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Match day thread: Accrington



  • What's the red and yellow thing in the middle of the shield on the Accy badge? Looks like a Lemsip capsule.

  • hopefully this helps @Jonny_King

    "Stanley’s symbol has always been the town’s coat of arms, granted in 1879. The shuttle in the shield stands for cotton spinning, and the cylinders and calico for the industry of printing that material. With this business the local family of Hargreaves, of Broad Oak, were closely connected, hence the stag in the chief, part of their crest. The lion is that of the ancient family De Lacy, who held Accrington by grant of Henry II. The oak branch in the crest is trebly allusive to the name. It is bent into the shape of its initial letter; oak (Anglo-Saxon ‘ac’) expresses the first syllable; and the acorns recall the old form of the name, Akerenton."

    found online at

  • @BSE Brilliant stuff. Thank you.

  • I believe it is a shuttle, to represent the cotton spinning industry.

  • some people are so easily pleased ...... how about 3 points before the season ends in total failure and GA being hounded out.

  • Ungracious and uncalled for @rmjlondon.

  • Not sure if that's directed at me (for daring to thank someone?) but I can assure you Richie that whilst I am deeply distressed at our alarming slump in form, I am capable of living my life being polite and cheerful despite our inability to get a result against Crawley.

    If you can't do that, then maybe football isn't for you.

  • If anyone's interested there's still a substantial cotton industry going in Lancashire. A lot of it is used for cotton "grey-cloth". This is woven then is cleaned and used for printing designs on for curtain and upholstery fabric. Whilst there is a lot that comes in from Asia the British-woven cottons tend to be better quality and therefore creates less problems when printing on.
    Two big printers still produce large quantities of finished fabric in the North West. One is in Carlisle, the other in Lancaster. If you're driving to Morecambe away and want some discounted curtain fabric, there's a very good mill shop between the M6 and Lancaster city centre (called Standfast). All UK made I'm pleased to say!

  • has @rmjlondon been on the cider already?

  • Im not disappointed about Crawley, Im disappointed since Exeter tbh we are woeful and if it was for Bayo we would be flirting with the basement.

  • Really? Last time I looked we were some 17 points clear of 23rd place.

  • @rmjlondon - yes, but enough about Bayo, what do you think about the cylinders and calico that were so vital to the printing industry, which are now printed on Stanley's badge?!

  • I've never liked basements...they seem quite, I don't know, common. Although I like a nice cellar. Each to his own I suppose. You say 4-3-3, I say 4-4-2. Is there a match on today?

  • He probably hasn't cottoned on yet.

  • @Wendoverman bet you are a stickler for Accrington and not Accy or Stanley as well

  • @Bluegasbag they will always be Accrington Stanley Football Club to me, dear boy. Standards. Standards.

  • Happy with Gape being dropped - had Harriman syndrome and not performed at all since he's been permanent. However, wish we had cover in that position that wasn't Pinball Legs Bean.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Im not disappointed about Crawley, Im disappointed since Exeter tbh we are woeful and if it was for Bayo we would be flirting with the basement.

    If only we'd signed Ruth, eh Richie? Champions with him/her.

  • I expect old Gallic Wanderer and Mr Angry_2015 are getting themselves all worked up in advance, praying for a duff result. A fun filled evening ahead!

  • I'd disagree @prufrock_91. Thought he possibly got even better in the games after he signed. It's only in the last two or three he's dipped. Wouldn't surprise me if he's simply knackered given the intensity at which he plays.

  • Wow @prufrock_91 . Slagging off three players in one post. Anyone else you've missed.

    You are just plain wrong on Gape. Simple as. Have to disagree with you on the other two as well.

  • Bean and Thompson starting is a joke surely, i feel sorry for the fans traveling to watch back up players both of who will be substituted within an hour.

  • I have been so critical of " hoof ball" but tonight due to the state of the pitch it maybe the wisest thing to do. Long term I believe that the team selection tonight may prove to be spot on. What do I know?

  • 6 on the bench. Is Weston injured again? If so, why don't we bring Rowe or Southwell back from loans?

  • Gape had been unwell for at least a week

  • Bean and Thompson back up players ????

    You utter cock !!!!

  • You utter an awful lot of poppycock Richie.

  • Game on. Full match commentary will be on @BBC3CR 98FM, 630/1161MW, 103.8FM & #Chairboys Player ⚽️

  • Is the Chairboys wall not functioning at the moment. I keep getting error message.

  • No sound on my laptop and no Wall texts.

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