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Match day thread: Aldershot



  • Surprised there's no Owain Jones or Nathan Tyson. Genuinely concerned about Kashket.

  • Agreed Floyd, rather worried by a lack of any trialists in the team. Also no Stewart hopefully him & Kashket aren't injued/moving on.

  • Is Aaron Kuhl related to Martin? And what is Martin up to these days?

    More on topic, what's the Wycombe formation?

  • Someone on the Facebook group said Stewart was wearing a protective boot on Friday, but obviously take that with a huge pinch of salt.

    Kashket has an ongoing issue with his hip (thigh?) which I guess has flared up again.

  • Dearie me.

  • 1-0 down already ffs!

  • Looks like it might be three at the back...

  • Kept Gary Waddock, we should have kept Gary Waddock...

  • Pretty poor line up I have to say

  • It's a pre-season friendly, guys. A time to experiment and get some match sharpness. Don't worry about the results.

  • I could not care less about the result . It is the apparent lack of signings with neither the left back on trial or Tyson in the line up .

  • Long way to go before the transfer deadline. I could see us getting a LB on loan some time in August.

  • Kashket out till November with this hip flexor issue is a disaster and the trialists not being used would suggest we won't be signing either of them.

  • The usual 4-3-3. Rowe at RB. Sido LB. Gape, Blooms, Freeman in Midfield. Not a bad game actually.

  • Thanks, @TheatreOfChairs . Good to have the information. Assuming Southwell playing wide: how's he getting on there?

  • Reasonable show so far in very wet conditions. Bayo doing what Bayo does. Southwell looking sharp on the right of the front three. PCH quieter on the left.

    Freeman's got forward well from his midfield berth, should have scored but somehow stuck it over from inside six yard box.

    Lots of organising being done by El Abd at the back which is good to see.

  • Cool. Thanks, @TheatreOfChairs . Keep us informed!

  • Bean on for Bayo at half time. Has Freeman moved up front or have we switch to 4-4-2 @TheatreOfChairs?

  • 1-1 Southwell pen. Rowe brought down.

  • Storming run into the box by Danny Rowe.

  • Southwell through middle, PCH on right, Freeman on left.

    Incredible 50 yard run by Danny Rowe for penalty after crunching tackle on Kuhl by Blooms.

  • Nice! Good to see Southwell's getting a run in the middle.

  • 2-1 Freeman. Great ball from Saunders.

  • Shame. Following the tweets on club site and sounded like we've been bossing the 2nd half.

  • 2-2 finish. Sounds like there were some positives.

  • Bet @trevor and @rmjlondon won't find any positives

  • you can't take anything from these games apart from fitness, two of our best players are injured long term by sounds of it and saunders played 30 mins.

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