing for election. I think he is the bloke who got the "Fan's Council" going. Mark Burrell however is standing for re-election.

  • @eric_plant or he can just ask him here now?

  • You are right, Cyclops. My mistake. getting old.

  • Ah bless you Chris, you're such a faithful hound

  • @DevC not sure this is the right place for that type of general discussion at this time. However, I'll PM you.

  • @ForeverBlue why is it not the right time? I would have thought the time you were standing for election and setting out your stall is exactly the time to say what difference you would make. And why is it not the right place? The Trust run the club for the good of all of its supporters, not just a tight cabal of Trust members, surely?

  • @aloysius perhaps I could have been clearer in my thoughts. Just felt that all the candidates have an equal chance to put their views to the members at the same time on two occasions. The idea of one or two having additional / individual chances to express their views to a wider audience without the others having the same opportunity does not feel quite right. Am aware that DevC cannot attend either of the mentioned opportunities hence why I was prepared to discus my views with him - or in fact anyone else who wishes me to if they cannot attend the meetings.

  • There exists an opportunity to improve the quality of the make up of the board who oversee our club so I suggest strong consideration to any new candidates who at least two of whom appear to have very sound experience and skills

  • Peter Lerner was originally elected as a Board Member to the Wycombe Wanderers Supporters Trust in 2004, he was a positive member then, and will get my vote this time.

  • I tend to agree with your view on Lerner

  • @ForeverBlue Did you used to coach Hithercroft U16s (or possibly U17s) back in about 2001?

  • Thought I recognised the name. You were manager just as I joined, but then left the same week, no doubt when you realised just how awful I was. I don't know if you remember Richard Cracknell, but I still see him every now and then and his uncle Nigel is a regular at AP.

  • Promise it wasn't you. Had recently started my role in Basildon and the travel difficulties allied with the long work hours, including many Saturday's, meant it was impossible for me to get back in time to take training with any consistency. Was very frustrating as the team had been doing well, but felt it better to let someone who could devote the time take over rather than do half a job.

    You will no doubt remember Elaine (who is a regular at AP) and her husband Paul who continues to referee.

  • I would also like to introduce myself as the third new candidate for the election.
    I haven’t posted on here but dip in regularly to see what you folks are saying.
    I guess I’m the wild card candidate but still have so much to offer along side the work I’m already involved with.
    Please come and say hello at the Yeovil game.

  • Good luck to all of those standing. Pleased that a) there is such a strong choice of candidates and b) my position will be filled by someone that should have more time to give to the cause than I could, with a fresh pair of eyes on proceedings which is healthy.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • @ForeverBlue > @callsignCharlie said:

    I would also like to introduce myself as the third new candidate for the election.
    I haven’t posted on here but dip in regularly to see what you folks are saying.
    I guess I’m the wild card candidate but still have so much to offer along side the work I’m already involved with.
    Please come and say hello at the Yeovil game.

    @callsignCharlie sorry are you Lisa Bowker?

    @ForeverBlue @PeterLerner thanks for both posting on here. Best of luck with standing

  • Could you be more specific @Dooley as to who you are talking about and what money you claim they received from the trust and what influence they have

  • @Dooley how about giving some actual details?

  • it's also only the 2nd comment you've ever posted on here, the first being yesterday

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