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  • Might as well stayed with us not exaclty a step up is it .

  • Good luck to the lad.

  • Good luck to him but I am sure he had hoped for better than Northampton. It's hardly a huge step up and clearly the verdict of Bristol City was shared by others in that division.

  • Strengths and weaknesses please? Obviously the higher wages played a part;)

  • He obviously thought we were going nowhere.

  • Will miss him good luck to him atleast hes gone up a league always gave his all for us one of my fav players.

  • Strengths are largely physical. Height and speed. Weakness is distribution. Personally I think he also lacks leadership on the field and can be a bit quiet. I like a centre half who scares everyone around them. Old skool me.

  • He was a good player for us though TAGFC. I would certainly have him in our team in preference to any of our remaining centre backs.

  • I think a league higher and more money is what I would call a step up @trevor but then I'm old skool like @TheAndyGrahamFanClub . Obviously? @Blue_since_1990. He came to the end of his contract and after three seasons was looking for more money and to play in a higher league....not sure that translates as 'He obviously thought we were going nowhere.'

  • Ho hum. Good luck to him. On the plus side, when Northampton go bust he might come back here.

  • Actually, out of our remaining centre backs, I would pick Sido and Stewart.

  • You'd be wrong on both counts.

  • gem of a player, Andy. Quick strong and dominant at the back.

    Unlikely to serve out the full three year contract before moving up another division I would have thought.

    Enjoy him.

  • Some players are excellent for us but I never connect with them regardless of their performances. I never connected with Pierre regardless of his outstanding performances. Same with Beaver, a player who was superb for us but he never seemed part of the club. Contrast this with Luke O'Nein or Matt Bloomfield, for example, who just seem part of the club even if that is a facade.

  • I remember one game where Pierre had to come off the pitch three times to get a head wound patched up. We fielded Morgan in the same game, and I can't imagine he'd have even put himself at risk of getting the knock in the first place.

    Will miss Pierre massively personally. By far the player i'd least want to see missing for a game.

    Northampton sounds an absolute mediocrity of a move. It's not like when Mawson moved to Barnsley, a single division step up, but clearly to a team below their level.

    I wish him well, they've got a cracking signing. I hope El Abd plays anywhere near as well!

  • Interesting. I used to sit near his mum early doors so I know he was enjoying it here, I always liked him as even when he was on loan he gave it his all, and then chose to come here...possibly also easing the loan of his Team-mate Mr Mawson (?) so I feel the opposite there Mr Fanclub...which is why I thought he might possibly re-sign of nothing materialised. I feel the same way as you do about PCH...although he is a good player on his day.

  • Stewart and El-Abd will surely be the first choice? Stopper and ball player?

  • Shows how small were seen if northhampton is considered a bigger club.

  • Its the double H that does it when we have none at all.

  • Oh do give over @trevor. Even I am tiring of your inability to say anything positive.

  • edited July 2017

    Besides I have noticed that Northampton has its own post code while High Wycombe is simply an offshoot of Hemel Hempstead. No wonder players choose to go elsewhere.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Stewart and El-Abd will surely be the first choice? Stopper and ball player?

    I think Adam El_Abd is a bit more of a ball player than you imply.

  • I understand Northampton is slightly taller than Wycombe...bound to turn a player's head.

  • I wonder if the incident near the end of last season played any part, however small, in his decision. If so, Mr Stokes should be thoroughly ashamed of himself.
    Personally I'm gutted. Don't think the defence ever looked the same when he wasn't there.

  • @micra said:
    Oh do give over trevor. Even I am tiring of your inability to say anything positive.

    What positives exactly?

  • I suspect his mind was pretty much made up long before the Stokes nonsense.

  • one positive is...we haven't lost yet @trevor don't peak misery too early.

  • @micra if he is...even better. I just thought he fitted the bill of 'experienced defender at this level' usually shorthand for a robust approach to the beautiful game.

  • Well, at least it's not Luton or Oxford. I'm sure Aaron Pierre will be a very competent League One player who will get Northampton out of many scrapes. With a proficient corner-taker he'll also score a fair few himself.

  • wow some people have no ambition at all happy just to be mid table every year losing our best players and signing over the hill players instead .

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