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Confused supporter

Am I alone in failing to understand the selections and tactics of the club this season ? Firstly we sign a centre back ,who, from all reports was not rated at Shrewsbury and has proved it here. Added to which we make him captain which compounds the problem. We also have a goalkeeper who has little positional sense .Are these players watched by management or signed on a whim as we need to cover these positions ? Allowing for the injuries,the team selection on Saturday cost us the game. Freeman impresses each time he plays but is omitted immediately afterwards. As far as tactics are concerned,we either play hoof ball up the centre and when it is patently failing we revert to actual football with the ball on the ground and surprise surprise ,it actually works ! In the past we could accept that GA was inexperienced in management,but no longer, but it seems his ability to adapt is very limited.From a financial perspective it looks good on paper if the club is living within budget ,but surely it is necessary to invest in at least a couple of worthwhile players who should boost the team as a whole and encourage support,whereas currently we seem to rely on other clubs cast offs.Without a reserve side there is little pressure on the existing players to perform well on a regular basis, exemplified by those who were outstanding initially,but now look very ordinary. Am I alone in my belief that this will will be yet another season of muddling through or do I have unrealistic expectations ?



  • Welcome Chris. I wonder if all your posts will be quite this illuminative.

    Serious competition for who will be the boo boys chief victim this season - hayes - but unlikely to play enough to really prosper, El Abd and brown - promising but isn't it more fun to concentrate the abuse on a young up and coming player and see if a career can be wrecked, Southwell? Others not yet started on? Only time will tell.

    Three seasons in a row we have challenged for promotion - far better outcomes than we can reasonably expect. this season we have W1D1L1 - plainly a disaster requiring chairman to be sacked, players to be abused and manager to be hung drawn and quartered. Vibes tell me it is going to be a very long season. Instinct tells me that 3-5 years down the road, we will look back on the last few seasons very fondly. I hope I am wrong.

  • @Hughie a couple of your points are a little contradictory. The first implies that we are tactically poor a lot of the time (I agree), the second that we don't have enough quality players (again I agree but financially we are where we are) but the former probably results in the appearnce of the latter.

    I don't think we can really criticise the recruitments as on the whole there have been a lot more positives than negatives. No-one could reasonably expect a keeper of Brown's pedigree to suddenly not appear competent at this level (hopefully temporarily).

    El-Abd is a different case. I imagine GA saw/sees the leadership qualities in him and thought it would be an important asset to the club. With his history of defending at a relatively high level I would imagine he also saw/heard enough of him to think that he would still be up to it at in League 2. Jury is still out on that although if we take a majority verdict they should pronounce their verdict very soon...

  • Duberry defended at a high level also.

  • Gary Doherty defended at a high level also...

  • El Abd and Doherty should not be uttered in the same breath, not fit to lace his boots.

  • @Blue_since_1990 and @LeedsBlue you're both correct of course.

    But i don't get this idea that just because a player has been rejected by anyone, they're not good enough for us. A lot of our best players only came to us because they were rejected by someone else.

    El Abd does have a lot of the Duberry about him though.
    Just wonder if it continues that way how stubborn Gaz would be before dropping him.

    He talks often about players "keeping the shirt" if they do well, but that's not at all true with someone like Jombati. He's repeatedly come in, done well, then shipped straight out when JJ/Stewart or especially Harriman are fit again

  • I think GA has to look at it longer term, AS has just signed a new deal and El And is here for 2 years as it stands, Sido won't get another contract beyond this season so I can see his point if he goes for the former pairing at Blundell Park and going forward.

  • without wishing to state the obvious, you can't really judge the performance of defenders based on a match where the goalkeeper had a nightmare of such epic proportions. It distorts the entire way they have to play.

    I'd like to see El Abd alongside Anthony Stewart for a few games in front of a goalkeeper who can take one step forward and catch the ball once in a while before judging his worth to the side

  • If Sido Jombati gets enough games this year, he would certainly get a chance next year. On Saturday he was always available to receive a ball from another defender, but rarely received it. Too often it went skyward to the opposition. When we have the ball we should be attacking, not chancing too luck in the opposition half.

