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Match day thread: Wimbledon



  • 2.0 Wycombe coyb!

  • Would take a scrappy and drab 1-0 with only 6 games left after today.

  • We are playing shit aร  per usual. As soon as we concede we are screwed, don't remember last time we scored 2 in a game nevermind coming from behind to win!

  • We really are smooooooooooooooo poor.

  • This AFC side are a carbon copy of us, but with fitter and faster players. Sadly, anyone can see today that Thompson, Hayes and Bloomfield are utterly over the hill.

    That said I've never seen a more incompetent referee and their fans are an objectionable set of twats. I bitterly regret sending them a donation back in the day!

  • Utter dire. Until we Inves we will continue to be boring

  • Fuckin awful, and if he comes out with we are a small team with a small budget blah blah he can fuckin do one....had enough

  • As a fan owned club cries for investment are aimed at who exactly?

  • The two sacred cows up front surely have had their day now. It's not funny anymore.
    We made AFCW look good. Horrid display but on the cards with that line up

  • We have gone backwards this season and having 2 carthorses up front is one of the big reasons why,we've still got Thompson for another season as Ainsworth gave him a 2 year contract ffs!
    For myself i don't care if Ainsworth goes with his horrible style of play and lack of goals. I hope we don't get into the play offs as i don't want to be embarrassed when other fans see just how shit we are!

  • Having just heard Paul Hayes explain how many people have been sent home from training ill this week or are playing injured, we should probably accept that the small squad 'excuse' is fair enough.

  • What I still can't undrrstand is why substitutions are made so late. If what Paul Hsyes says about illness is correct, surely that is all the more reason to make full use of the bench.

    We really do miss Marcus Bean in these sort of matches aa it seems to allow O'nien to play a more creative role when Bean plays.

    I agree playing Thompson and Hayes together doesn't work.

  • @mooneyman; There we go, something we both agree about, I couldโ€™ve missed it, utilising the ignore feature.

  • Can you expand on that Arnos Grove? Who was mentioned and what did he say was wrong with them?

    Although the forwards have been criticised by some in the above posts, I thought it was our back 4 who performed worst today. The normally reliable centre backs were completely out-fought by Wimbledon's front 2, with the consequence that every time Wimbledon broke forward they looked like scoring. Had they won by 3 or 4, it would not have been an unrealistic refection of the number of clear chanced they had!

  • All bollox. Excuses waz free excuses.

  • So glad I stopped going, the club can keep my season ticket money and I shall continue to contribute to the share scheme but I decided a long time ago that the brand of football Ainsworth plays is just appalling, therefore I would rather not go. Some people on here will say that you should follow your club through thick and thin but it's my money and if I choose not to watch the hogwash that Aisnworth serves up then it is my right to not attend.

    I have said before on here that I am not expecting Wycombe to win the league or even get promoted, I don't mind watching Wycombe lose a game as long as we looked like giving the opposition a decent game but the style of play is just the worst, it's embarrassing to watch and I am tired of Ainsworth trundling out the little club statement all the time. He stays here because he knows a bigger club with bigger ambitions will find him out very quickly where as he has another four years of security here.

  • 2 very ugly, long ball teams, making for a very unpleasant spectacle. Wimbledon were far better at it then us on the day and we were fortunate to only lose 1-2. Difficult to find any positives for us, McGinn and Sellars were decent, but other than that, it really was a dreadful performance.

    The Wimbledon fans are a strange bunch. Their side are really no different to us. Bitty, niggly, time wasting, long ball merchants. Horrible to watch and yet they seemed to spend much of the match screaming abuse at Ainsworth and the Wycombe team for doing exactly what they do, only they did it much more succesfully than us!

  • Four home wins in a row - the run couldn't last forever and duly didn't.

    That said, agree with @mooneyman about the substitution timings, and go on to ask why the reversion to 4-3-3 - with long balls being hoofed up for Hayes/Thompson and the lively but smallish Sellars to chase. Got us nowhere today, lucky to score one.

    4-4-2 has looked better for us this season, with Harriman on one wing and Wood/Sellers on the other.

  • Hoist by our own petard, as the saying goes.

