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Aaron Holloway

Hi guys,

In todays paper Aaron Holloway has been linked with a move to Glasgow Rangers. We've just been promoted back in to the top-tier of Scottish football and could potentially be playing in Europe next season. We have faith in Mark Warburton's ability to find talent from the lower divisions of England. We don't know much about this guy tho. I thought some of you could tell us what he's like as a footballer? Some of the reports I've read say he can play CB and as a striker which is interesting.



  • He is an interesting character. Doesn't seem to enjoy scoring goals, kind of shrugs and walks off.

    However, he is a well-built, powerful player, and is great on the ball. Sticks to his feet like glue.

  • Gareth Ainsworth couldn't motivate him, Warburton seems to have a more laid back style and hopefully will have better luck if Holloway signs.

  • On his day he is virtually unplayable. Sadly over the past season and a half those days have been minimal due to ...

    Pick any of the above , no one seems to know.

  • Sadly Holloway was benched for along time and frustrated and unhappy. But seems to be happy on loan at Oldham so think he will do well if happy. Hope that helps.

  • Is it rue he can play as a CB?

  • He's not played in defence for us, but I believe that was his position as a teenager. Other posters closer to him are likely to know more.

    I think I also recall previous rumours of Rangers' interest in Holloway?

  • He played there early in his professional career I seem to recall. Incredible potential but seemed to have one or two "hang-ups". Very sad to see him leave.

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    @mooneymoon, Warburton does not manage Oldham. John Sheridan ex Newport County and Plymouth Argyll Manager does. who I gather saw enough of AAH in the plays offs to take him to a League 1 side.

    @MightyBears sign up and ask on as they are very happy with AAH and hopefully, as AAH is U24 we can get some monies to pay a few more young prospects strikers to bolster the squad numbers and to warm the spot of Wycombe bench where AAH vacated, while being Wycomized.

  • @Ciderk1d said:
    mooneymoon, Warburton does not manage Oldham. John Sheridan ex Newport County and Plymouth Argyll Manager does. who I gather saw enough of AAH in the plays offs to take him to a League 1 side.

    MightyBears sign up and ask on as they are very happy with AAH and hopefully, as AAH is U24 we can get some monies to pay a few more young prospects strikers to bolster the squad numbers and to warm the spot of Wycombe bench where AAH vacated, while being Wycomized.

    Mooneymoon was referring to Warburton as this post was about Rangers not Oldham so not sure why you are bringing Sheridan into it.

    And if Holloway goes to Rangers we'll get no compensation, so hopefully he'll go to an English club.

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    Once again Cider you are showing how absolutely thick you are. The thread is about Holloway possibly going to RANGERS, who when I last looked were managed by Warburton.

  • @WestLondonWanderer It's true that is Rangers sign him you'd get no compensation. I sympathise with your situation. When Rangers dropped down to the 3rd Division a few years ago we lost our entire squad which was worth upwards of £20m.

  • @Ciderk1d He hasn't played a lot of football for Oldam albeit he's done quite well when he has played.

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    @mooneyman; calling me names is like water of a ducks back. You state Ainsworth couldn't motivate him. I was stating that Oldham have taken him on loan as Sheridan (Is the Manager and is motivating AAH) as seen him play and managed him which is fact not speculation of someone who could, because they have a more laid back style, by managing Glasgow Rangers.

    The poster should check their forum as this season under Ainsworth he subbed him more often than not and brought him on from the bench when we where usually chasing the game with long punts to the corner flag. Unlike after Xmas playing full 80-90 minutes at Oldham, getting standing ovations, accolades and awards under Sheridan in their L1 relegation battle before getting injured.

    As I keep saying hoofball don't suit everyone and I don't expect Wycombe will be keen to let AAH go for a free to a Scottish side as oppose to a L1 side do you? however laid back Warburton is.

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    @MightyBears; AAH played several games of 80+ minutes or more and had a number of standing ovations for Oldham week after week "How come". I have AAH on my twitter and I know alot of Chairboys fans have the same view as me.

