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Match Day Thread: Bolton



  • Tough selection calls for tonight. No way do we get gifts like we did on Saturday so do we stick with Kone or the experience of Vokes? Assuming Grimmer wasn't a significant injury the rest of the team has to remain I guess.

  • We looked a lot more dangerous and had a lot more movement with Kone stretching the back line. I’m a big fan of Sammy Vokes but we become too static using him as our fulcrum.

    Christ that badge is awful. It hurts my brain trying to read those letters. The ‘f’ is especially wrong.

  • I think Kone should start. I think Vokes for Kone is a better substitution to plan for in this game than Kone for Vokes. It could be the other way round for Oxford.

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    If we win the meltdown of their fans will be glorious

  • A little digging in their nickname may have yielded some insight on that badge. Bolton Trotters were practical jokers, one notable exponent challenged a visitor to an endurance contest where they both stood one leg in a bucket of hot water to see who could last the longest, the big joke being that his was a wooden leg. Perhaps this artwork is a modern take on the trotting tradition.

  • Kone's press the other day was a big factor in how effective our defending from the front was, and consequently how good we were at overturning possession so high up the pitch. Vokes coming on then gave them something else entirely to think about. As a side note, I thought Vokes was superb when he came on.

  • Bolton fans always seem a decent, respectful measured bunch for the most part. Don't have the delusions of grandeur that other big clubs that end up in this league suffer from.

  • Seconded. I've always found Bolton fans to be a great bunch

  • I went to have a look at the Bolton forum and came away in shock. A very simple design with no adverts or pop-ups and the matchday thread made almost no mention of us and was just a load of thoughtful posts about team selection and tactics.

    Where's the fun in that?

  • Cheers Eric and Oxfordblue earlier, I’d like to think we are on the whole a decent bunch. Fascinating game tonight and what a cracking win for you on Saturday which did us no harm either but which we obviously have to hope to take advantage of tonight. You seem to be on a good run now which seems to have quelled the bring back Gareth element? For us it depends what team we have out. We were awful on Saturday and also to be fair against Barnsley the week earlier. We’ve had a really bad run of injuries and the young loans Evatt’s brought in don’t seem up to it.

    I’m confident most of our first team will be back tonight, though Santos is still injured and we don’t know if Thomasons red card will be rescinded this afternoon so he may also be missing. One certain important omission is our keeper Baxter who damaged a hand which is a big miss. Up front I’m afraid Charles and Victor don’t have a goal in them but I’m hoping new signing Collins will come in for one of them, probably Victor. So we’re depleted but not defeated so I’m hoping it’s a good game tonight but I think on balance you could be playing us at an opportune time? 🫣

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    Can’t argue with that. I blinked and missed his goal.

    Kone’s arrival on the scene (such a contrast, ironically, with the introduction of Al-Hamadi) has been a double whammy. Not only has he well and truly grasped the nettle, his presence has no doubt sharpened the resolve of Big Sam who will probably now follow in Bayo’s footsteps as mainly an important second half substitute.

    The only reason not to start tonight with the same eleven as on Saturday would be if there are any absences through injury or illness. There was some speculation that all was not well with Jack Grimmer on Saturday. If he is unavailable, Jason McCarthy would be the obvious replacement, with Jasper Pattenden on the bench.

    I’m expecting an evenly contested match this evening with little to choose between two good footballing sides. The number of draws predicted on the Sam-aritans thread suggest that that is the general consensus.


  • I know their keeper was poor, but Peterborough were no easy ride, we played a very fast, aggressive attacking game which surprised them (as well as most of us) I think. As Bolton no doubt 'know what they are going to get with Wycombe' I'm sure MB will try the same again with Vokes coming on if we need a change of approach.

    Obviously, I could be totally wrong.

  • I've always like Bolton fans too. Good to have you back @FarmerCee

  • Also, they brought the magnificent Jay-Jay Okocha to English football, one of my favourite players of all time.

  • Loans not up to it @FarmerCee ? So that happens elsewhere...?

  • Bolton will be hoping their second string goalkeeper has a better game than Bilokapic had for Peterborough on Saturday.

  • Totally agree, they are a real good bunch of supporters.

  • Bolton are the best club in League one, apart from Wycombe. Great supporters and a Beaconsfield owner.

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    Whatever happens with the appeal, from the 'highlights' camera angle it's an ugly, and somewhat reckless looking 'foot in the air' lunge. Hard to argue that he was in control of that challenge...

    And if Ian Evatt started his conversation with the ref at half time with "i say, old chap...".... I mean, come on... When he gets angry, under the current rules he is a walking red card.

    (of course, now I've said that, they'll both be rescinded...!)

  • I think they'll be a bit of rotation tonight, with Oxford and Bradford upcoming. Wouldn't be surprised to see McCleary on the bench for starters. Leahy may well come back in. Possibly might see Campbell come in for Sadlier. I know we all want to see Sadlier in the starting XI, but wouldn't be a bad call to have him coming off the bench tonight and have him reasonably fresh for the big games upcoming.

  • I think Sadlier will be up for a start against his old club.

  • Kone is the perfect antidote to the ‘you know what you are going to get with Wycombe’ cliche. He is an unknown quality off the radar of most scouts, on top of this his style of play is unconventional, plus his newbie enthusiasm makes him a real handful, at least until he gets worked out. Start him with Big Sam off the bench on 70 mins.

  • Surely if Sadlier is fit he starts, although I fear he was struggling a tad when he came off on Saturday. If he’s not fit I would like to see KVY move forward with Leahy at left back.

    With the absence of Santos I would be tempted to start both Vokes and Kone. That’s a proper handful, but would be harsh on Taylor.

    Selsection dilemma from a strong squad. I love it

  • I think you're right about there being bit of rotation. I'd guess that Vokes and Leahy will start tonight.

  • Kone to start for me.... I've been up and down with Taylor

    ... but he was excellent the other day.

    As vokey ages he is going to have to accept more of a cameo role later on when punt it forward and hope he gets on it or is able to give one of his magical flicks towards someone else is the way to go to nick something at the death.... just like bayo had to accept in his last season/s

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