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Match day thread: Tottenham



  • Ditto from me too. Far rather Spurs than Man U or Chelsea for the cup. In all my 40 odd years as a football fan they've always been a club who played good football.

  • Me too..many thanks TTID stepping in and giving advice and help when needed..Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • Exeter is certainly going to take some motivational genius!
    Not to mention that they've snuck into the play offs themselves now, after being down the bottom early doors like us

  • 1001 days ago , many of us went to Torquay expecting to fall out of the league and possibly die altogether. Who would have thought then that less than three years later we would be five minutes away from winning deservedly away to the team that has gained more points than any other in the premier league over the last two seasons.

    Many people must take credit for that transformation, some obvious, some virtually unnoticed. But most credit of all must go to Gareth ainsworth, who has combined achieving amazing things with being a thoroughly decent genuine guy. I guess it won't last for ever, I suppose the odds are that an itrestible offer will come in soon. Perhaps the time will be right in the summer. It's been a great ride, maybe with a few highs yet to come.

    Gutted not be there today but right that those who get to more games got the opportunity to enjoy the day. I'll get my opportunity to say thanks to Gareth and the boys on Tuesday along with time rich diehards and a few fellow exiles. COYB.

  • The strangest combination of pride and heartbreak today. What an incredible 90 minutes. Shame about the injury time.

  • A few fresh pairs of legs might help.

    Harriman's ready for a game. Marcus Bean will do a job and Garry Thompson must be chomping at the bit after today's efforts, Myles Weston too.

    Chuck in a start for Sam Saunders and Gareth's got a few options up his sleeve.

    In terms of those needing a rest - Luke, JJ and Anthony Stewart have all played a lot of games. While Bayo must be an injury doubt.

  • @DevC , nice post, but surely Arsenal MUST have got more points than Tottenham these last 2 seasons, being ahead of them currently, and finishing ahead of them last season!!

  • @TheatreOfChairs , indeed, Tuesday will take a real effort to get something out of after that.
    Would 100% freshen things up. Weston and Harriman for sure to come in, with at least one midfield change too.

  • I cannot sum my feelings up in words. So proud of WW today. Injury time was overkill. 7 mins?

  • Bugger you are right Malone. I was right this time last week , forgot arsenal had a game on Sunday.

  • I couldn't really reflect fully after the game on the performance after such a roller coaster.

    Literally just rewatched the highlights and we were the better team and deserved something out of the game today.

    Hayes first and Thomson's header were premier league quality goals and even the approach play for the penalty was outstanding by Bayo and Sam Wood.

    Spurs on the other hand and 2 deflected goals, a penalty which Jamal nearly saved and Ali's goal was our doing, rather than sparking play on their part.

    First half, we were magnificent soaked up the pressure and hit them on the counter attack. They couldn't cope with Bayo, literally he won everything in the air.

    Midfield were immense today and until Ali came on we were more than comfortable, he really gave them a lift and pretty obvious the crowd see him as their talisman.

    Not sure where the ref got 6 minutes injury time from, far too generous and for me Janssen should have been sent off.

    I felt we were a little naive after Thomson's goal and maybe played the occasion and got lost in the atmosphere and magic of the cup, but that I suppose is what it's all about.

    Taking away the error for the third goal, I thought Jamal was immense today. Kicking, communication, distribution, handling and command of his box were top notch. Saved us a couple of times first half and the tip over late on from Janssen was brilliant.

    Everyone played their part but special praise for Sam Wood, Dom Gape and Luke O'Nein who matched and IMHO surpassed 2 full England internationals and a French Euro Championship player from the summer.

    GA is brilliant as well, tactics were spot on. We are very lucky to have him, long may it continue!

  • @Malone said:
    When Hayes hit the bar in the first minute, who could have imagined what went on to follow!
    We set the tone with that first chance, and were well worth our lead!

    Just a shame we conceded those 2 goals so close together. How that first one ended up in the net from that angle I don't know. And Pierre learnt a bit of a lesson, that you might be able to do those sort of blocks in the lower leagues, but not against wily premier players.

