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Aaron Pierre signs for Northampton



  • edited July 2017

    @Blue_since_1990 we've not seen either of them play sweeper so hard to judge who'd be better - though given Max's strengths appear to be footballing intelligence and distribution while Sido's weaknesses are a certain rashness and lack of positional discipline there's a good chance Max may be better suited to the sweeper role than Sido.

    Alternatively Harriman might make a good sweeper, which would give Sido back his rightful position (I've always preferred him at right back to Harriman anyway).

  • With you there @aloysius, I prefer sido to Harriman at right back. I still feel Harriman would make an excellent wide mid man. Can get forward well but also great defensive qualitys down the side

  • Maybe Sido does have his weaknesses but Muller isn't Div 2 standard in my humble opinion. I do like the idea of playing Harriman wide right midfield, he would be good there.

  • Sido is simply too good to be a regular on the bench. That's one of the big problems.
    We've looked at Harriman in centre mid and as a right midfielder in a four, but the former isn't a great option in my opinion, and we don't look like we'll play the latter system.
    He wouldn't have enough of an attacking threat to be a wide attacker in a three in my book either.

    I would probably be tempted to play Sido in games we need a bit more aerial ability.

    With Gape and Saunders likely to be two of the midfield three, with Pierre gone, and with Thompson also gone (under rated aerial ability but a big unit), I wonder if we'll be a bit weak there this season.

  • Maybe Chelsea will loan us a decent couple of young guns. I'm sure they must be happy with how we looked after Jamal and brought him on. And with a good history of developing young players it's win win. Also Chelsea is not a million miles away, so no big upheaval for a young player.

  • The Southampton link has proved very beneficial l in recent times (and produced Steve Guppy of course). I personally have much more time for Southampton than I have for Chelsea. The academy house also provides a home from home for young players.

  • Anyone know what happened to the Aston Villa link? I'm guessing it disappeared around the time they went missing but I must admit I wasn't keeping n eye on it

  • Finished with Janoi Donacien perhaps. To be fair, he has gone on to have success with Newport and Accrington Stanley. Gave us problems going forward when we played Newport at AP a couple of seasons ago, in fact.

  • Was interesting to see on the Channel 5 goals programme Pierre running forward towards the opponents penalty area from what looked like open play. Can't recall him ever being allowed to move that far forward when he was with us

  • @bookertease , surely you've seen him having the occasional rampage forwards? Especially out wide, as he used to be a winger.

  • @bookertease I've seen him make runs at Adams Park. And I've heard fans around me shout; 'What the ****'s he doing? Get BACK!!!!!'

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