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Match day thread: Crewe Alexandra



  • Longest named bench we've ever had? An 11, two 10s, a 9 and three 7s for a total of 61 characters.

  • Fantastic news, Joe is fit. We really need some quality set piece delivery

  • Looks like an attacking line up to me. On hols in Greece reading James's superb book, COYB

  • What is going on?!?

  • Glad to see I sooooo wrong, COYB

  • Trevor is on the phone to Sky to see if he can cancel his broadband.

  • Didn't see this coming.

  • I'll hold my hands up, on this one, really thought we would struggle...COYB

  • What the hell is going on?!

  • That was a great half. Fantastic to see Woody score, superb header from Paris, and a debut goal for Gape. Crewe pressed for much of the middle period, but most of their attempts were straight at Jamal. COYB.

  • We were totally on top until the first goal. After that we hardly touched it until the second. Crewe look a bit shellshocked, understandably really. three really good goals. But the score is a bit unrealistic

  • Three goals from open play!

  • Make that four! Looking forward to the view from the other side....

  • five......!

  • Five from open play!

  • Ok. This is silly now.

  • Hang on there's still time to throw it away!

  • We actually could have had 10. After the 4th went in, Crewe were just gone. Hayes and Kashket could and perhaps should have scored again. We hit the crossbar. Crewe ah, as they always are, a very young side and they were just stunned

  • 4-4-2

    Write than down Gareth

  • I used to have some confidence in GA but his post-match comment that "it's been coming" has me worried

  • In fairness, we seem to have been playing well in short patches of recent games, it's just been a case of stretching that to 90 minutes. Having JJ and PCH back from injury is also a huge boost.

  • Never saw that coming. Well done guys. Good result but a really good game of football. Please Please keep it going

  • @StrongestTeam ~round of applause~

  • Strange game in some ways. Crewe were very tidy on the ball first half but only created one good chance. We hit them on the break a few times and were unusually clinical.

    Nonetheless, I felt at times we looked too open in midfield and struggled slightly with their movement and passing game. Thankfully Pierre and Stewart dealt with most things that came their way.

    In the second half Crewe persevered with a high defensive line and played dreadfully. We could easily have ended up with 6 or 7. Both our centre backs consistently won the ball on halfway to keep the pressure on, both full backs got forward, and we created plenty of openings in the final third.

    It could have been different had it not been for a superb save from Blackman at 1-0. We then went straight up the other end and got a second.

    Having both Thomo and Paris (then Kashkett) on the field made a massive difference as we had a couple of players with a little bit of mobility and pace. That created space for other players and we looked a totally different team going forward. Also helped that Wood looked like the player of 18 mths ago, Jacobsen gave us a natural left back and Harriman was able to push on down the right on his preferred foot.

    Roll on Saturday!

  • Just one of those games where we could barely do any wrong in front of goal, and you just have to savour those occasions. Funnily enough, a person who'll remain nameless picked up the team sheet and pointed at it shouting, "Where's the creativity? Where are the goals coming from?".
    For once the individual in question was proved completely and gloriously wrong!

  • Very honest of you @ReadingMarginalista .

  • I wasn't expecting that.

  • @ReadingMarginalista think I picked up the team sheet and said it was the best team we'd put out in ages didn't I?

  • the other amazing thing was how toned down all the gamesmanship and timewasting was, yes we still did it but only to the extent that normal teams do - and only half the traditional 6 minutes of stoppage time. A step in the right direction.

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