    AAH wasn't given enough minutes whereby In our side, if you don't play in the first team you are screwed for match fitness as we don't have reserve football.

    Hence Banton moved on quickly and AAH asked to move on. We might be able to attract young talented players but this one team only will bite us in the end (This was also mentioned by Ainsworth too) as sitting on a bench I.e like Kretch will take it's toll as each season passes, staring at the oldies upfront.

  • I was not calling you names Cider, just stating a FACT. This is apparent from your rambling postings such as coming up with the gem that Warburton doesn't manage Oldham, when the discussion is about Rangers.

    I have more faith in Gareth's judgement than your strange ramblings!

  • Let's be civil

  • Where have I been uncivil on this thread Chris?

  • Why on earth would Rangers, a team looking to compete with Celtic look to sign a guy who scores very few goals, and has only had a couple of full league seasons, missing a lot of games in each due to niggly injuries/head not right.

    Doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • John Sutton scored a lot of goals in the SPL and very few in England.

  • Yea, but he scored plenty there to start with, did appallingly here, and then started scoring plenty up there again.
    Holloway hasn't done the first part of it yet.

    And Rangers are a completely different animal to most of the clubs up there, even allowing for their temporary hiatus in the lower leagues.

  • Be fair, the way we set up anyone would struggle to score many for us.
    There is no doubt Holloway has talent, it's his injury record,attitude and motivation
    that may be in question.
    But in terms of cost, it will be relatively low risk for a club of Rangers size.

  • Yep, on all three points.
    And it is such a shame that after we nursed him to fitness for almost half a season, that he'd basically just had enough and didn't fight to get back in as much as we'd like to see. But then If I saw a tired old boy who seems to just offer physicality and effort come in, and I saw myself as better, I'd maybe be a bit pissed too.

    However, now he's gone I don't really have feeling on him either way, whereas the likes of an Ingram I will to get to the top. And not just because we'd benefit financially.

  • @Malone Mark Warburton has excellent knowledge of the English leagues. He picked up a number of players last summer that have done extremely well for Rangers. Tavernier and Waghorn were just a few hundred thousand pounds. Rob Kiernan and Wes Foderingham cost nothing. Warburton has got these guys playing great football and we've even beaten Celtic in the Scottish Cup. We trust Warburton and his ability to find potential.

  • The same Rob Kieran who when on loan with us looked like a little lost schoolboy in his two appearances.

  • Some players like Kiernan mature later, just look at Ikechi Anya as another example.

  • well good luck with that @MightyBears . If you sign him, and can keep him fit all season, that's one thing, keep him fit and keep him motivated another.


  • Well I for one hope Warburton does sign Holloway and he develops into a hugely successful, goalscoring machine. And I hope if and when he does, Gareth Ainsworth learns the important lesson: when you have a rough diamond, build your team around him rather than alienating him in a pointless display of machismo.

    For all his mistakes this season - of which there have been many - Ainsworth's treatment of Holloway is the one I am most angry about and the one I expect is most likely to bite him in the bottom.

    I hope it's a lesson he learns this summer. Ainsworth is clearly very good at spotting talent but not particularly impressive at nurturing it. We have two young central midfielders in Rowe and O'Nien he could build the team round next season, if he so chooses. He will reap the dividends if he does, but it means allowing them to play attractive football, passing the ball through the midfield rather than hoofing it over the top.

    Anyway, that veered slightly off topic. Holloway is the most talented player to wear the Wycombe shirt this season and would be an excellent addition to your squad, in my opinion. Sign him up!

  • Rmjlondon seems to be missing. Must be on holiday and only has his 1990's Nokia with him. Shame he's missing out on this one.

  • Without knowing the circumstances of what has happened it's hard to know who should be learning lessons here. After all, Ainsworth is the manager who has re-signed Stewart after everything that has gone on.

    Professional players need to understand that sometimes they will be on the bench. And, yes, managers do need man management skills.

  • Is this for real? Holloway has done relatively little to indicate he has the ability to secure a career in professional football at all, let alone playing for Rangers.

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