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New change kit - orange



  • it's the sponsor that makes me think that as well

  • Is there anything to stop the away sponsors logo being displayed on the quartered shirts if that is the deal beechdean and utilica have reached with the club.

  • Apart from the WWFC badge not being blue, this 'cream of tomato soup' is far from our worst. We have previously had a different sponsor for the change strip in 2013/14 but I don't recall us having played in that more often than we would have done otherwise. Hopefully that will continue this time around as well.

  • I think I heard a rumour of there being a 'Utilita Energy' branded 'home' kit as well, for away games where there is no clash...

  • 'Come on you reddish orangeys' has a ring to it

  • Hopefully there will be another Orange Day

  • Maybe the same day that we do another Celtic Day

  • We'll be finding out what the plans are for the away kit at Port Vale on 12 August as their home strip would not clash with the quarters.

    Then, if we are intending to wear the away kit at every away game, we will see what happens if there is a clash with other teams in red on 3 October at Swindon.

    My hunch is the red kit at Port Vale and the white kit at Swindon, but my preference would be blue at both.

  • I actually think it's OK (badge liberties aside), at least it's a reddish orange rather than the roadsweeper orange of the old Verco change strip of about 15 years ago.

  • Just be glad we're not Notts County with their different sponsor every month nonsense.

  • I like it although i wouldn't wear if myself as It would look like I've swallowed a Space hopper

  • yeh we have a sponsor who wants the kit to be used 5 times a season, if that was the case they wouldn't be sponsoring us and we would probably have 25/30k less in the transfer fund.

  • this kit will be worn at every away game when it doesn't clash, if we clash we will then wear white.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    yeh we have a sponsor who wants the kit to be used 5 times a season, if that was the case they wouldn't be sponsoring us and we would probably have 25/30k less in the transfer fund.

    We have £5k less in the transfer fund from paying your club shop wages, but no-one's calling for you to be got rid of.

  • Are we not?

  • @Alexo said:
    Are we not?

    Well now you mention it...

  • Still waiting for that goalkeeper loanee for the play off final

  • On a related note, does anyone know if a women's cut will be available? I have heard it might be in the works previously from asking the club shop online, but then O'Neills said they have not heard anything about it. My wife awaits the outcome with bated breath...

  • By my calculations there are 3 league games (Carlisle, Chesterfield & Colchester) where we could not wear the quarters. In each of these we can wear the Orange/red kit. I am struggling to find a side who play in Red & Blue that would require the white kit. I suppose we will pull an away draw in the FA cup against the Daggers.

  • Its an away kit to be worn at all away games unless there is clash, which bit of that don't you get ???

  • We understand that that is a possibility but none of us including you know what the plan is. Stop pretending you do, eh? We've all seen you do it before and get it wrong repeatedly.

  • I think he's spot on

  • Do we understand the difference between thinking something and knowing it?

  • rmjlondon. The white kit, when will it be worn?

  • sadly @Chris my old fruit Im spot on this time.

  • I think you probably are too.

  • This is definitely going to be worn at all away games otherwise there would have been no need to retain the white kit as a '3rd kit'. The quarters will not be worn away sadly. The good thing is that given the orange/red will clash with teams in red then the white kit will be used a fair bit and I like that one. Actually I quite like this one but changing the club crest color puts me off.

  • Certainly seeing the new sponsor on the white shirt confirms it for me. It's a great shame.

    If that's the case we'll wear white against Accrington, Crewe, Luton, Morecambe and Swindon. There are four teams that play in red and white (Lincoln, Exeter, Cheltenham and Stevenage) so there's a chance we'll look like Wycombe Wanderers in those games.

  • I'm sure @EddieMonsoon must be champing at the bit to chip in on this topic.

  • and yet, the Club Charter says: "WWFC commit to the first team wearing the first-choice kit at all opportunities where the kit does not clash with that of the opposition. The ultimate decision on which kit to wear will remain with the Referee and / or football team manager." Revised 1st July 2017.

    Is there wriggle-room in the words "first-choice"?

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