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Match day thread: Grimsby



  • MATCH DAY! Grimsby Town v Wycombe Wanderers. Team news, reports & post match will be on BBC3CR, commentary on #Chairboys Player ⚽️

  • Ffs! Gape,Saunders,Hayes,Kashket,Pierre and Stewart all missing through injury,Southwell starts up front with The Beast.

  • Does that mean two at the front and the rest defending the goal!.That sounds about right.

  • Looks like the start of the season all over again!

  • Very concerned with the team/squad today. Looks weak . Grimsby 2/1 looks really good value .

  • Very weak lineup. Southwell straight back in after a mediocre loan period says it all I think.
    Let's hope that somehow means we'll win!

  • Yep. 1 down already. Long afternoon this is going to be

  • Long afternoon for us, you must be loving it as per.

  • @bill_stickers said:
    Long afternoon for us, you must be loving it as per.

    Are you serious?? I hope us to win however team line poor

  • When we struggle without that spine in the team it does make me wonder how we will cope should Pierre leave in the summer and I also think a few of the players playing today will surely have to be let go in the summer.

  • @Wwfc2015_ said:
    Yep. 1 down already. Long afternoon this is going to be


  • In fairness, we have Stewart and Pierre, Gape-O Nien - Saunders, and Kashket out.

    That's 6 of the first choice 7 central players out!
    It's be stranger if we were doing great with them all out together

  • @Wwfc2015_ Its Saturday and we are losing knew you would be making the point!

    What do you suggest then if all these players are out? That is what we have.

  • How is WDH playing?

  • 1-1 an og.

  • 1-2 Paris

  • Gettin! Come on boys, bloody well hold on this time.

  • Grimsby fans seem a little bit "special" judging by the commentary; chanting "cheat" because PCH is down during one of our own attacking moves, and also appealing for our second goal to be disallowed because their keeper punched his own defender clearing the initial chance?

  • Phil and Matt are on form today too with their chat, I've laughed out loud a few times today.

  • @Wwfc2015_ what's the score pal?

  • edited March 2017

    @fromtheside I'm not sure wwfc is a real person, troll or not.

    I think it is just some crude automation software. Every time we concede to go down by a goal, the software posts a message on the Gasroom from a stock library:

    "shocking stuff... can't see us winning another game all season at this rate"
    "always gunna lose this one, we are rubbish"
    "whats the point watching this dross anymore?"
    "[error_cant_fetch_name] is the worst player we have ever signed"

  • Sensational commentary on player.

    Thank god for three points.

  • My god we won a game! Beer tonight.

  • Great result considering the number of injuries. Back on track.

  • Terrific win with a real shadow team out.

    We've given ourselves half a chance of the play offs.
    But we need some of that injured gang back in.
    Luckily we have a whole week off until the next game for the first time in seemingly months!

  • @fromtheside said:
    Wwfc2015_ what's the score pal?

    Great result and delighted to win. However some of you do not like options...these are MY opinions which people do not have to agree with...however to be constantly attacked is pathetic

  • Think we'd all have signed up to 4 points from the last two away games. Sounds like a great team effort in the second half and hopefully Luke and PCH back into form. Great commentary too

  • Great result....let's get the Injured players back and really push for a play off spot !

  • "One nil down, two one up, we're gonna win the Play-off Cup!"

  • I heard with a few minutes to go that the Grimsby players refused to return the ball to us when we kicked it out for treatment for one of our players. We will probably see in the morning the usual gripes about us being cheats and time wasters but I'm sorry, there is nothing more unprofessional than refusing to hand the ball back whilst trying to steal an equaliser.

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