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  • Looks red to me.

  • It's 'burnt orange' apparently.

  • TomTom
    edited July 2017

    This kit will be worn for the first time against Maidenhead - who play in black and white - meaning their is no clash. Do we think the club will be changing/removing its policy of only wearing the 'change' kit when necessary? I assume this energy company will want their logo on display as much as possible and will have said we need to wear it when we play away - and the club are calling this an 'away' kit. Can anyone confirm?

    edit - to quote the Charter "WWFC commit to the first team wearing the first-choice kit at all opportunities where the kit does not clash with that of the opposition"

  • I think it was described as 'coral' coloured. I'd say blood orange.

  • it will be worn for all away games unless there is a clash.

  • money is paramount for this club not the stupid charter.

  • We don't seem to be that committed to the charter

  • FWIW I think that is a pretty horrible kit - and why have they changed the colour of the badge

  • I think its very nice, and a blue badge on a orange kit would look shite so suspect thats why.

    edited July 2017

    I like the kit, but i must agree with Tom not happy at changing the badge colour. It was bad enough when the goalie badge was made pink!

  • phone the club and see if they will change it back for you, I think we know the answer so quit moaning and support the club ffs.

  • Coventry, Carlisle, Chesterfield and Colchester. I cant see any more clashes for next season (obviously cups games etc)

  • I mean it will be worn for all away games unless the orange clashes !!!!

  • quit moaning support the club and buy the new away kit FFS richie has a club shop bonus to secure!

  • Thank you for an insightful comment as always Richie, how does my opinion on the colour of the club crest constitute me not supporting the club?

  • well u always want to moan about something don't you ..... basically thats all this board is moaning about kits, moaning that we have moved a fixture, moaning we aint signed anybody .... go get a life seriously !

  • @rmjlondon Hey Richie I heard we were changing our name to incorporate a sponser. PrimarkUK Wanderers as they said you can have a few quid. Look great with the orange kit and badge on our soon to be plastic pitch against West Ham kids. Yes let's support the club after all we need the cash!

  • Looks like tomato soup to me.

    edited July 2017

    By all means please go and read the comments I post on this board, most of it is relating to match day threads not “moaning”. On Saturday I said I was concerned that we didn’t seem to have any trialists in the match day squad and with only two weeks until the start of the season. Do you not think that a reasonable position to have? Considering we had a relatively small squad last season and have seen four players leave and only one arrive? I see you don’t have a valid point as your resorting to personal attacks "got get a life”. Could you answer my question though please, How does having opinion on the colour of the crest constitute me not supporting the club?

  • This kit will be worn perhaps six times in a season - it exists to differentiate teams when first choice kits clash. it performs its function. Next.

  • Can I also add it will look great on Ruth.

  • I'm in the "it should only be worn when there's a colour clash " camp Probably an age thing ,a good question to ask at the fans forum next week?

  • of course it should only be worn when there's a colour clash.

  • It should only be worn when there's a colour clash and the opposition can't be persuaded to wear their change kit instead.

  • think you're probably wrong there Dev. I'd expect this to be an actual "away kit" - worn at every away fixture

  • it's pretty vile. If they'd come up with one as good as last year's I'd have been all for them wearing it at home, let alone away when there's no clash

  • I very very much doubt it Eric. A few friendlies maybe, maybe even the LDV, but I would be amazed if the quarters are not worn in virtually all away games apart from those where kits clash.

  • Well,it's different"
    Strange design, strange sponsor. Have we let Baz ruck around again?

  • I think Eric maybe correct here, I know In recent years we have been wearing the home strip at a number of away games, however given that Utilita Energy are sponsoring the away strip rather than beechdean covering both strips again. I’d imagine we will be seeing it at most away matches as I can’t see Utilita Energy agreeing to sponsor a kit that is hardly worn.

  • Time will tell. I would be amazed (and more than a little disappointed) if you are correct.

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