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No discount for Under 18s

I personally think the time has come to start charging babies, toddlers, under 12s and under 18s the full adult rate.

If you think about it they are not contributing anything else to the club. They don't give through the share scheme, they create more work for stewards after games (cleaning up litter), they don't pay for parking as they don't drive, and they don't even drink beer!

They are taking up valuable seats which, if released, would sell in seconds to the hundreds of full price paying adults on our season ticket waiting list!

In any case, they don't pay for their tickets themselves, they are paid for by adults. All adults are wealthy.



  • Good use of five minutes IMO

  • When I saw the heading for the post, I was worried that spiv Ron Noades was posting on here. I've never forgiven him for making me pay a full ยฃ12 when I went to see the bore draw at Griffin Park in 2000 as a 14 year old.

  • Should under 18's earn the same amount as adults then?

  • Of course not, they should be sent up chimneys for a mere pittance and then be expected to stand in the corner and be quiet

  • They should be sent down the mines and up the chimneys.

  • Old people should pay for the rest of us to get in.

  • No one should be sold a ticket without producing a recent bank statement. Admission price to be set in accordance with the average balance.

  • I like that with my overdraft the club should pay me to watch

  • See. Steve Hayes was on to something with his intrusive data collecting. If we hadn't pissed him off I'm sure we'd now be in a position that we'd all pay just the right amount out of our bank account every time we scanned our way though the turnstiles

  • He was apparently going to set up a CRM powered means testing ticket selling platform (CRMPMTTSP) but he gave up when he realised he would end up paying over ยฃ1000 per game himself.

  • edited May 2016

    Dev will be on soon to against whatever is the majority view, in the most self indulgent wordy way possible.

    So probably some sort of means testing for the parents to decide which under 18s should pay adult prices, or even higher.

  • In my opinion that suggestion is a load of rubbish, sorry to be blunt. The under 18's are the future of the club so by having high prices future fans will not get a ticket. Some of my friends would buy a ticket if they were cheaper and be lifelong fans. Saying that I had 4 free tickets last year. :)

  • I can't be certain Leo...but I believe that this thread may, just may have been strictly tongue in cheek, after a couple of threads about disabled and OAP payments

  • @peterparrotface said:
    Old people should pay for the rest of us to get in.

    I bet you weren't saying that when they were fighting Hitler

  • I would have paid to get in to see some old people having a punch up with Hitler.

  • The guy was an amateur compared to Roy McDonut.

  • Please tell me this is a wind up

  • Under 12 free if accompanied by an adult - under 18 half price - what;s the point in having a 10,000 capacity stadium and stand there with 60% of it empty every game? How is that good economics?
    Get people through the turnstiles - they might buy something in the shop, or a burger or a drink or a bag of chips - they will be happy and we will have supporters for life - WHY price people out of the market its barking mad?

  • As Children are the future, they should still be entitled to a discount. Adults though should be forced to declare their offspring, and forced to pay for them whether they attend the game or not, along the lines of the successful poll tax. This way the club can benefit financially from the youth, paid for by their parents, but without the inconvenience of them attending games. To help offset this additional expense a married couple discount should be considered. This will also encourage all supporters not to have children out of wedlock, and thus all of the worlds problems will be solved.

  • I don't think that the club is pricing people out of the market. Last season an adult and junior (8-18) would only pay ยฃ20 to watch the game if they bought tickets the day before. If the kid is under 8 then it's only ยฃ15. When I buy the odd adult ticket in the terrace, it's only ยฃ13 if I buy the day before. These prices all seem incredibly reasonable to me, and a lot cheaper then anything I've seen for away games.

    Our problem isn't ticket prices. I believe we could offer free tickets to all for every home game and still not fill the stadium. Our problem is competition for attention in the local area (both football and non-football). Sky/BT bring a host of sport straight into people's living rooms and Soccer Saturday runs all of Saturday afternoon. Premier League Football is only 25 miles away, and Championship clubs are even nearer. Then throw in other options - Cinema, Bowling etc. which can guarantee entertainment without trudging down Hillbottom Road in the driving rain.

    Our challenge as a club is to differentiate ourselves - what do we offer that no one else does? Free-flowing, entertaining, attacking football from a winning team with bags of character is probably our best bet. Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, especially on a shoe-string budget.

  • There are two types are OAP Wycombe fan:

    1. The Warren Buffett type of bi/millionaire - watches games at AP with an iPad on his lap checking the Nasdaq and screaming buy sell buy into a Bluetooth headset.

    2. The Hugh Hefner type of millionaire - spends all the game in the bar entertaining young women, occasionally glancing through the window of the Woodlands lounge to watch a sliced clearance.

  • I see more Albert Steptoes than Hugh Hefners in the Frank Adams.

  • This is the under 18 thread, you must have meant to have written about the Brooklyn Beckham type Wycombe fan.

  • I've seen people sneaking babies in. Scroungers. No sign of a ticket in their fat little hands. Who do they think they are? My plan to charge EVERYONE (old people, fat people, disabled old fat people, kids, teenagers, fat kids, players kids, staff, security, stewards) ยฃ100 (cash only) per game is the way forward...a financial bonanza and the what the taxman don't see...(taps side of nose.) Unlike the rest of you, I'm thinking out of the box, no rose tinted settle for mediocrity for me...

  • Wycombe fans are vermin. We'd be better off selling off the stands to Headington United, and just streaming games to the Asian market.

  • There are clearly a fair few prem teams an hour away or so, but i'd imagine Arsenal/Chelsea/Tottenham are nigh impossible to get season tickets for. So you'd be limited to the occasional game, and at high cost anyway.

    I hope we get out to the schools, send the occasional player in, training stuff in summer, free tickets, or at least adult pays, kid in free type stuff.

    Get those kids hooked, as Wycombe kids are the most likely to remain Wycombe fans

  • Our average gate last season - 4004. That's down 1% on the season before. Ground capacity - 10,000. That's nearly 6000 tickets for every game going unsold. In my view, it doesn't make any economic sense whatsoever to have these seats sitting empty whilst the 40% who do pay have to pay a premium - its madness

  • what would you do Nixon tapes?

    Take a risk and bring the price down to ยฃ10 max, and hope that brings enough extras in, to not simply be taking a big risk on the gate income?

  • The way we were playing in the last 10 games, I doubt we would get many more in the ground if it was free entry!

  • Let's put this simply - playing to a stadium that week in week out is 60% empty makes no economic sense whatsoever for us - or anyone.
    YES, I would lower the price of tickets as above - under 16 if accompanied by a paying adult - free - under 18 - a tenner. Everyone else a few quid more and premium seats for those that want them.
    It would need to be advertised widely and the prices reflected in lower season ticket prices. It is likely more revenue could be recouped from food / shop sales and increased attendences etc.
    IF you get people through the door they are likely to stay in my view

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