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Match day thread: Northampton



  • No pierre or pch I'm not so confident now.....

  • Why they not playing. They will smash us i fear. Our best defender and attacker missing.

  • Looks like 5 in midfield with Hayes up front on his own,unless Wood will play as a striker.

  • Injured, I fear a hiding now

  • We are at our best when we are up against it. If Pierre and Paris are carrying knocks makes sense to leave them out.

  • Live commentary is on Chairboys Player this afternoon.


  • Loved overhearing the Cobbler's commentator bemoaning Allsop holding the ball for more than 6 seconds. Do they really think we would try and waste time from the 2nd minute? Daft twat.

  • Sounds like end to end stuff with the cobblers having the best opportunities

  • I'm a little concerned that I haven't heard Stephen McGinn's name mentioned yet. Is he being by-passed?

  • They were just commenting how he hadn't been involved much.
    As I mentioned after his sterling display last week, I thought this would be the wrong type of game for him. Just too frenetic with not enough time on the ball to do what he is best at. Hopefully if he's kept on he'll be able to slowly take advantage if the pace of the game slows in the second half as legs get more tired.

  • Has the commentary disappeared for everyone else too?

  • Nope, it's fine for me.

  • Back for me now too. Panic over.

  • You probably wish it hadn't right now...

  • We were undone today by a class performance by their no.11 Ricky Holmes!!

  • The number 11 was indeed superb. Northampton looked head and shoulders above anything else in the division this season. On a par with Burton last season.

    Nonetheless, I thought we played well and made it a real contest. We made some good openings, particularly in the first half, but unfortunately the ball managed to wriggle through the box without finding the net.

    On another day we'd have come away with a score draw. But to be honest Northampton did shade it and deserved the win.

    Nobody had a bad game, although there were a few mistakes in places and both Sido and JJ struggled for spells when Northampton put on sustained pressure down the flanks. McGinn showed some nice touches but was not involved much.

    Needless to say, we lack players that really come alive when the ball is in the box.

  • A player like PCH would have added something different that we so desperately lack in our squad.

  • Disappointed by the result to day but not the performance - we easily matched them, and for all the talk about ours and Northampton's physical styles of football, thought there was plenty of skill on show from both sides in a very frenetic game. Saying that. I didn't even notice McGinn was on the pitch.

    On a separate note, let's all laugh at Oxford. To hear their fans moaning on Radio Oxford after they lost to 10-man Accrington today, you'd think they were bottom of the league. Only two weeks ago they were telling everyone what world beaters they were. The very definition of fickle.

  • I agree with Glenactico, I thought it was pretty even and although we were stretched down the wings at times we not outclassed at all.

    It's all ifs and maybes but I think if Pierre was playing with Macca on the right and PCH up front things could have been different.

    Also they were sold out today but from the noise (or lack of) you'd have never guessed, maybe something to do with an incomplete ground.

    "Three sides, you've only got three sides!"

    edited February 2016

    I thought Ainsworth's tactics and set up today were spot on. We stifled Northampton for most of the match, just look how busy Allsop wasn't in the second half.They are a good side though,and rightly deserve to go up. I remember Martin Bullock and John Parkin destroying us at Adams Park some years ago, in sepaate games - if my memory is holding Bullock was playing for Blackpool and Parkin for Macclesfield when we lost 4-5...Ricky Holmes came up with that sort of performance today, if he plays like that week in and week out, he is totally wasted in league 2.

  • That 4-5 loss to Macclesfield was a classic game did we go down 4-1 bring it back to 4-4 and then conceded . Best loss I can remember if you know what I mean . Oxford losing today is great they seem to struggle in the second half of the season and they deserve nothing less !

  • We lead 4-3 at one time, Great goal by Russell Martin, but comical defending by our back four.

  • Bullock was untouchable that day, one of the best performances I've seen at Adams Park. Even better than any of Dave Carroll's.

  • Didn't brownie break bullocks leg in an another game ?

  • No Brownie broke Brett Ormerods leg

  • Seem to remember the manager making a brave call of taking Rob Lee off in the Macc game with about 30mins gone?

  • Well done to the over eight hundred Wanderers who made it up today, pity Sellers effort didn't go in, would have felt like a win!

    Quite a few midweek matches so hopefully teams around us tiring and our boys back up for it next Sarurday.


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