    To go 3-2 up was against literally everyone's wildest hopes though! But to not hold on from there will be one of those long time regrets.

    Can't remember the exact run for their third goal, but I think I remember a debatable free kick in the build up. Either way it seemed too easy for Alli, who also had a teammate handy if he'd needed.

    That last goal though... don't think it was even going in before JJs desperate clearance.

    Killer blow.
    Not quite of the pens in the play off final, or Col U missed promotion season pre league, but still a burner.

    Was a poor goal kick from Blackman if memory serves - but having him as a presence helped us massively in the second half I felt, being able to feel confident about a Wycombe keeper claiming crosses..scenes

  • Hayes' volley will never leave my head - a thing of beauty. Going 3-2 up was so cruel cos that made me think we'd get something out of it. Magnificent effort - need my bed...

  • Just getting into liverpool lime street, long and deveasting day, in all my years supporting us i was thinking this is one, the city lincoln Torquay away i was here but so close yet so far....

    Players must be gutted like us fans but what a performance, what an effort... so proud to be a chairboy...

    Busy month ahead esp some local games for me and i cant wait.

  • Not allowing myself to be disappointed- staying with hugely proud. We came to play a match, gave everything and left with heads held high. Me and the missus will make a post work dash to Coventry to cheer on the boys as after today they deserve a day out at Wembley and, whatever the merits of the competition, so does every supporter there today. Sensational atmosphere, great spirit. COYB.

  • So So close. What a game well done boys. Wycombe till I die.

  • Watching the MOTD highlights, it strikes me that Cameron Carthorse-Vickers might well be the slowest premier league player of all time. Woody was miles behind him when the ball was played.

  • Also need my bed and also not allowing myself to be disappointed. Scenes for the 1st and 3rd goals were up there with the best WW moments for me

  • edited January 2017

    I thought Gape was absolutely incredible today. My MOTM by miles, in a game where everyone played well.

    Also @TTID thanks for your advice about the Antwerp Arms. Fantastic pub.

  • I hate it when people say this but every Wycombe player deserved to be man of the match. It was Sam Wood for me though, simply outstanding.

  • @TTID good luck fella. Hope you go on to do well this season. Lucky in the end today though ;-)

  • edited January 2017

    I hope this proves to some that we do have good footballers who don't often get to shine in the rough and tumble of L2. Hayesy and Thompson both scored excellent goals against a fine premier league defence and we almost beat a title chasing side after taking the game to them. I hope this convinces thr boys that we do have a chance of automatic promotion this year and some of the carpers that GA, dobbo and baz have a good eye for a player and are doing a great job for us. Time to lie down now!

  • Fantastic effort all round out. That first half was monumental, as good as anything I've seen from a Wycombe team and support . Spurs looked shellshocked and the home support stunned into silence .
    Only in the latter stages of the second half after we ran ourselves into the ground and the ref gave Spurs enough time to get a result we bowed out to a deflection.
    There were the dreams of the FA cup, BT where were you?
    There was the drama of the FA cup, BBC where were you?

  • I genuinely think that was one of the best games of football I have ever seen

  • Completely agree with the comments made by others about Sam Wood. He was absolutely outstanding.

    And yes, Dele Alli made a difference when he came on but how good is Dembele?

  • Alli, Son and Dembele are probably on more a week than our entire squad earns in a month. They didn't look that much better than any of our players yesterday.

  • So grateful to Spurs fans at work who helped me get tickets!

    When we made it 3-2 I thought we might have done it (and failed to control myself in the 'home' end), but I guess it wasn't to be - but what an effort.

    The way we attacked in the first half was a joy to watch.

    Wood was immense, great to see Hayes and Thompson getting the goals and also thought Weston did really well he came on.

  • Weston absolutely ruined Dier for our third. Great turn of pace and cross

  • @DJWYC14 said:

    Weston absolutely ruined Dier for our third. Great turn of pace and cross.

    Absolutely fabulous! Let's hope he stays fit for the rest of the season.

  • So proud of the boys after yesterday. My voice has gone. This is going to be a special season. Back to reality Tuesday. Need to take the momentum from yesterday and use it as a springboard.

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