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Match Day Thread: Bolton



  • With the amount of games coming up we were always going to rotate the older players. Even with the changes, we've created enough to have got at least a point tonight.

    It is frustrating and I'm sure ideally Blooms would love to have selected the same XI as Saturday, but with 2 huge games on the horizon it was probably sensible. Just hope we can pull off the big performances on Saturday and Wednesday, if so a narrow defeat at Bolton will barely be remembered.

  • We should still have enough about us to stay up. The fact we are disappointed at losing to Bolton away and feel we let it slip shows our expectations are higher now.

    I just hope we get results against Oxford and Stevenage to keep the confidence high.

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    @FarmerCee - now that you have the double over us and our meetings this season are complete, I wish you and Bolton all the best in snatching one of the automatics (preferably from Derby!).

    You are welcome back any time, of course!

  • I tend to go easy on Max atm in order not to sound too much like a broken record. But something about the way he started shouting at the referee afterwards particularly annoyed me. It reminded me of myself aged three doing something stupid and then thinking I could divert attention by shouting loudly at someone else.

    Anyway - other comments - I missed the JPT match where people said McCarthy was a revelation. Tonight he looked out of place in the team. Chem Campbell offers nothing and I think it was a very poor decision of Matt's to bring him back. With Breckin you can excuse the decision to loan him as naivety without having seen him play. With Chem you cannot.

    As for positives - Butcher and Potts look good together. It makes me wish we'd kept Thompson though as he would've also complemented Potts brilliantly. Low and Tafazolli make a great partnership.

  • Thanks for this. I agree with all of your other points. I also agree that Stryjek is very quick to try and dish out blame elsewhere. Grimmer has picked up on it a few times this season on the pitch too.

  • Strange shots on target stats from this evening. We only had 3 shots on target apparently, which I assume includes òur goal. Yet off the top of my head I can remember 4 saves their keeper made in the 1st half!

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    Yes, I was surprised by the BBC stats.

    Things must still be on the right track when every player (arguably with a couple of exceptions) shows the kind of battling commitment they did tonight and most of us probably feel we deserved at least a point away to a side pushing for automatic promotion.

    I hope the Kone/Taylor axis will be restored on Saturday.

  • agree with so much of this.

    Taff and Low a good partnership

    Butcher and Potts a good partnership

    now…who to play up top on Saturday. Surely Dale Taylor keeps his place but who to play up top with him?

    Max still looks out of sorts. Couple of world class saves tonight but some where he could have done better. Certainly he’s lost something during this season and I hope he finds it again.

  • Didn't even know we scored till I read through the posts on here.

    Frustrating game, plenty of good chances just lacked a bit of quality in front of goal.

    Max's kicking was awful tonight, thought Taff and Potts done well and on another day Taylor could of scored a couple of goals.

    Keep that level of performance up and we'll be fine.

  • Quite surprised the thread isn’t a bit more positive after that match.

    Admittedly I haven’t seen a huge amount of us this season (tonight was the first game I’ve been too since the Morecambe cup game) , but I thought we played quite well.

    Subs weren't able to have influence we would have wanted and disappointing not to have been able to put away a chance before the penalty, but overall a solid performance.

    Big couple of weeks coming up now, but I also think we will be fine if we keep up that level.

  • @wwfc_since_1993 I completely agree. There have been some particularly ludicrous comments flying around tonight. I mean, I know match day threads are full of low-brow insight from bedsit keyboard 'Championship Managers', but tonight really takes some beating. (although of course, our home match in the Championship v Birmingham, when the cognoscenti accused Gaz and Dobbo of literally 'trying not to win' will never be surpassed...)

  • I thought it was another good performanc. Bolton were better than us in both boxes. The scoreline could have been the other way round had we taken our chances. The reality is we have some relatively inexperienced strikers who will miss chances. We can't afford to go and get proven 20 goal a season strikers.

  • All the very best for the rest of the season and I hope you enjoy a promotion to the Championship. 👍👍

  • I know it's rude to ask - but does anyone know what happened to Kodua? Yet to make any minutes in a blue shirt.

