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will Adam Clift be banned from Adams Park for comment made on Twitter

edited August 2017 in Football

I see the club are clamping down on such behaviour and the young man could be in for a shock shortly.



  • Funny for some reason I always assumed you were one of his gang richie...not just looking for a Gasroom rise are ye?

  • No but the club have just tweeted they are clamping down on this within new guidelines issued by CPS so he could be about to be made an example of.

  • I take it you want him banned hence a new thread?

  • I think he know what we think and he's done (eventually) what we think he should have done. I'm happy enough. I suspect when he realised he could not criticise anyone on twitter without the risk of someone retweeting what he had originally written...possibly to a player...he suddenly learnt a valuable lesson. If they now have a twitter elf policing it I think you can rest easy richie.

  • I think we gave this a good airing last time round.

  • Possibly a bit quiet in the shop.

  • Not sure this needed a new thread, but here's the article on the official site anyway. I had wondered if Adam was the STH referred to.

  • edited August 2017

    He's been left in no doubt about the use of that particular word.
    There's a real distinction upon what is said in private and what you say/write in public/online. Anything slightly dodgy in the latter can land you in seriously hot water these days. I doubt he'll be so loose with such terminology again.

  • Well the club has banned someone "pending an investigation following inappropriate comments made online.".

  • I'm sure we'll soon hear some whines from either the person or their pals...

  • Oh dear. I'm not on twitter so I have no idea who else tweets but surely they must realise if they include #wwfc (or whatever) others will see what they have tweeted as happened in this case?? No doubt the Gasroom will get the blame for pointing out slightly racist tweets are bad?

  • I'm certainly not one of his pals and I think what he did was despicable, but I also think it'd be a shame if he was banned over this.

  • Already the FB group has a few people worried.

    One reasonable chap says we all know the difference between abuse and criticism.
    If any club started banning fans for saying a player was rubbish, or the manager got it wrong, we'd have few fans left.
    The recent hullabalooo with the lad Clift is clearly well into abuse territory

  • I understand it is he who is currently under investigation

  • Not interested in talking about individuals (some people rather like the publicity)

    No idea the identity of the individual suspended from AP (or indeed whether the individual actually exists or is just a warning.)

    Perhaps club hoped that emotions would calm down over summer. It doesnt seem to have worked. So perhaps way forward is for Trust reps and a handful of say 6 supporters (including at least one ideally 2/3 invited from the "younger group") to get together over a beer and define what behaviour is acceptable and what isn't home, away and online. Then communicate it and enforce it.

    What has past has past, get it right going forward. Reputations are easily lost, very hard to rebuild.

  • Although the comments seem very unpleasant indeed I am very uncomfortable with the club's hardline stance here. There has to be freedom of speech. And we cannot afford to be banning supporters for relatively minor offences.

  • there won't be any of that @DevC, he deserves a ban and Im sure the club will deal with him fairly and even handedly.

  • I think it would be a little rash to ban him, and probably a bad move for healing rifts between his group and WWFC.

    If Stokes didn't get banned for abusing Pierre in person, and merely was asked to offer an apology, I think it would be harsh on Clift.

  • @Midlander the question is would Adam call GA a gypo to his face ? no he most certainly wouldn't ... infact I can assure you I was thinking alot worse about him when I saw the team sheet and at 4.55 on Saturday but I didn't go putting it on social media in my own name.

  • Really? Why not have a Gasroom v Facebook five a side. Or Racists v Swearers? People know what is and is not abuse. Twitter abuse stories are all over the meeja. Even the small amount the millennials notice online. People in their 20s know they are being racist. I suspect had Mr Clift just held his hands up and deleted the tweets rather than coming on here and getting his knckers in a twist about being 'bullied' it would not have had had legs. I'm not sure you should be divulging information the club are keeping quiet from your privileged position inside AP either richie boy. Best draw a veil.

  • when I said I worked in the club shop it was a joke, if anybody believed it then thats there pure stupidity !

  • Hilarious Richie!

    Was the emergency loan keeper a joke too?

  • Quite embarrassing some fans are actually hoping he gets banned for what was a stupid comment which has now been deleted and clearly a lesson learned. The club have come out and shown they will not tolerate such comments and that should be the end of it in my opinion.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    when I said I worked in the club shop it was a joke, if anybody believed it then thats there pure stupidity !

    you are a joke, a boring one aswell.

  • we could do with a keeper now, anything would be better than dropsy brown who if he makes another mistake at Grimsby could be bereft of all confidence if he isn't already and then we have a real problem as we can't sign anybody.

  • @ryan_w_kirkby oh well ryan never mind ya mate has got himself into very hot water and could end up banned, maybe in future he should think before he posts racist comments on Twitter.

  • Lets hope no more than a slap over the wrists and a strong warning as to future conduct.

    And then get clear guidance publicised as to what is acceptable and what isn't.

  • @rmjlondon 'privileged position' should have given you a clue I was joking richie, but best not name any names the club are keeping confidential on social media because....oh forget it. As for 'dropsy' Brown I refer you to your post of August 6th.

  • Agreed Dev. Don't really like the lynch mob mentality here and no one knows who the club are referring to in their statement. Could be someone else completely

    The sooner we get back to arguing about the merits of a front three and a loanee goalkeeper the better

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