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Gape and Blackman

Loans expire on Tuesday. Silence on extensions.

Time to get concerned yet?



  • We will know when Blackman throws his gloves into the crowd!

  • Leaving it late, unless we're being treated to a New year's day present!

  • Would think they have signed new deals..quess we will find out soon.

  • Announcing it pre kick off on Monday would give everyone a lift

  • It's generally not any teams policy to announce signings or extensions until the window opens, I am expecting gape to stay. Hope Blackman does stay but you never know

  • Have you seen Barnet have been busy announcing 3 new players and splashing the cash

  • They've made it four now with the signing of the pretty handy Simeon Akinola from Braintree for a fairly reasonable £40k, following the signing of a centre half from Peterborough for £100k.

    Some suggestions that Akinde might be off so perhaps their spending that money, we'll see.

    I would be surprised if we didn't see Blackman and Gape here for the remainder of the campaign. They're both doing well and seemingly enjoying it and neither is going to get a game with their parent team any time soon (or ever probably).

    The one I'd be slightly more concerned about would be Paris. Millwall might just take the view that a fit again, in form winger/striker might be handy for the last few months of the season.

    I'm sure Wycombe aren't paying his full Millwall salary as we couldn't afford it, so from their perspective they may just see it as better value to have him at the Den rather than subsidising his wages to play elsewhere.

    Let's hope not.

  • That Is an encouraging story, if I'm honest, not too fussed about PCH but I also have doubts millwall will want him back but as always with this game, who knows

  • How did PCH creep in here?

  • I would like to see PCH stay. I think he will play a key role if we are to get promoted.

    His work rate is superb and he seems to genuinely enjoy his football at Wycombe. He also fits perfectly into the current system.

  • Totally agree @fromtheside . (Thread now officially diverted.)

  • Club have just confirmed that Blackman is staying until the end of the season!

  • Great news. Brown is decent enough but Blackman is in a different league.

    Gape or PCH being announced before the game tomorrow would a good start to 2017.

  • In a different league in the financial aspect too I see. Wycombe is a shop window of sorts but I don't quite see Chelsea's gain here. Our gain though, great signing!

  • Chelsea obviously thought Jamal had potential otherwise they wouldn't have given him a five year contract. Their gain is him getting 40 odd games experience with us instead of the odd game in their relatively meaningless development matches. Assuming he continues to improve he will probably get loaned to a Championship side next season who will pay most if not all of his wages. Assuming he does well there Chelsea will then probably get a substantial transfer fee for him thus at least recouping their total outlay.

  • Great exposure for us as talent developers I suppose. Now to get hold of a midfield maestro who needs the same. Onwards and upwards!

  • The Blackman v Brown debate is an interesting one, which I know I caused some debate on here before about.
    Blackman has made some world class saves, but also prone to a mistake (quite frequently). 3 of the 4 goals at Pompey, 2 of the 3 goals at Plymouth for example.
    Brown may not make some of the saves that Blackman has (2 at Cambridge for example) but did make 1 world class save on Friday down low to his left, but probably doesn't make as many errors as Blackman.
    Feel for Brown, very unfortunate for him but really don't believe there's as much as a difference as we're all making out. For me, I'd rather play and train up our own keeper (whose contracted for another season), rather than someone elses.

  • I'd say Blackman commands the area better than possibly any keeper we've ever had. Completely takes out any opposition long aerial ball or throw and means set pieces have to be deadly accurate, which they hardly ever are.

    I'm delighted he's staying, and think it gives us a much better chance of success

  • All about opinions Clifty, but to me it's pretty clear Blackman is in a completely different league. A completely different beast physically, already a lot better, and with much more potential to regularly play higher.
    Brown is an honest reliable lower league player, who won't let anyone down, but won't win any awards.

    I think Blackman has had a couple of howler games, where we conceded a lot, the two you mention in fact. For a young keeper, that's not too bad in half a season of action.
    I certainly wouldn't call him in any way error prone though!

  • @clifty04 - For me Blackman is a more imposing and confident figure and is rightly our number 1, more importantly Gareth and the goalkeeping coach seem to be of the same view.

    With regard to your concern about training up the keeper for Chelsea, this is the whole purpose of the loan system. It benefits both teams as it does us sometimes such as when Scowen was loaned out to Eastbourne. In our financial position we would never have been able to benefit from watching the likes of Mawson, McCarthy and Saunders to name a few without the loan system.

  • I have to agree with everybody apart from Adam here, Brown and Blackman are on a different planet.
    Brown looked nervous and edgy on Friday night and against a better team we would have conceded goals.

  • No idea why @clifty04 seems to want to constantly criticise Blackman. Everyone has favourites and there is clearly something he sees that others don't. Help us out. Why do you keep up the criticism?

  • I was of the opinion his football knowledge was pretty good but clearly not.

  • Blackman is also pretty confident with the ball at his feet and his distribution is far better than Brown. I do feel for Brown but we are very lucky to have Blackman for a whole season.

  • I would prefer a 'nervous and edgy' keeper who talks to his defence the whole time any day of the week to one who is blanked by his back four even when he makes one of those world class saves.

  • 11 clean sheets would assume he has a pretty good relationship with his back 4.

  • Did you go to Plymouth?

  • He had a bad game. It happens @Onlooker thankfully for us it doesn't happen often. Absolutely delighted he's signed anyway and a great indication to others how well we develop players.

  • there was a moment when AP could have passed back to Scott Brown but didn't
    I suspect he didn't trust him.

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