  • The gasroom simply reflects the mood of the country, magnified through the broken lens of 23/24 Wycombe Wanderers.

    Miserable, prejudiced, angry, despairing. With a couple of Ant & Dec style characters trying to keep it light.

  • I think the general consensus is that we will certainly lose games prior to the end of the season but this squad is good enough to push for a top half finish.

    We certainly could have had something out of that game last night.

    Bring on the PNL!!!

  • Having just caught up with the highlights, it looked like a positive performance. We seemed to cut through Bolton many times, and if Lubala and Campbell had've looked up, we'd have scored a few goals. There was always going to be rotation in a busy month against strong teams.

    Let's be honest, the only goal now is to not get dragged into a dog-fight. Away games against 3rd in the league Bolton won't define that. If we can play like that consistently, I've full confidence we can keep our head above water for the next few games, and make the most of an easier run in to pull away from the pack at the bottom.

  • Indeed and as the ‘Blooms out’ noise demonstrates we, the many, may think our opinions count but our future is in fact in the hands of the few, whose interests may not be quite as aligned with our own as we, naively, might suppose.

  • Such a difference from Wigan away a few weeks ago. Played with purpose from the off, aggressive in defence and created least two I thought 'we have to score here.' Keep that up and we will be top half in what was always likely to be a transitional season.

  • Was at the game last night but missed Bolton's first goal. There is no blame on Max for that goal, I would not expect a keeper to come for that cross.

    2nd goal he looks wrong footed as expecting a bigger touch from their forward who hardly touches it at all. I'm not sure that is a genuine mistake. Keepers rely so much on anticipation to save something at that close range. He would have had to dive to reach that before the player touched the ball, and if he had he would have been criticised for not standing up if the ball had gone where he was standing instead of the far corner.

    We were excellent last night and but for some wayward finishing really could have come away with at least a point if not all three.

    I'm not sure why people have it in for Campbell so much, there's some potential there, he may just need some time to gel. I don't think he will ever be a Premier League player but he could become a very good L1 player. I think we are all guilty of significantly raised expectations of a players ability when they come on loan from the Prem or we are told we're lucky to get X, Y or Z. Let's get behind him and I think he will do well going forwards.

  • Max had a good game didn’t he? At least one save you wouldn’t expect him to make and at fault for neither goal.

  • His kicking was as erratic as usual but no way could he be blamed for either of the goals. Unfortunately, some people have an agenda against certain players and they will stick to it irrespective of the facts.

  • I thought he did. Neither goal looked down to him imho. However his distribution continues to be woeful.

  • The less said about the long range passes the better but his distribution on the floor was actually good! There was one pass in particular out to Mccarthy which was brilliant.

  • I like Max. Strangely with the ball on the floor he seems quite confident and I never worry when players are closing him down. His distribution is excellent, but his long goal kicking and free kicking can be a waste of time or, at worst, a liability.

    Then again, if he was brilliant at everything he would not be...etc...etc...etc

  • He’s a perfectly capable third tier keeper. They can’t all be Martin Taylor.

  • I can't believe he's being criticised for going mad at the officials after conceding. Uh, all goalkeepers do that...

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    Was also at the game last night and I did see the first goal. My comment on that goal is that it seemed to happen in slow motion the ball for the cross seemed to be in the air for a long time outswinging deep into our 18 yard box. I agree the cross was not for Max to deal with - Taff attempted to chase but had too much ground to make up. The header was well directed but had to travel a long distance looping back across the area. Max did look like he had lead in his boots as he didn’t seem to get off the ground in his attempt to reach the header. Collectively we didn’t defend that cross well!

    Agree regarding your comment on Chem. I do not understand the comments he is getting. I thought he had a decent game last night. Put in a good shift and looked threatening when going forward. Perhaps it’s different at the game when you see the covering / tracking that is being done off the ball

  • Chem is getting stick (wrongly - it's not his fault) for the apparent arrangement with Wolves guaranteeing him x amount of game-time.

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