    The logical conclusion when you forgive our gamesmanship because "everyone does it and it's part of the game"

    The only bright spot was the performance of McGinn, who was head and shoulders above anyone else in a blue shirt. How refreshing it was to see someone actually trying to play a bit of football. Maybe he hasn't been "Wycombised" yet and he'll be heading off for a loan spell at Hartlepool

  • Listened to Hayes in the bar. So Thommo was injured (why play him?), Bloomers was injured (why play him?) and there has been illness in the squad.
    But what was the excuse for the massive punts upfield? McGinn tries to play in the centre but when everyone else is just going from back to front we need big lumps up front. Wrong tactics. Wrong players. Right result

  • On the plus side, it's just one game, we've lost, but remain in 7th.

    Downsides obvious, we don't have enough quality to lose both of the Bean-O Nien first choice combo. Hope both are back next week. O Nien especially provides incredible endeavour.
    Then with those 2 back, hopefully Harriman can be restored to his real position, working ferociously down the right.
    That in turn would mean Hayes doesn't get marooned out so wide and deep it's like he was never a striker at all.
    And with Hayes further forward, perhaps Thompson can offer more than bumping and grinding with defenders and provide a threat.


    what is clear, is we need to seriously perk up for the next 3, as if we're trying to play catch up with out last 3 we're screwed

  • @Thicketblue JJ & McCarthy were ill in the week. Bloomfield and Thompson having pain killing injections. He was at pains to point out they should have played better to be fair to him.

    Agree with @eric_plant - McGinn is a lovely player.

  • 4 shots 2 on target. Woeful. Let's not pretend that this stat is unusual it is very much the norm. At a time when people are looking forward to commitments for next season entertainment is sadly lacking

  • Personally I'd love to see Hayes & Sellars up front together. Seemed very odd to have Thompson as the focal point of our attack today, even more so if he was injured! I'd also like to see Harriman wide right in his natural position, apart from a very well taken goal, he struggled desperately today. We will be stronger with the return of O'Nien & Bean I'm sure, but whether we have the quality to stay in the top 7 remains to be seen.

  • Horrible niggly game between two teams cut from the same cloth, made even worse by a clueless ref. Dons fans are a grubby bunch of knuckledraggers, arent they.

  • I still don't really know why Rowe has been allowed to go out on loan.

    Surely he could do a better job in midfield than Bloomfield, who it is now becoming sad to watch

  • Wimbledon deserved the win today. Their front two had the better of Pierre today who looked ruffled by Elliot all afternoon. They looked more athletic and hungry on the whole.

    They were dangerous from set pieces and I couldn't believe Wycombe were still in the game when Harriman scored.

    Sellers looked good when running at them with the ball. Really missed O'Nein in the middle and he is probably the key to making the play offs or not.

    Thought the game passed Bloomfield by, Mcginn was decent and confidence is growing game on game. Referee and linesman were pathetic today, probably the worst combo I've seen at a live game.

    Definitely struggling up top as well. Need a striker to run the channels and stretch teams to create space. Sellers would cause a lot of problems running with the ball into the space created.

    I would play either Hayes/Thompson to utilise the experience and guile. With sellers and maybe ugwu. Ugwu not technically brilliant but puts himself about, is a presence and has the youthful legs.

    I was really hoping Liburd would be the missing link but jury still out. Not even sure there are any other loan options kicking about to cover Liburd going back to reading.

    Still could have been worse and still occupy the last play off slot. 6 games to go and still in the hunt!

  • Both refs were awful and the linesman on the Woodlands side was a mere passenger. How an awful foul on McCarthy went unpunished before the first goal was incredible. I thought it was a sending off tackle.

    Having said all that Wimbledon deserved the win and we should probably be thankful it wasn't a stuffing. We left too many spaces around our centre backs all day long and our forward okay had no pattern at all. Sellers looked good but popped up all over the place. Thommo played point but didn't give the centre backs anything to do. Fell over too easily and his dive at the end of the first half was poor. I'm not sure what has happened to Paul Hayes. He has found an invisibility cloak from somewhere.

    It was another hard game to enjoy but had more to it than some recent effort. I still can't decide if awful officials should be better judging cheating players who intimidate at every turn. I'm getting more worried about League Two football in general than Wycombe in particular at the moment.

  • Lots of players playing out of position meant we really looked disjointed. No individual really did anything wrong but the shape was horrible.

    Partly down to injuries but I can't help but think that Liburd up top would have made more sense than Thomo.

    First time this season I've seen Pierre and Stewart bullied by two forwards. Number 9 and 33 were a handful all game.

    We should really have lost by more.

    Credit Harriman for taking his half chance well. That have us a lifeline and could have led to an undeserved point.

    The next three games are key. All very winnable and I think we probably need 6 pts as a minimum given that the final three games will probably yield 3 or 4 pts at best.

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