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Gasroom 2.0

edited September 2017 in Football

This forum software is going to be a little bit different to what you're used to, but hopefully this is a change that can enable us together to run a successful Wycombe Wanderers forum for the next 10 years and beyond. We now have the ability to have multiple admins and multiple moderators - the weight of running something like this should not rest on a single person. Message me if you'd be interested in moderating.

Unfortunately, as became apparent on the old Gasroom, these days registration is a necessary evil. It's necessary for fighting spam, as well as helping to keep a level of civility. It's an inconvenience once (so long you check the "Keep me signed in" box) that will make everyone's experience on here a little better. We've also added the ability to sign-in via Twitter to make registration and sign-in even easier. If you're concerned about privacy and anonymity, feel free to register with a made up name.

In return for this inconvenience, I hope that you find the wealth of great features now available to you to be a fair trade off. Most of all though, I hope that this helps keep the community alive.

With respect to the GasMan who ran the original Gasroom single handed for many years and has plans for the domain, the title and domain of this new forum are up for nominations / voting so as not to confuse people. Post your suggestions below.

Finally, on a technical note, the domain was only registered this morning so the site may be a little up and down while DNS propagates. Bear with us.


  • One other thing, as this was rather hastily put together over a couple of hours this afternoon I may well have missed some things (like disabling avatars ;) – I will get around to these, so if you spot anything that seems broken either post here or send me a message.
  • Thanks everyone for enabling our clubs community to continue.
  • Hi, Thanks for your efforts and a huge Thank you to Gasman for all his hard work over the last 17 years...
  • Thanks for doing this.

    For the time being I'm going to appear on here using my actual name - mainly because I can't be arsed to think up any kind of nickname, but also as a statement that I am happy to stand by what I say and not hide behind an anonymous comment :-)
  • I would use my real name but is embarrassing - Mike Litoris!
  • Thanks Dr. Great work.
  • Thanks drcongo for the work you have put in to setting up this new site looks great already, and i would also like to add my thanks to the Gasman for his hard work over the last 17 years.
  • Gasroom 2.0 is a perfect name for the site or ChairboysChat?
  • Gasroom 2... Anonymous 1
  • Phew, without this, we'd be stuck on twitter with @chairboysfamily and their dismal conundrums. UNSCRAMBLE IT - no thanks you boring sods.
  • Thanks GasMan for all your efforts over the last 17 years. Sometimes things have to change, come what may. Hopefully the content here will be as good as before with less of the drivel. Good luck with the new incarnation!
  • @arnos_grove #WYCOMBEWANDERERS Hall of Fame. Carlos Lopez played one game in 2002 scoring no goals. Just reply #HERO or #ZERO....
  • edited February 2015
    @Fidget and you will get a couple of people replying #HERO
  • I tried to register without twitter, I entered all the info, it started processing then came up with "Could not open socket". I therefore registered with Twitter and it worked OK
  • @arnos_grove #WYCOMBEWANDERERS Hall of Fame. Carlos Lopez played one game in 2002 scoring no goals. Just reply #HERO or #ZERO....

    We will get a sharp reminder of the wondrous Mr Lopez this Saturday as the Abbey Stadium is where it all happened. My favourite memory is Lopez clattering an opponent and the Wycombe faithful chanting 'off, off, off...'. The point at which many of us began to realize that Sanchez had really lost the plot.
  • A real good site. Thank you very much.
  • Carlos Lopez has become a Wycombe legend, for all the wrong reasons. He was truly dreadful that night.
  • Best think about the new site is being able to see the whole discussion (Initial thread and all replies) in one go.

    Much easier to read.

    Well done.
  • La chambre de gaz est morte. Vive la chambre de gaz!
  • D'accord!
  • I am finding it much easier to follow and really have to congratulate you.Thanks Gasman for all your endeavour over the past 17 year's.

  • Wonder who got that plug for the forum on Chairboys player??????

  • I was wondering that. Did they give the URL? I couldn't hear it over my screaming kids.

  • No I tweeted them to give out a mention that's all

  • Ah, the previous post was a humblebrag! Thanks!

  • I am liking the new forum very much. No more anonymouses! Even the small avatars give a bit of colour in what is a simple and plain layout.

  • @Greg said:
    I am liking the new forum very much. No more anonymouses! Even the small avatars give a bit of colour in what is a simple and plain layout.

    I agree so far it seems to have cut out the crap that the old Gasroom (may it rest in peace ) suffered from towards the end. I haven't chosen my avatar yet.

  • @ Drcongo So how many have we got on board now, looks like its been a resounding success the swap over. Also any sighting of Tattler or Monsoon yet?

  • @M3G 289 registered users, 1446 unique visitors

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