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Match Day Thread: Peterborough



  • I am absolutely delighted for Bloomfield and his staff. He’s worked his proverbial socks off for this. Thoroughly deserved. Great game.

  • 14 goals in the last 4 games. Wonder how far back you’d have to go prior to Fleetwood to reach that total.

    Somebody mentioned that Joe Low is only 21. And he’s ours.

    And Dale Taylor only turned 20 in December. It would be great if we could afford to buy him in the summer.

    And I think I’m right in saying that Richard Kone is also 20.

    Three talented youngsters with enormous potential.

    I’ll sleep well tonight.

  • Every time McCleary or Sadlier pick up the ball wide it feels like they are going to make something happen.

    It has been a difficult season, but the highs have been great. When Bloomball works (and it is clearly still evolving) it is very entertaining.

  • Dale has a year left on his contract at the end of this season and is much more likely to leave this summer if Forest are still in the Premier.

    If he has a blinding end to the season then a Championship team will no doubt be interested or a bigger League One team.

    Alternatively he may want to sign for MB as he’s fought for his starting place and is always on the team sheet.

  • I get the feeling @glasshalffull particularly enjoys us beating Peterborough.

  • I think many comments by Peterborough management, fans and pundits were well below the belt in 2020 and beyond.

    Wycombe (20/21) getting more points than Posh (21/22) was also a delight after more below the belt comments suggesting we would get the worst ever points tally in a Championship season. They have the honour of getting less points than us in three of the six seasons they have been in the Championship and significantly less points.

    I think Swann insulted our Alan too but Swann seems to make a habit of that kind of gutter press.

  • “It’s now one win and 10 defeats in 14 League One games for Posh at Wycombe. Their only success arrived 21 years ago. It’s a depressing record against a small club, with few fans (fewer than 4,000 home supporters were in attendance yesterday so it’s hardly an intimidating atmosphere at a picturesque ground) who hardly ever finish above Posh unless the EFL invent some crazy rules to determine final league positions. Wycombe had won two of their previous 18 League One games before yesterday and yet they swatted Posh aside again.”

    What’s not to like about our friend Swanny??

  • Their goalie was worse than Parkin. Steve Crompton level badness...

  • Agreed. One or two dodgy corner/goal kick calls. Otherwise I thought the ref was excellent.

  • Morning all. Still buzzing about yesterday. More Gormania that Bloomball yesterday. Attacking from all angles, fighting in the middle, a rock solid pairing in the centre of defence all performances 7 and above.

    Really enjoyed Bez’s substitute appearance. As well as being instrumental in the 3rd goal he knew he had a duty to get back and defend and did so excellently. I didn’t know what to expect from him but he looks a lot more than his stats.

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    You know what. I’m just going to say it now. Judging offside is just impossible. Any angles mess you up.

    This has him both on side throughout and not immediately in front of the GK.

  • We must be the most hard done by team in football history. Every season for 50 years we get the wrong end of poor refereeing decisions

  • Three things about yesterday's game:

    • obviously we all enjoy goals. But the non-goal moment I enjoyed most yesterday was Joe Low's sliding tackle shortly before half time and how much he absolutely loved it, evidenced by the high five with Jack which followed. Love a defender who loves a tackle
    • the "own goals". Surely both KVY's shot and Vokes's header were going in without the deflection? Isn't that the criterion which decides whether something is an own goal or not?
    • their keeper. Obviously he had a no good, terrible day. But on their forum he's being blamed for the first and fourth goals. A bit harsh, surely?
  • A big thing for me yesterday was how we reacted to their two quick goals. A few weeks ago I think we'd have capitulated, or sat back so deep they'd inevitably have got a 3rd. Instead we took the game back to them. The fresh legs from the subs helped (not to mention a helping hand from their keeper) but it really did feel like a different team to the one we've been watching lately.

    So pleased for Blooms and it was great to see the huge smile on his face at the end.

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    I think it's given as an own goal if the touch causes the ball to significantly change direction. Harder to tell on Vokes' header, but I think KVY's shot was flashing across goal.

  • One minor detail worth a mention was how good Kone was at defending corners. I was quite worried about how the absence of Vokes would affect our defending of set pieces, but Kone seemed to get his head to and successfully clear a number of Peterborough set pieces. I'm sure that'll encourage Blooms to give him more opportunities going forwards. In general he had a decent, but fairly quiet game, but was still able to get behind their defence and deliver a perfect pass for Grimmer's vital goal before HT. Very promising signs that he'll be able to contribute at both ends of the pitch even in games where he's not heavily involved.

  • It's clear from this angle that it was a KVY cross to Kone and not going in.

    The Vokes one is less clear, hard to tell if on target, it seems to go in off the keeper's leg.

  • One significant point of difference with Kone is that he runs the back line and channels, his movement is not easy to defend against. It then creates space for others. Having someone do this just gives you better options.

    I agree that his heading ability is a huge plus.

  • Kone had a good game I thought. Definitely in "unpolished gem" territory at the moment, but his movement in the box and being in the right place to get a shot off (even if it was at the keeper like his best chance yesterday) is very promising. His mucking in with unglamorous defensive duties definitely a plus point.

    It's a testament to how consistent and solid everyone who started and the subs that came on were that an encouraging performance like Kone's barely gets a mention here. A real benchmark performance that shows what we can do, the task is now to keep it going.

  • I really like his accurate first touch lay-offs, he always knows where his teammates are, even if out of vision. He really had to sprint to pull that ball back perfectly to Grimmer. His defending was really important yesterday. Yes, he missed a really good chance, like at Wigan, but he is still adjusting to the pace at this level. Kone has quickly become my favourite player.

  • It is amazing how quickly things can change in football. Only three weeks ago all of us were wondering where the next goal would come from and why so many of our defenders had gone off the boil and looked frail. Additionally, how on earth we would cope with Scowen being out of the team.

    Now we have Kone plus Sadlier in amazing form, Bez showing he could be another success story. Vokes and McCleary rolling back the years.

    In the middle we have Potts who now seems back to his best after injury, Dale Taylor who is a revelation and Butcher who has come in to seamlessly take the Josh role while he is out injured. We also have the dependable David Wheeler who is, well ‘David Wheeler’.

    At the back Jack has taken to the captaincy brilliantly and is a natural leader, Joe Low, well he is just a young warrior and will be a championship or higher level player within a few years.

    Suddenly the sun shines through the clouds and we may soon be looking up instead of down.

    What a funny old game.


  • Vokes header definitely an own goal, the ball was almost out of play before he headed it back into the box and it went in off the keeper's back/legs.

    Also no way was Sadlier offside for Grimmer's goal. The video above shows Knight was goalside of him the whole time.

  • I love that Wheeler goal at the end. The crowd making the keeper nervous. Players pressing high despite a nervy end. And then an absolute rifle shot into the bar and in.

    Great sub. Great player.

  • Kone definitely looks like a decent prospect he provided a great assist for Jacks goal.

    Only Mrs Ital singing along to another day in paradise on the drive home (which has got to be one of the worst songs ever written) took any sort of shine off the day.

  • For clarity, I have nothing against Peterborough United as a club, but I feel that certain of their cheerleaders who write in local newspapers or broadcast on national radio need reminding that we don’t need PPG to get the better of them.

  • I'm.pleased we all stayed positive and backed the manager and the team through this tough spell even if it took him while to start doing what we told him.

  • It wasn’t just how absurd they were about PPG (which was absolutely the obvious way to decide positions in a curtailed season) but the attitude that they could afford to play on, so sod it if other clubs went out of business.

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