  • edited August 2017

    have we ever had a GK that has not had a bad game, Eric. Was matt ingram a bad GK on the basis of throwing one in against Bristol. What about Paul Hyde for failing to save a 120 yard punt v Colchester.

    FFS give them all a chance. We have played three league games.

  • he doesn't leave him line, Ingram wasn't the best at it but Brown is awful.
    I really hope he is replaced before the 1st.

  • If richie has told Sido he's not getting another contract, he's not getting another contract. Get over it people. Saturday was a horror show indeed. But drew 1, won 1, lost not the end of the world. Yet.

    I seem to recall Ingram being called out for not owning his area. Brown looked a bit static to me against County, behind a defence that looked like GAz had introduced them to each other that morning, but against Lincoln he pulled off a couple of good saves. I prefer to look at it as a bad day at the office. Hopefully the last! (Two big men upfront for County...who knew they would be tricky at set pieces??)

  • I am giving them a chance Dev. I explicitly stated they shouldn't be judged based on Saturday's performance

    I thought that was pretty clear

    calm down

  • I am sure Scott Brown is thrilled by your ringing endorsement, Eric.

  • @DevC - Richardson has never had a bad game for us!

  • I'm sure Scott Brown

    a) doesn't read this message board
    b) doesn't need anyone to tell him he had a poor game
    c) is chomping at the bit to get back out and put Saturday to rest

  • a) he might
    b) Agreed
    c) agreed

    lets hope that all support him rather than slate him at every opportunity at the next game. And El-Abd too. And Southwell. And Hayes. And Ainsworth. In fact anyone representing Wycombe Wanderers. Too much to ask?

  • How do you know everyone didn't support them on Saturday and then offer opinion on their performances on here afterwards?

    I heard everyone was roaring the boys on

  • I heard players were being booed from the start. is this not true?

  • it's a lot easier for you in the summer isn't it Dev? Gets a bit tricky when fans actually start discussing matches and stuff

    Calm down though, there were a few boos at half time on Saturday (at which I scowled and tutted, so that showed them). Then during the stirring 2nd half comeback 3 sides of the stadium were singing in unison and created an excellent atmosphere. I thought at that point we were going to go on and win the match (and happily lose my bet)

    Looking forward to getting the injured players back and watching us again

    calm down

  • I would say there's absolutely no reason Sido wouldn't get a new contract. Players like him and JJ are the type of characters that help build the great team spirit we've fostered here.
    Not to mention that even when benched he's usually pretty unlucky to be.
    I doubt many are concerned to see him in the team like happens with other squadees.

  • I'm perfectly calm Eric. But then I am not slagging off the GK and the defenders and two of the attackers and the manager etc etc as this forum seems to have done for 48 hours now. They had a bad game with a shedload of injuries. it happens. Week before it was a good game. that happens too. Most likely throughout much of the season there will be a few wins interspersed with a few defeats and a draw or two. Calm down.

  • Sido has not been far from being our best player since the last four or five weeks of last season, imho.

  • "this forum" is a series of individuals Dev, all posting different things

    of course in the 48 hours after a game then yes, most will be discussing that game. I can see why you'd find that tricky

  • I didn't hear any boos until the half-time whistle after 45 minutes where we gifted County two goals....and though many had reservations, I never heard Hayes being booed. I may have rose-tinted glasses but there's nothing wrong with my ears. Pardon?

  • and @DevC Brown, El-Abd and Sido were dreadful in that game. Really dreadful. So dreadful Bloomfield putting two excellent crosses onto Bayo's nut made him look like a fantastic ball playing midfielder of international standard.

  • @DevC - Why should our players be immune from criticism when they have a crap game, providing it is from supporters who actually ATTEND the match and PUT MONEY into the club. They get praise from us when they perform well.

    When you employ a tradesman to do a job and he bodges it up, if you are then asked to do a written review you will probably say he was crap.

  • the wild wild world of @rmjlondon:

    August 6th: Brown has won promotion from this league before, he is perfectly good enough for our club, just cos we had a good loanee last year doesn't mean we have a god given right to have one every season.

    August 19th : Brown was absolute dog shit today and something needs doing about it !!

  • that was before he started costing us games, him coupled with selecting Hayes and Dayle cost us the game.

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