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The 'Player X' Game

I was discussing with a friend of mine (Arsenal supporter) how certain players manage to write themselves into club lore with a game named after them. Usually it is someone not knowing for scoring goals, and of course the example I gave was Marcus Bean (his was Steve Morrow). If a Wycombe fan says 'The Marcus Bean game', there is never a shred of doubt as to which game is being referred to.

I don't think there are too many of these, as again, goalscorers tend to have a lot of high profile games. I suppose if someone said 'The Joe Jacobson game' the assumption would be the Lincoln hattrick, and 'The Eze Game' would be Cambridge, of course.

My question is, what are your own versions of 'The Game' for players, whether current or from yesteryear?

Some other recent ones for me, though the first two benefit by having little competition as the player had not make many starts:

The Pendlebury Game - Cheltenham (A)

The Joe Low Game - Leyton Orient (H)

The Fred Game - Fleetwood (H) Playoff 2nd Leg

The Dom Gape Game - Chesterfield (A)



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