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Aaron Pierre signs for Northampton



  • @Wendoverman said:
    I understand Northampton is slightly taller than Wycombe...bound to turn a player's head.

    Well, Wycombe has nothing to compete with the National Lift Tower, and that's a fact.

  • Wycombe fans are vermin.


  • Time to take over the club and invest your millions, @trevor .

  • Now you're just being silly @trevor old bean. Show me one post by anyone on here that suggests that? Moaning about every single decision or what you consider to be a not ambition in my book. Despite recognising we don;t have the cash to splash on a cast-iron guaranteed 40 goal a season injury free young striker I'm fully expecting this squad to go one further than last year and get us into the promotion picture. The fact I don't share your negativity does not make me happy to be mid-table at all.

  • Good luck to AP who played many a fine game for us. Considering the size of club he went to i do wonder if the "incident" and the reaction of that minority soured his affection for the club so ruling out a heart over head surprise stay.
    I understand it's a professional game with agents pushing for a cut but human beings are emotional creatures

  • @HCblue - Do you really want to see the club go out of business?

  • that tweet is inaccurate...he nutted ONE fan. Admittedly a true fan but still...

  • Do you think we could borrow him occasionally and let him loose on some more

  • @mooneyman Not sure where you got that idea from.

  • If you think Pierre's failed to make a significant move up, consider Chris Maguire -he's just turned down a new contract with Oxford in favour of a move to Bury. Shouldn't laugh...

  • Please don't use that A word on the Gasroom Trevor. Chris will ban you if you do!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Stewart and El-Abd will surely be the first choice? Stopper and ball player?

    I'll like to see Stewart and sido as our first choice, sido was pure class at cb last season

  • it's nice to have options though eh @bigred87 and I thought I heard Sido does not like playing CB.

  • I think I started that one, @Wendoverman , when I related the words of a couple of fans who heard that from JJ at one of the late season dinners when they were on his table. Not quite from the horse's mouth, to be fair to Sido. But a credible-enough source for me to feel OK passing it on here.

  • I consider you a credible source @HCBlue

  • Good luck to AP. I don't think anyone can ever accuse him of letting us down. Like it or not Northampton is currently a step us from us and probably the right move for him at this stage given the probable lack of offers from higher up.

    He should develop more as a player in League One than another year of hoofball with us in L2, but at least we tried to keep him and at least it's not Oxford or Luton.

    In terms of his replacement (and picking up on someone's comment about APs limited leadership skills) it could be argued that an experienced leader/CB is EXACTLY what we need to bring the best out of our current defence and inexperienced 'understudies'.

    Whether El-Abd is that player is question that we may find out the answer to in the next few weeks.

    And leave @trevor alone! He always makes me feel better about myself. I just hope he doesn't have any sharp knives at home

  • Second-hand hearsay is like gospel on the internet, right, @Wendoverman ? If I can just be bothered to edit Sido's Wikipedia page to include that information, I could make it official.

    "In May 2014, Jombati left Cheltenham, after the expiry of his contract. Later that month however, he was signed by League Two side, Wycombe Wanderers on a two-year contract.[7] He scored his first goal for Wycombe in a 4โ€“0 FA Cup win over Halifax Town on 8 November 2015.[8] He is known not to enjoy playing centre back."

    That seems fine, doesn't it?

  • Once it's been on wikipedia I think it is accepted as unassailable fact for most newspapers, news programmes and UK examination Boards @HCblue

  • I think I read that on Wikipedia, so I assume it's correct, @Wendoverman .

  • I expect Sido prefers to play centre back then sit on the bench though! Which seems his other option with Harriman obviously favoured!

  • I've heard from a Northampton fan I know that the Cobblers have been bought by Chinese money and they are throwing it around. Of course the supporter in question was ignoring the question that haunts bought clubs what happens when the investment goes away

  • Northampton are the ultimate money to bankruptcy club it's happened so many times. Remember though that we "stole' Steve Brown then Mickey Bell from them when they were on a usual spiral into disaster.

  • Regarding Sido's positional preferences, I remember reading when he signed for us that he was very unhappy that his manager the previous season had played him mainly (entirely?) at left back. It may be therefore that he is only truly happy playing right back. Unless of course (and we know how unlikely this is) Wikipedia has got it wrong.

    I'd be very happy to see him at centre back but GA seems to set considerable store by the experience and proven influence as captain of Adam El-Abd so he may have something of a dilemma there.

  • Good luck to Aaron. Loved watching him play - would say my favourite player over the last three years.

  • With Pierre gone I think it's possibly a good opportunity to play with a back five with El-Abd & Stewart as centre-halves & Sido as a sweeper. With the full-backs pushing on this would give us a narrower midfield three. It might help stifle more opposition attacks & let us play a bit more through midfield.

  • think this was tried in a friendly with different personal to those u mention.

  • edited July 2017

    I second @A_Worboys though I reckon Max Muller or Danny Rowe would make a better sweeper than Sido. A 5-3-2 would play to our strengths - not least the lack of strength in depth in our front-line.

  • As I've said elsewhere, I'm not a great fan of Friendlies but I plan to go on Tuesday precisely to run the rule over new signing(s) and observe line-ups and formations. AFC Wimbledon always make interesting opposition, too.

    May also be the last chance to save the club postage costs by collecting season tickets.

    Apologies for slight departure from thread topic but relevant in context of immediately preceding comments.

  • Max Muller better than Sido! You are joking aloysius. Muller is worst than Michael Dubbery.

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