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The definitive ex-player news thread



  • Not the smartest of things to do. A lot of the Covid compliance is down to optics and he could have avoided this unnecessary attention.

  • I'm all for cutting footballers some slack but what the hell is wrong with them ? Notwithstanding the fact a lot of people want all sport stopped...the clubs all claim they have strict measures in place...they cannot all just be thickos so how much derision from press and public do they need?

  • I see Scott Rendell scored for Maidstone in there 2-1 defeat at Hungerford, that is Ruth's 16th different club that he has played for in 22 spells.

  • Palace have released a statement on Eze.

    In summary, QPR nor Eze informed them of the invite and he was apparently seen not wearing a mask. They have said it will be dealt with internally.

  • Paco Craig signs for Miami FC in the USL. Popped up on my Twitter and took a while to remember who he was:

  • I have absolutely no memory of him at all? ? when did he play for WWFC please?

  • Son of Culture club drummer Micky, he was on trial last season.

  • He came and went

  • @EwanHoosaami Berks and Bucks game v Hungerford last season.

  • @eric_plant said:
    He came and went


  • There was a young man from Kent
    Whose tool was exceedingly bent
    To save himself trouble
    He put it in double
    And instead of coming he went.

  • Sorry about that. I’ve just spent half an hour on the Steve Baker thread and it was a truly mind altering experience.

  • Pedantry and limericks. A far more enjoyable read than trying to work out who the blazes Joe Rogan or Alex Jones are (Oh. hold on, she's the welsh presenter on the One Sow, isn't she).

  • is The One Sow a spin off from Countryfile?

  • Bryn Morris has signed for Northampton Town on loan

  • Sky Sports News claiming Rangers have enquired about signing Ofoborh!

  • Jordan Ibe has bravely announced to the world that he is suffering from clinical depression Yet another example that shows this horrible illness can affect anyone no matter wealth or status. At its worst suicide remains the biggest killer of men under 45 in the country, yet the stigma remains and we are afraid to discuss it openly. More people die as a result.

    Good luck to Jordan in his battle to make a full recovery.

  • @DevC

    Here, here.

    That was very sad to read, but thanks for sharing.

  • Lockdown must make the struggle to recover even more difficult. Hopefully the experts will be able to quickly improve his condition.

  • edited January 2021

    Gozie Ugwu scores for Raith Rovers at Hearts (5 mins)

  • Sido started at Oldham.

  • No sign of Jamie Mascoll.

  • According to the press Nnamdi has signed a pre contract agreement with Rangers but they hope he will join immediately.

    Would have loved to have him back but a tiny part of me worried that those three games post season were what I remember him for mainly and maybe he would have struggled to dislodge some of the others we already have. Cue a stunning career including international honours and European trophies

  • Will always keep an eye on his career, would have been great to get him back on loan but I’m sure he’ll grasp this chance with both hand and make a name for himself! Good luck Nnamdi.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub - So you think Nnamdi has more chance of getting a game for the runaway Scottish Chapions and play in the Champions League next season, than dislodge our current midfielders. Are we really that good?

  • @mooneyman said:
    @TheAndyGrahamFanClub - So you think Nnamdi has more chance of getting a game for the runaway Scottish Chapions and play in the Champions League next season, than dislodge our current midfielders. Are we really that good?

    I will say that since John Sutton my ability to compare Scottish football with English football is not really up to much. My point was that with the Gape, Thompson, Bloomfield, Mehmeti, Adeniran, McCarthy and the wide guys is Nnamdi ‘wow’ enough to dislodge them and more importantly make the difference we need. I just don’t think so but I loved the guy and hope he goes onto great things.

  • Will De Havilland has just scored two goals in three minutes for Dover against Barnet.

  • Paul Smyth to Accrington on loan. Not by any fault of his but one of my biggest disappointments of recent seasons. I thought he was going to be on fire that season with us. Just never got going.

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